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  1. people dig up some seriously old topics! paseoclub.co.uk should help you
  2. cheers for that! makes sense now i think of it!
  3. I reset my TNS200 "range" while at the traffic lights yesterday. usually if you do it when the vehicle is in motion it says reset ng if you wait 20 secs stationary it says reset ok but yesterday it said "don't run" any ideas what it meant by that?
  4. steering racks can be an issue. take it to a car park and do some general manouvers, if its broken you should be able to feel it in the steering easy. as for the oil, it gets talked about non stop here as if EVERY avensis burns oil at a silly rate. This isnt true, my car goes through about a litre a month which i do approx 3000 miles in that time. with 80k on the clock if its got a full service history then its not a bad buy.
  5. my friend just took a 1.8vvti on a xplate off the road as a taxi had 300k and the only reason its off the road is it needed a new clutch so sold the whole car for 200 quid vvti or not, it'll last a long time
  6. Should i have one in a 2001 avensis? the older model has one, did they ditch the feature or has my dashboard bulb blown?
  7. I bought one a few months ago, and there are loads around with Full service history which was must! Mine is a 1.8 vvti and has 77,000 on the clock, doesnt burn oil at all. so they arent all oil burners
  8. www.transaction-2007.com starts saturday 15th at 10am
  9. its was just the car park and surrounding area! right beside a university and a buidling used by railtrack either of which could be using equipment that had an effect. its gone today though. might have been testing radio equipment out or something
  10. Got the car home and the remote worked! next day same car park and it didnt. must be interference I had phoned the dealer before figuring this out and they said they could recode my remotes for £free!!
  11. My 2001 avensis remote just wouldnt work today. so i had the battery changed by a jewler and it still doesnt nothing worked to open the car in the morning, 40 min drive later it doesnt work! Anyone else had this happen and does anyone know the cost of fixing it?
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