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  1. Thanks for that I wouldn't be able to do them myself and to be honest the prices aren't too bad. let us know what you think of the drive on the car once you've had all the dreaded RF's replaced
  2. Can I just ask if you don't mind how much is it costing you to refurb the alloys? i am thinking of getting mine done too.
  3. The EGR valve is a simple job which you could do yourself. I had my friend do mine for me as I'm disabled but it was straightforward there is a guide somewhere on here. the tyre sensors will work fine without the runflats
  4. That's not a bad price to be honest. i paid £15 per tyre and the tyres I bought online and must admit they are good tyres. omce you've had them all done the difference in the ride is immense and noticeable straight away. Do let your insurance company know mine didn't make a difference to the premium but I did ask them to make a note and a confirmation just in case which they were happy to do so. let us know what you think of the ride once you e had them all done
  5. The sensors will work fine without the runflats. they work as they should and will light up when the air pressure drops to around 25psi. its a quite straightforward something you maybe able to do yourself if you ha e the right tools. mine were taken off by and Indy garage his cut round they tyres to remove them and then used an angle grinder to cut the bands took less than an hour and the car drives and feels a lot better. i replaced the tyres with Nokian all season tyres from tyre leader after reading all the reviews for them. hope that helps
  6. I had mine removed the tyre pressure sensors work fine with normal tyres. i rang my insurance and there was no increase in premium either. the car drives a lot better now and it's worth doing I have had a puncture once and it was a lot easier than having the car taken to Toyota as an Indy garage sorted a replacement
  7. Not sure what size I had a full set but someone's borrowed it and not bought it back. Hopefully someone should be able to answer
  8. You will need the Torx security drivers to take the ECU out. I can't remember the exact name but if you go up further on the thread someone has put a link up. Most common ones are 6 star type but Toyota use the 5 star bits. it is straight forward to take out
  9. The T180 unit is the B9004 (just checked in my T180) The B9010 Is fitted in the Avensis and earlier Rav's The settings are basically the same except the B9010 does not have the Bluetooth phone function.
  10. Is the unit still available?And how much are you looking for the unit Thanks
  11. HiOn a personal experience Toyota advised us that it was the gearbox. We took it to a specialist in gearboxes and he advised the same and offered to recondition the gearbox. Toyota went on to say that the ECU was not something that would cause a problem. I came on here and read the advice in here and sent the ECU to ECU testing. The ECU was faulty and was quoted a price and the ECU was back in the car repaired and guaranteed for life within 4 days. The car is fantastic and drives as it should. I'd rather send the ECU off it does sound as if that's the problem. Toyota will quote you £1000's when it's a simple fix. Good luck and keep us updated Sorry forgot to add link here it is and all the best http://www.ecutesting.com/contact_us.html
  12. It was sold last year, it's an old post. Sorry
  13. We were advised by our dealer to have it changed when we bought the car. It was bought from Toyota in Birmingham and when we bought it were told that on next service it was due to be replaced and will be FOC if we bought the car on the day. So ever since we have been replacing it every 2nd service. To be honest apart from the ECU we've never really had any issues with the Rav. We also had a D4D on an 03 plate which we sold last year and that was a nightmare.
  14. Ours is similar too once warned up its fine, have you had the ATF changed? If not have it replaced we change ours every 2nd service, just a thought
  15. Ours is similar too once warned up its fine, have you had the ATF changed? If not have it replaced we change ours every 2nd service, just a thought
  16. Hi Tried cleaning the connector but it didn't work. It's booked in for the Airbag recall we'll see what Toyota quote. 😱
  17. Thanks for that Andy. Its worth giving that a try see how it goes will update later Thanks
  18. No way would I do that, was just hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get a replacement wiring harness or maybe a non toyota garage no one locally can do it apart from diagnosing the fault. I had an airbag light on a Rav a few years ago and was charged just under £1800 to have it fixed. Think the car is only worth slightly more than that, so taking it to Toyota is out of the question.
  19. Hi guys My airbag light warning came on yesterday and I took the car to a local garage. It came up with "BO11 squib open right circuit" he had a quick look at the connection under the seat but it looked ok. He said there must be a break in the loom somewhere. Would anyone know if I can get a loom from anywhere or to try and maybe fix it myself. Car is driven mainly by the wife for the school run etc so a little paranoid. I rang Mr T and they asking way too much just to put it on a computer which I'm assuming will be same as what local garage has come up with. Obviously I do want to get it repaired but not at Toyota prices. The car is a 2003 Tsport Thanks guys
  20. Your welding skills are quite impressive now. Keep updates coming really enjoying the progress Ash
  21. Main thing is its all sorted now consider it as a learning experience as my wife says. If I'm honest I was a little reluctant at sending tbe ECU off however going by all the recommendations from other members I thought it would be the best way forward. I can't remember now what exactly now but am certain a replacement gearbox was mentioned so glad I didn't take that up. Anyway all good now hopefully should give you worry free gear changes now! 👍 Ash
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