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  1. nice to meet you all at last, unlucky with them tyres jerry? the pictures look good by the way. good one for kimi aswell her pics are cool. are you gonna be at pod in october?
  2. i use toyota oil in my rev1 10w40w semi synthetic? its what they recomend.
  3. i pay 850 on mine tpft thats with elephant, i have 0 ncb and im 21. isnt too bad realy
  4. mines just the same, on my rev 1 it took that long to register id slowed down before it read anything? i brought a auto gauge gauge and its soo much better?
  5. ha cheers for that mate great help. hope to see you there
  6. stick my name down ken ill definatly be up for that. a sae is on its way. see you there
  7. hello all, just wondered if theres any way of sourcing tickets for the jap show finale at santa pod? are the toc going if so is there any space on the stand? any info would be very much appreciated. thanks shaun
  8. i may well be up for that as long as its not in the immediate future?
  9. me and a mate on here corrolla kid are defo going next yeah probably in the summer. it has to be done realy?? its good to here that mr2s get everywhere though
  10. tell me about it all my mates have your normal uk cars and they were amazed at the spec you get on a 15 year old car.
  11. im going to sound like an idiot now but i brought some magnecor leads for my rev1 turbo and plug 4 keeps blowing off. its realy pi**ing me off now, should i get rid and get oe ones??
  12. nice one kimi ill send you a sae as soon as i here the word
  13. yeah thats what i used on my rev1, i have an autogauge one on mine with the clear washer jet tube from halfords, you get as much as you need for less than a fiver.
  14. no good to me is it? ant you 3sgte'd that yet??
  15. cheers yeah ive just finished fitting it, it gives it a much more healthy kick now, spun out with the fcd though? but its a bit of trial and error realy. but it seems to hold 14 well enough but just drops off slightly toward the end only to 13 though.
  16. ha i was wondering what that was i have it on my rev1 turbo. thats silly why have air con and that, why not just have that? was it on uk n/a aswell then?
  17. yeah man those wheels are spot on enkei do make very flash exclusive wheels. love the blue outline
  18. mister2 yeah stock exhaust mate. so what would a good electronic boost controller be for future reference??
  19. ill be there but how will the peeps on the gate and that know where with the toc if we get that stand, will we need a pass of any kind? plus ill need a ticket on the day now anyway
  20. watch it corolla boy, anyway how did you manage to get that picture on there??
  21. thanks for that, i will stick to 14 then just to be safe. im running a turbo elbow and decat pipe and a blitz sus filter to. with 14psi what kind of bhp increase will i see?
  22. yeah its at exactly 10 at the mo, so has the turbo been changed or are the 26s standard on the earlier ones i get mixed up?
  23. spinout_mr2

    My New Toy

    i like that coluor to, wish id have bort a non tbar now so i dont get a wet arm on the way to work!
  24. hi all, im running a ct26 turbo on my rev1 and wondered what a safe boost level would be, ive got a fcd and grainger boost valve ready but not sure what would be safe. you know to avoid detanation and that? thanks shaun
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