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  1. i was wondering if any1 knew of any lowering springs for a 1982 te72 corolla.. i kno the car is pretty old and i think they use "leaf springs" in the rear..... need help thanks.
  2. well....... i dont have the 18rg motor yet persay....... but i was just wondering if any1 had an idea of what tranny to use..... i have a 1982 te72 corolla wagon... with a stock 3tc and stock tranny.. so i was wondering what tranny to run with that 18rg................. what popped into my mind was an ae86 gts tranny....??
  3. wanted to know if a racing clutch of an ae86 would fit in a ke70 (te72 U.S.) if any1 could help me with this.
  4. oh 1 more thing. here in the U.S. a 2t-g is hard to come by becuase the motor has been used alot and alot of people have them, so its hard to find for sale. another thing.. being that the motor is a racing motor it is illegal to have here. yes that is some american bull**** for you.
  5. oh and another thing... here in the U.S the equivalent of a ke70 is a te72 which has the 3t-c motor instead of a 4k motor....
  6. hehehe well thanks for that... yeh i kno its an old corolla... well im still trying to decide about the engine i want... or what engine is good for my model... because what ive heard... is that so far... a 3s-gte motor would need alot of working,and anways the steps that some gave me for that motor were steps for a front wheel drive corolla. another thing ive heard is that a 4age would be alot easier... the only problem wit that is i dont realli kno which 4age would be good for my car.. because im looking for a 4age that still has a carburator. then i was looking for the 20valve silver top 4age... but those need to be imported from japan.. and here in america its illegal to have a japanese spec. engine... so rite now wat does seem reasonable is this 1600 2t-ge dohc motor. but wat ive learned is that here in the U.S is that my ke70 has a 1770cc 3t-c motor.. so would going 2 a 1600 2t-ge help? or would the 4age of a newer corolla but with a carburator be better that is the major debate i have. my dad who was a racer in the days knows about these corollas and their motors is telling me to try keeping my 3t-c block and using the head of a 2t-g... well if any1 out there can sort out everytin i just said and give me a little more help then thanks.... oh and p.s. twincam.gti you've been a realli big help in my decisions.. and thanks to all the other ppl who have been replying to my post...
  7. well thanks guys for all the replies..... and all the advice.... its been a help...... but heres whats up.... im just thinking about swapping in a 4age 20valve ... if u guys havent already seen my other posts out there... yes im researching bout them... and im going towards a 4age 20 valve.. one thats carbed.....so thanks guys
  8. sorri for those guys who replied to my other topics if ur reading this and wondering why i ask so many questions... its because im researching for which engines im thinking about swapping in my corolla.... anyways heres whats up..... ive been seeing alot of 3tc conversions.... and im wondering why that set up is so popular..... is it the same wit a 2tc????
  9. the last corolla there... the station wagon.... is exactly that one
  10. k heres wats up...... i just want to learn about some 4age engines......can any1 tell me a few of the years ... the types of 4age's.... number of valves.....carb or intake...... wat car its for?????? if any1 could help that would be great....
  11. hey thanks for the help.... but u dont kno if the 3s-gte motor would fit in with the corolla's engine mounts?? oh by the way the 4age motor is coming from the philippines... same with the 4s-gte...
  12. k here...... i want 2 swap my stock corolla 82 wagon motor for a 3s-gte turboed mr2 sw20 motor.... wondering if any1 could help me and let me kno if that would fit.... or if it would just be better 2 go wit a 4age motor from a mr2 aw11 supercharged... plz help!!!!!
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