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  1. Hey Had the brake pads replaced on the t-sport today. While it was up on the ramp the mechanic noticed the driver side rear shock was leaking :( Obviously this would need replacing but with what is my question. What other alternatives are there and would it cost considerably more than a bog standard one? Cheers for your time.
  2. With or without a tyre? Without, i'm sure we all have different tyres on.
  3. Anybody know how much a t-sport alloy weighs?
  4. Yeah, just the drivers side only. I bought some just last week, cost £35.04 inc VAT and fit purrfectly.
  5. I like them , good job mate. How much did they set you back?
  6. Are you gonna be selling the rear ones then :P
  7. 1. Markoibook, Black T-Sport Phase 1, 51 Reg, Reading/Newbury/Swindon 2. Razor, Black T-Sport Phase 2, 05 Reg, Glasgow/Ayrshire 3. Siray123, Thunder Grey T-Sport Phase 1, 01 Reg, Cumbria/Newcastle 4. Chuck04, Thunder Grey, T-Sport phase1( RULE), 01 Reg, Eastbourne/ Bournemouth..not very standard haha 5. Matty, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 03 Reg (soon to be personalised), Notts 6. Clarky, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 51 Reg (a tad non standard) 7. yaris t , Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 02 reg , leeds 8. Kempo, Thunder grey T Sport, Phase 2, 05 reg, Stevenage 9. ToTo_17, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Budapest/Hungary 10. zebidi, Thunder Grat T sport, Phase 2, Oxford 11..Biffstergray,caribean blue p1 tsport.(a few mods)Dorset 12. edli83, Balearic Blue T Sport, Phase 2, 53 Reg, London 13. chrisb black TS PH1 51reg Bristol 14. jaxx, TG T Sport 52 plate, used to be a bit less than standard 15. cmarshall, Thunder Grey T Sport 02 plate, Bournemouth, becoming less standard every week 16. chriscanavan, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Manchester Far from standard 17. Opel, Chilli Red T-Sport, Phase 1, South Cheshire, totally box standard. 18. lee_ts51, Thunder Grey T-Sport Phase 1, 51 Reg, West London 19. jay dh, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Swindon/bournemouth/essex, near standard 20. meeker, Chilli Red T- Sport, Phase 1, 02 reg, Gloucestershire. 21.Mancubas, Blue T-Sport, phase 1 51 reg, manchester
  8. i'm 20 and paying just under £1500 for a 2001 t-sport. Thats fully comp under my name no points or accidents and my first car. The company is called Quinn Direct. I was getting quotes for around £2500 till I found them.
  9. mancubas

    Parcel Shelf

    what model is it? 3 door or 5?
  10. I hate puntos, !Removed! cars tbh!
  11. yer mine was lubly and shiny till it started ubiking it down yesterday. Gonna give her a bath in a wee bit :)
  12. be careful when pulling out the front seat. There is a litle lead which connects to the seat (god knows why) maybe for the airbag or something. Make sure you disconnect that before ripping it out. I didnt,almost broke it :/ Its directly under the seat should be a yellow adapter, cant miss it.
  13. Yup take it to a garage, you'll most likely end up buggering it up. Won't cost much but will be done professionally :)
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