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  1. All sorted .... They gave me standard rear springs by mistake . 😃
  2. Mine did it when cold... Almost seemed like it was flooded when trying to restart.
  3. Iv had this a couple of times on my 1.3 yaris in the 5 years Iv had it. It happens if I turn the engine off straight away when I forgot something and had to go back into my flat in the morning, then try restarting and it struggles. Like you say , pump the gas and it fires up. 😉
  4. hi, not been on here for ages... hope someone can help me out? I have a 2001 yaris 1.3 cdx that has been lowered 40mm on pi springs for the last 50k miles but the shocks were worn out as they had done a total of 114k miles from new. I purchased a complete t sport suspension off a breaker that looks in fairly good condition (low milage) and fitted it today.... all seems good apart from the massive wheel arch gap!! I thought that the standard T sport suspension was 25mm lower than all other yaris? have I gotta wait for the car to settle or something? it seriously looks higher than the standard CDX springs that were originally on the car. thanks
  5. it fitted spot on.... was exactly the same size as the t sport at the cat. ;) bert
  6. i agree.. 15" toyota alloys or 16" aftermarket alloys. when you lower your cdx 40mm with the standard 14" cdx alloys on, it will catch every speed hump on the exhaust. it did on mine anyway. :)
  7. hi, iv managed to source a cat back stainless exhuast off a y plate t sport which i collect tomorrow. anyway, im hoping the fitment on my cat on my y plate 1.3 cdx is the same? can anyone confirm this for me. thanks bert ;)
  8. my £3.29 each tescos blades are still working fine... no rain x, no screen wash... just turn them on when it rains.... simples... they even work at 70+ mph whilst passing lorries... they are just amazing...
  9. well, i just purchased 2 wiper blades for mine from tesco.... tescos own brand 16" and 22" @ £3.29 each and they work perfectly.
  10. thats about the going rate for our clutch mate.... thats why i left mine and live with the occasional judder.. :)
  11. i nearly replaced my clutch in the summer due to this problem... anyway, the garage put me off... said leave it till it starts slipping at least.... i get a juddery day about once a month now. iv learnt to give it more revs when it judders, approx 2k rpm and slip the clutch a bit, the judder soon disapears. mines a 1.3 cdx too, 71k on the clock... hope that helps. ;)
  12. iv got the yaris t sport alloys on my cdx.... got an old set off ebay with good tires £100.... had them shot blasted and powder coated for £100.... they look just fine and the insurance company did not increase my premium either as they are an option when buying the car as new.
  13. no car is perfect.... but the yaris is the best car iv ever owned. iv thought about selling and getting a celica, but just cant part with my credit crunch cruiser...lol :D
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