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  1. Replaced the motor and the switch and still no good..... The wipers only operate in high speed and they stop as soon as I lift the switch one position. Any one good ideas? JPMR2
  2. JPMR2


    I’ am trying to get in contact with the people of Madpsi for over three weeks now but still no answer on my e-mail. Does anyone have the same experience? Does anyone have a phone or fax number of these guys? I need to order some parts but it’s going to be very hard if they don’t answer their e-mail JPMR2
  3. JPMR2

    Oil Catch Can

    An oil catch can prevents hot air and oil to get into the inlet system. The throttlebody stays clean and the inlet temperature drops. Lower inlet temperature = more horespower. Our oil catch cans can be installed besided the fusebox in the engine comprtment. The cans come incl. a airfilter and hoses. JPMR2
  4. We supply all kinds of dails. Just tell me what you want an we can make it for you. Prices are GBP 42,- incl. shipping. JPMR2
  5. Joe, I would like to have it. But how can we arrange shipping? JPMR2 Ps. Thanks Paul
  6. JPMR2

    Steering Wheel

    Alway use the original MOMO hub. Your indicators will keep working fine. We have them in stock for all Rev's If you would have your steeringwheel a bit closer to you install our quick release hub also :D It's also a great anti-theft system :P :D If anyone know how I can get some pics posted let me know..... JPMR2
  7. JPMR2

    Brake Upgrade

    We supply big brake kits with 6 piston calipers which will fit from 16" wheels. The rotors are optional in one or two pcs. JPMR2
  8. Ok. Looks great. How do I get one of these in Holland? Russ pls. reply to PM JPMR2
  9. Is there anybody who has experience with the Revisions6 front bumper? Does it fit well? JPMR2
  10. We always have them in stock...... GBP 47,- incl. shipping to any UK address. JPMR2
  11. JPMR2

    New Brakes

    As the guys "up stairs" are not willing to let me become a Gold member I can't post here where the brakes are from <_< But if you pay close attention to my sig you might find out how to get in contact with me :bookworm: :D JPMR2
  12. JPMR2

    New Brakes

    I've yust installed ours: :D :D JPMR2
  13. I’am glad we all have a different taste, otherwise we all would be driving a Turqoise MKII :D :D JPMR2
  14. JPMR2

    Lambo Doors

    couldnt have put it better myself. £1600 from (all inc) and they will fit a vertical door kit. ← We supply two sets for the same price :D :D No worry about the quality. Right Paul? JPMR2
  15. September 18th there is a very nice meeting near Utrecht. This is a one day meeting. September 23 - 24th we have Full Speed in Zwolle. Thas all what's going on in September. But if you feel to come over and use the RIGHT side of the road You and Christene are always welcome. JPMR2