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  1. Anyone know what could be causing this, the lights behind my fan speed switch seem to work until i turn the fan on/off and the lights go out, then a short time later re-light? not just a loose wire i dont think
  2. like the cd player out of it though!
  3. if its a 96 and never been done, i would do it quick, its every 3years or 60k!!
  4. How is it in the other gears?? if you try drive off with the handbrake on or a brick under your wheel will it slip in first??
  5. you know how if you squat in a house in scotland after like 10 years you legally own the property, theres nothing like that with cars??
  6. dont know any yellow scoobys but if your there in the gt, make sure you say hello i always wanted a gt but do a few too many miles for it to have been practical to have bought one :(
  7. spotted a blue paseo tanking down the m1 near just before the roadworks on friday , anyone here??
  8. Not long to go this, will any TOC members be attending??
  9. take the plate off and screw it in putting a couple of rubber washers between the plate and the body, should fix it
  10. theres a plan! maybe try the 6.5 first see what sound i get cheers
  11. Due to me being extremely lazy (cant be bothered ripping them out), can anyone tell me the size that would be a perfect fit for the paseo speakers??
  12. good possibility i suppose, i know asbestos is a no no when it comes to making stuff now, but fish bones? might be pulling your chain
  13. Supported by Underground Graphics www.undergroundgraphics.com Halfords - Dumbarton www.halfords.com Ripspeed - Dumbarton www.ripspeed.com XS motorsport www.xsmotorsport.co.uk AATC www.aatc.co.uk Dumbarton Football Club www.dumbartonfootballclub.com Motherwell Football Club www.motherwellfc.co.uk Revo Digital www.revo.co.uk Hearts Football Club www.heartsfc.co.uk Clydeview Precision Engineering www.clydeviewengineering.com Fast Car Magazine will be attending Should be a good event
  14. might be auto, but its alot better for your money than the yellow one on ebay
  15. looking well tidy, lights are classy. none of that smoked light spray nonsense!!
  16. look better than the italian job? whats the chances of 3 in the same time and place
  17. nice old skool choice there, looking good
  18. my seo usually does around 350 to a tank, when its flashing away for low fuel i drive another 60 odd miles and still cant fit more than 35 - 40 litre in it. never burns oil but then its had a service every 7-10,000 miles.
  19. or, how many people do you think fill up with fuel everyday?? if everyone just fills up and doesnt pay in protest theres no way the police could follow every single person, it would be complete chaos!! depends on honest people dropping their pride for just one day though
  20. or just think back to the 2000 roadblocks.. and organise a simular event for a longer period of time to give gordon brown something to really think about. only trouble is i think now they have a law in place says you can get lifted instantly under terrorism laws or something!!
  21. its just the clock bit, if you sit with your thumb on it, it shuts up, the only place in the whole motor does it! WD40 fixes all hopefully
  22. my clock on the dash rattles, to the point where i want to smash it with a hammer, does anyone know the easy way to get this out the dash to grease it or whatever else i can do to solve my annoying problem!!
  23. Cruise in aid of CHAS - childrens charity for more details Cruise for CHAS
  24. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=39299
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