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  1. welcome mate with that kind if power you make sure youre carefull coming out those corners? although i am partial to some a#se out action myself. good to see another black to on here.
  2. is that all theyve got 140bhp? is it vvti 1.8 or sumat? youd think it would have a bit more go in it than that after the 3s-gte engine in the mk2s
  3. ha im in derby had a good play the last few days, in a certain adventure theme park car park near me. i can also vouch for the frozen door thing too, damn those leaky t-bar seals. its just good wholesome fun if you can find a big enough empty carpark.
  4. that mk1 is positively filthy, why ruin something thats a legend of a car with them terrible graphics. bad move
  5. happy new year all, im lovin them wheels, well into tein suspension aswell. top car mate
  6. that mk3 is bangin, im well into those kits for them. the wheels look well smart aswell, are they lenzo?
  7. ive had the control off today and the contacts were filthy so ive cleaned them up but still no luck, what mounts on the regulator am i looking for?
  8. that is mental dale you cant beat an insanly loud exhaust that makes people jump
  9. ive found something else aswell, when you open the door you can hear a clicking sound comin from the doors like when the doors are being locked and lastnight the windows worked for like a minute then stopped again??
  10. oh right sound thanks for that. how much did you pay for your second hand unit miss mr?
  11. welcome mort, the car looks smart. im well into those wheels! is200 i believe?
  12. no worries moffmo. erm ha no its not the window lock im pretty stupid but not that stupid??? if the fuses are all good what else could it be? only im not realy into paying 120 beans for a new window control!!
  13. hello all, i have a problem with the windows on my rev1 turbo. all the buttons work on the control on my door, bar the window ones. also the window buttons on the other door dont work either. a guy at mr T said it might be the fuses but ive had a look and im not too sure where the fuse box is. any help would be very gratefull thanks shaun
  14. very impressed, loving the open front end.
  15. yeah g its getting there now int it,just need to get some stickers made up and get the word out a bit
  16. thanks and yes jaxx it is loud, but sometimes it wizzez louder than others and it also dosnt do it all the time.
  17. ha thats as meaty a turbo as you would need isnt it!! bit out of my range though good bit of kit though im know.
  18. gutted we havnt had any snow either was all excited this morning? anti climax bad. and to top it off i hit a car in my rev 1 turbo on the way to work this morning aswell. what a day!
  19. i'll try that then thanks, oh is the p.a.s res at the front behind the panel?
  20. as far as i know mate they told me it didnt work so i was like ok. but trust me its !Removed! heavy? so would fixing the power steering sort the problem then yeah?
  21. hey all, i have an annoying motor like buzzing noise coming from the front of my rev1 turbo. it dosnt do it all the time but it sounds like a motor of some kind. i know the p.a.s dosnt work because mrT told me last time i was there. has anyone got any ideas to spread some light? thanks shaun
  22. ha so what you reckon to jtorque then? its only young but its a start. we're gonna sort some stickers out soon get them on my mr2 and what have you. see if we can get the word out a bit
  23. oh sorry about that mate i'll ask him asap. cheers for that anyway
  24. hello all, im not sure if im allowed to do this but my mates just set up a website and hes struggling for members. its only new so dont expect the world, its just a forum at the moment but its well worth a look. theres also some good show pictures aswell. check it out! Thanks shaun www.jtorque.co.uk
  25. i'll clean be there. along with my toc comrade corolla kid
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