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  1. my radio signal is awful, but the antenna is well plugged in, anyone else had this problem??? think it could be badly earthed or something??
  2. barry boys think your car doesnt look good they must be hard to please, looking good what else is planned for it?
  3. cheers for the help, liking those youve recommended, think the tsw will look the business
  4. i agree, probably a bit more up to date than the one you had, should still fit the same mounts, if not any decent motor engineer will modify them for a couple of quid
  5. even mr t asked me what it was over the phone!! need some nice wheels that dont show off the drums to much
  6. random question, why on the paseo the colour yours and my own car are does it say BLUE???
  7. was going to do that, leave the toyota badge on the left i think, it looks semi decent
  8. ide pay the extra, otherwise you might have to spend the extra anyway whenever the cheap nasty job starts to peel from stonechips etc
  9. that was exactly what i was thinking, i want a car that looks reasonalbe but doesnt scream "steal me you little chav" see what i mean so im on a lookout for some wheels that will go nicely with it first! cheap and cheerful hopefully
  10. I just bought a bog standard out the garage paseo anyone got a little advice on a couple of things that will make it look that little bit better than it already does? or more to the point, where to find stuff for it!!
  11. tidy looking car havent seen any glanzas in scotland! rare cars
  12. Got slated by a guy driving a white nova "whats with the mint green car" ….from a guy in a nova, theres a serious problem there!!
  13. and i see you were lucky enough to have bought the same colour as me! no luck
  14. Clearly they have too much time on their on hands, notice on the website there isnt one pic of any of their own motors?
  15. i agree, they are a bit foul looking well i just wanted something different, different that doesnt involve spraying them with a cheap nasty tin of black "light tinting spray"
  16. its so dependant on the nick of it really.. if you got a history with average miles for a 97 model youll get over 2,000 if its a toyota history anyway if you have a high miles and loads of dents etc on a non history car its not a case of getting good price its a case of giving it away
  17. well maybe i wont bother changing what already looks reasonable
  18. anyone else have a slighlty destroyed radiatior due to the grill letting in stones etc? just looking to see if this is going to cost me a fortune or not when it eventually has a huge dent in it
  19. in my defense it wasnt shiny lexus lights i was looking for, it was something a little different, maybe some light brows
  20. does anyone know is these are avaliable for a 97 paseo??
  21. Car is looking very tidy. where do you get the body bits from?
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