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  1. I took my last supra which was a NA auto down the strip and got 15.6 which is ok considering i had no launch control but haven't put the TT down yet. Was thinking about it on sunday but the front brakes have warped so didnt think it was a brilliant idea lol. Its my mate that i get to take photo's, they were taken up Livingston Centre. He's good but I dont tell him just incase he gets a bigger head than normal lol Is there any meets forcast? or does that seldom happen?
  2. Its stunning although the 200BHP is a bit of a let down unless a turbo model is in the pipeline
  3. Yeah crail was interesting in the morning lol but got better in the afternoon when the sun appeared. I was up in amongst the scottishscoobies.net stand. Were you up? The only time am heading south this year is for JAE in September, good times last year so hopefully much of the same. Yeah the Bathgate thing is good, any one else from around this area?
  4. The paint is actually flat as hell, looks not too bad after a polish but doesnt last long. The full car has been resprayed at one point, well before i got it. It is the standard body kit lol with exception of the front apron which i have no idea about make.
  5. LOL, so I noticed. Hopefully pick up! Here's a couple of photo's my mate took, he's good at photography
  6. Hi there, am relativly new. Been on the forum for a while but the computer has been dead for a bit. Is anyone going up to Knockhill on the 16th? Nice to meet a few members. I'm going to be on the Livicruise stand so if you see me hovering around a white supra then come say hi.
  7. Hi, joined the forum a while back but the computer has been on the blink since. I've got a 97 Supra TT which i've had for just under a year and still enjoy it. Had a 95 non turbo Supra for 2 years but it just wasnt quick enough lol.
  8. GOGS

    Wanted- Mk4 Supra

    Toyota engine, lexus badge, booked as lexus through v5, import 2004.
  9. GOGS

    Wanted- Mk4 Supra

    I have a 2.5 Twin Turbo Soarer i have for sale? http://edinburgh.gumtree.com/edinburgh/88/34903088.html
  10. GOGS

    Wanted- Mk4 Supra

    I have a 2.5 Twin Turbo Soarer i have
  11. I might be able to make this one. never been to a TOC meet so be gentle lol. hermiston gate is only just down the road for me too :D
  12. Anyone heading through to livingston for this?