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  1. I reset my TNS200 "range" while at the traffic lights yesterday.

    usually if you do it when the vehicle is in motion it says

    reset ng

    if you wait 20 secs stationary it says

    reset ok

    but yesterday it said "don't run"

    any ideas what it meant by that?

  2. steering racks can be an issue.

    take it to a car park and do some general manouvers, if its broken you should be able to feel it in the steering easy.

    as for the oil, it gets talked about non stop here as if EVERY avensis burns oil at a silly rate. This isnt true, my car goes through about a litre a month which i do approx 3000 miles in that time. with 80k on the clock

    if its got a full service history then its not a bad buy.

  3. its was just the car park and surrounding area!

    right beside a university and a buidling used by railtrack

    either of which could be using equipment that had an effect.

    its gone today though. might have been testing radio equipment out or something

  4. Got the car home and the remote worked!

    next day same car park and it didnt. must be interference

    I had phoned the dealer before figuring this out and they said they could recode my remotes for £free!!

  5. My 2001 avensis remote just wouldnt work today.

    so i had the Battery changed by a jewler and it still doesnt nothing

    worked to open the car in the morning, 40 min drive later it doesnt work!

    Anyone else had this happen and does anyone know the cost of fixing it?

  6. The petrol level indicator of my Toyota Avensis GS 1.8 vvti GS (2002) points rather low most of the time (even after filling up). Don't really trust the digital one much either (are they linked ?), so bit worried to run out of petrol one day - is the warning light for this linked to the indicator ?

    Anyone else have/had this problem ? If so, did you get it fixed and what did it cost roughly ?

    my car does that too. the digital one is relatively trustworthy i think

    also, just give your dash a tap on the top of the gauge, that makes mine pop back up

  7. Hi I have a great 1997 mint green paseo which is just on the 100,000 mile mark.

    Does anyone know the minimum wear allowed on the brake disc's and shoes required for mot.

    Also the windscreen wash hose to bonnet has become undone, whats the best access point to reconnect.



    Perth scotland

    Disc when new is 18mm, minimum thinkness 16mm :thumbsup: .

    for mot purposes the do not measure disks and pads etc

    they simply put it on a rolling road and test its braking ability

    althought i dont know how well they have to work for an mot but i have had a car go through an mot at a legit garage and the following week the pads started to grind the discs

  8. Siblings and cars dont mix... sorry to hear about the damage... as the paseo seems relitivley rare car you may find it hard to source parts.

    try sending galliano a pm on paseoclub.co.uk

    its red but if you cant find anything else then you cant go wrong

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