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  1. the oil hasnt be let to run low by any chance has it? does it knock for a bit when you start up but primarilly when starting from cold? does it knock at mid range revs, like between 2,500 - 5,000? if so then i expect the damage is done and i recomend you get it seen to soon as possible. i had all these symptoms with my old paseo wich i let the oil run low on. it'd only been low for a day before i realised and topped it up, but even so, it got worse and worse and knocked more and more till it lost all compression and needed the engine completely replaced. and as i couldnt affold to fix it i a had to sell it cheap and go carless while i saved up. i reckon you should just go to a mechanic you trust soon as possible and see if you can get it fixed soon as possible. hope it helps . . .
  2. The in dash clock in my 1990 GT-i16 stopped working a while back and i havnt got a clue as to why.. any recomendations of places to look for the problem cos this is driving me mad!
  3. Sorry, cant help you with your problem but i was wondering if you could explain about that waxoyle stuff you talked about.. a few spots of rust are starting to creep up on me and im desperate to stop them. could this help? cheers..
  4. Anyone know the performance spec for a standard 1990 GT-i16 Twincam corolla. I know i shouldnt really be asking as i own one but as i havnt been able to drive it much as the engines not being fixed till tuesday since i bought it a month or so ago. all i know (or have been told) so far is that its 130bhp? Any help appreciated.. cheers...
  5. I've noticed some most of you other members have pictures of your cars above alonside your profiles. really wanna show mine but cant work it out. any tips welcome please. . .
  6. i'm sure you've probably checked this already and im just being stupid but i've got an older (1990) GTI 16 and when i start up she idles ar 2,000 for a bout 5-10 mins till she warms up, then she drops to 800. hope it helps.
  7. My corolla's got 137k on the clock and a warped head gasket, but with that many miles im thinkin its best for a whole new block. but u stumbled across the 4A-GZE engine on the net the other day (supercharged? ) anyone know about the conversion and if it can be done for a resonable price? cheers.
  8. know what you mean, it came with 15s which are actually quite nice but i went to max power live the other day and fwl in love with some wheels which they onlym make in 17" and 18"
  9. my corolla's been lowered by about 60mm i think (bought it that way) and its got 15's on at the moment but i really dont wanna settlle for anythin less than 17s cos ive already had them on my old paseo. has anyone done this to their corolla and can help me as to what body mods are needed to aviod scrubbing. thanks.
  10. thats not true, i used to fave 96 paseo and i put 17s on that aswell as loweing it 40mm and didnt scrub once. hope it helps
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