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  1. volks are the way forward mate, very nice indeed.
  2. i think theyre cool, they look alot like azev c wheels theyre often seen on zeemers. as for size im running 16s and a 40mm drop on my rev 1 and it looks realy good.
  3. that looks well smart mate good work on the engine aswell.
  4. id probably be into that, not so bothered about camping though as its not to far for me?
  5. no worries mate (yas) cheers for that jaxx, just having a little trouble setting it up thats all. i was told these were the easy ones to set up? hate to think what the full chat ones are like??
  6. sound, ive installed the boost controller, i put the solinoud under my air filter? it seems out the way there. im having difficulty setting it up though, i cant get my head round it. any chance i could get some kind of settings guide? what settings are you running on yours? i just want 10 low 14.5 high.
  7. yeah it does, its what you want realy for optimum boost control. thanks for your help anyway jaxx. are you going to pod this weekend?
  8. it took me a while to find mine too, id say a good month or more. went to birmingham and everything?
  9. its funny you say that, i needed 2 new bulbs for my rev1 turbo and i got the fogs out peice of p*ss no trouble at all. it did cost me £22 for new bulbs though!!
  10. ha easy as that ay? so will it run any better with this flash new controller coz it seems to be running a bit lumpy when it comes onto boost? could it be the mbc? because there not that good realy are they.
  11. spinout_mr2


    that looks like another ebay special to me. id watch out for that. a mate of mine got a similar thing of ebay a while back and all he got was a resistor that goes on something? a complete waste of time and money? surely you could release more power through headwork and cams etc although could prove costly??
  12. you gagger. all the way from devon ay g6aargh, gonna be quite a mission. santa pod is the way forward though. hope to see you there
  13. ive seen those on there before. i think its the same guy i got my decat and turbo elbow off. i think they look well smart! arnt they prone to cracking though??
  14. yeah that sounds about right, is it the same as putting a mbc in as i already have one of those. this will replace it?
  15. scum of the earth if you ask me, they sit there all day like snipers just to get someone doing 34 in a 30. but 60 in a 30 is a bit extreme? youre lucky you didnt get banned. although my idiot of a mate got done doing over a 1er near where i live in a 40 zone and all he got was a slap on the wrist?? what a strange country we live in!
  16. looks good mate, still havnt managed to scope you out down mfn though? where did you get that scoop from and how much did you pay. (if you dont mind me asking) ive always loved them!
  17. you know it makes sense, nice to know that you saw the MR light aswell. i only went to LOOK at mine and ended up buying the damn thing? all good though realy.
  18. it a small black box and its got 3 outgoings on it they say nc,no and com it says greddy boost control valve on it. oh and theres a black and pink wire coming out with a plug on it that goes into the back of the main unit itself. if i explained very well.
  19. mine will also be on the road all year, only had it since april and im just starting to be a bit more daring with it on roundabouts etc so this winter will be a bit more of an eye opener at least?
  20. ive just purchased a greddy profec b spec 2 electronic boost controller and im just wondering if theres anyone who would advise me. im going to fit it myself and im not sure where to mount it etc and where to root the boost pipes etc?. it also says in the manual to keep the electronic black unit away from heat. where under the lid of an MR does it not get warm?? any help would be very helpfull thanks shaun
  21. i havnt had mine that long either and its already the best car ive had. maybe not that practical but the boots are bigger than you think, id say go for the MR everytime mate.
  22. fensport do pre 94 low milege jap import engines complete with turbo, manifolds etc for 900 notes. give them a go. if you can get in touch with them, mission everytime.
  23. sound, any of you know if theres camping on site? its about time again now! havnt been since jae??
  24. g get some work done and stop bumming around on the intermaweb?
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