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  1. Thats the one Stay just west of glasgow, so not far from you lot
  2. i do have a toyota hairdresser car though!!
  3. Others use different forums, more specific to their car model but im a semi - active scottish user
  4. Theres a seperate cable for the rev counter, but i think it will be lying there just doing nothing ready for connection
  5. theres a paseo for breaking in accrington justnow im going to take bits from it on friday. its done 75k
  6. For anyone who is interested We have a new forum, a site still to be constructed www.paseoclub.co.uk
  7. i have volunteered to get this show back up and running so please watch this space dont be afraid to email me if any of you ukseoclub members have any questions
  8. they got centre caps with them?
  9. from what i have been finding. Its not exactly the cheapest car to run. If you do lots of miles it is not a clever option. If i buy one it will be getting looked after. I think if you want her to run smooth and keep value it will need lots of servicing, and if you dont do it yourself then its going to cost. And most run of the mill garages are unlikely to know much about them
  10. can anyone with a little bit of knowledge of these things help me with something whats the difference between your average gt turbo and a gt advance?? like an extra cupholder or something useful??
  11. there isnt exactly loads of them, but if you have 1600 to spend you will find a decent number! some of the guys here have picked up some great condition seo's for under a grand. And far better than the french thing you wrote off
  12. lighter fluid, works every time, just if you use it on paint, wash it very quick
  13. cheers for the help, its a 94 k car on the original clutch, its more expensive i know but the car has a full toyota dealer genuine part history, so might just go the extra few pounds to keep it that way
  14. I have just been advised by mr t that i need a new clutch on my paseo within the next few thousand miles, (good news it the rest of the car is mint), however its £324 for it, do you think this is alot to pay for it? can you get them cheaper elsewhere and if you can...is it worth spending more money for genuine toyota parts and service?? anyone help would be greatly appreciated
  15. mine had fallen off, so has a bolt in the right hand side of it, its black and very small, never notice it unless you were looking for it
  16. my boss uses them for his 911, which they do a great job of, but then it is a 70k motor, they probably do a good job because they see him and his wallet coming!
  17. very nice. where did you get the red engine cover from? i think my car needs one!!
  18. err, ...................maybe not! nice plan but maybe, just a thought that it might look stupid, the colour is stupid enough already, wonder what it would cost for a black respray, the bumper at the front needs attention aswell!
  19. last week i saw a corsa towing a caravan in glasgow, if thats not scary i dont know what is
  20. its just a pain theres electric everything, and it all works as it did the day it came out the showroom, (mon the toyota) except for one silly little light!!
  21. I have more stonechips on the bonnet than you can imagine, does anyone know where ide find a "magic stick" or a polish of some form that matches the colour of my seo??
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