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  1. hi guys been a while and my supra not being used due to lack of funds with having to buy an mpv cos i now have a little kiddie so my 1990 ( H ) white 3.0i non turbo has to go :(:(:( she is out of tax and mot now back in sept but its only done less than 1000 miles since the last mot and ive done lots to this last year to get her fit for the road only thing i can say is the bad point of this car is that she could do with a lick of paint due to surface rust in places and 1 hole on the boot other than that a great car she has to go so please serious offers u can mail me on rich@movingrhythms.co.uk or call me during the days on 07875273391
  2. talking about putting yourself inthe line of fire with saying 120mph but nooooo gotta say more tut tut just be careful there ***** happy and at those speeds its gonna b bye bye supra and you not good enjoy the car treat it with respect it can either give you yrs of enjoyment or kill you
  3. not all youngsters are ***** behind a wheel ok 99.9% are but then again most of drive 1.1 fiesta's :D think they do drive a supra haha. I had my first porsche at 19 and believe it or not i didnt rip around like a fool i respected my baby not thrath the crap out of it not saying i didnt try once just 2 see wat she could do as we all do ;) but as we all know supras aint cheap keping them all nice let alone being 18, insurance way too high for any car even a poxy mini. they wanted an extra 2500 for my missus to go on my insurance on the richysupra, yeah right.
  4. Hey everyone hope your all ok. Well its been a while, whats been happening since ive been out the last few months well, after my accident i left working on ambulances I didnt part with my baby mkiii i just couldnt part with her so she al running again just right, plus I decided to start up on my own in business as a drum tutor which is going nicely right now :) and i kicked my band into touch as they turned into *****s lol so thats about it really. So now i can come share stuff again on here with my mates as i still got me baby woooohooo ~rich
  5. well after all this crap ive had off ebayers the past 3 days like someone offered me 500 for her yeah right she owes me that in brakes alone lol they can all go run and jump there not getting my baby so if in 3 hrs i dont get my price it will go into my garage where i can respray it totally and polish and litlle bitsready for the next summer bumholes to all of them SHE'S NOT GOING
  6. richysupra


    well im glad thats all sorted now anyway b4 a fight breaks out with all the members lol
  7. OMG i hope who gets my baby will not do anything like that, making me think i should just store mine until i can afford to keep it in petrol again. thats just really sad and looks even worse than i was expecting
  8. richysupra


    The important word there is 'probally' (which i guess is some alternative spelling of the adverb 'probably'), you don't know for sure. As far as i'm aware the coolant temperature sensor is only used to enrichen mixture during cold start and then to monitor temps during operation. Do you not think the oxygen sensor would have a part to play in the scenario you described above? I would suspect (yep i don't know for sure) that if temps are seen to increase beyond a certain value that timing would be adjusted rather than fuelling to try and bring them back down again. If you continue to enrichen fuelling then you'd need to ignore the closed loop feedback from the oxygen sensor or factor some variable in. Sorry i just don't see it. If your coolant is so low that you've introduced an airlock into the system then you really don't deserve to be driving a Supra. Well maybe a MKIII <------------------- Purely for Karmas benefit :P ← usually id agree with you on that one as ive never in my 10 yrs of working on cars ever come accross this but wen i was told i thought watthe hek give it a try nothing to loose but it did actually work on mine mad i know, mind you the coolant wasnt low on mine it was full but i changed it anyway and working great now i cant realy explain it maybe it was just luck what i was told and worked but hey im not complaning it did work
  9. im sorry to say lads as ive lost my job now after all the **** i went thru with the company i worked for mine has to go also just cant afford to keep it going now im well gutted ive even put it on ebay the other day for a quick sale i really dont want to get rid of her cos she generally is a great car and ive spent so much out on her im hoping she will sell as iv had to come down to a landrover discovery :( but i dont want her go cos the work and time ive put into her . but as soon as im on my feet again i will have another but i think an aero top is in order this time, you lot dont get rid of me that easily :P
  10. richysupra


    mine had the same problem in the cutting out i know it may sound funny and i thought it when i was told also but it did actually stop it all i had to do with mine was to change the cooling system fluid and antifreeze i couldnt believe it when i was told i thought he was pulling my plonker but it has stopped straight away. i might be wrong on your car but hey it worked for mine so give it a try doesnt take long.... hope it works for you let me know k
  11. hmmm yeah celica now that sounds like fun, i liked my bosses he has a soft top and i did have some fun in that i think its time for ebay again haha
  12. hmmmm now where have i heard that b4 lol, cant say i watch it but if it means its a great mkiii then i may force myself to watch it haha cant believe i just said that i must b spura mad lol
  13. yep im well chuffed with it ok theres still a few knocks and bumps etc but its leagal tho apart from all that im really happy with my baby so is the misses she been on my back big time HURRY UP get it on the road im fed up of being driven in ur works van lol :P cant wait till i get round to spraying it and making it look totally mint and show her off like she deserves praise the lord (TOYOTA) for this fantastic car, oh by the way im thinking of getting a mki mr2 next as a project car hee hee either that or ill have 2 get a mk4 supra just for a mon - fri car and my mkiii as my show off car woohooo
  14. about time we now have another mkiii supra back on the road its been a long hard struggle and expensive but hey its been well worth it i think haha i never thought id get it back on the road this year anyway, plus i had a little accident in work that had put things back a bit but thats another story lol. well wat have i done to it since i bought it new: front & rear discs and pads all round 1x break shoes rear metal break pipes re-newed 2x front break flexi pipes bottom ball joints front calipers 1x rear shock but im having another shocker off mark tho anyway 1 top wishbone ( my fault i kinda snapped it dont ask lol ) 1x headlight motor 2 slight spots of welding 4x new tyres timing belt mot & taxed slapped on some filler in parts gotta respray her now still dunno wat colour yet tho.all running now thank god only thing i have a little whine from the gearbox so when im all well again im under it and checking it out hopefully its just oil i hope, apart from that all running good and loads of fun well apart from the petrol lol but hey who cares its a mkiii supra lol
  15. omg :o i think thats gotta be the worst job ive ever seen since people started to kit up a nova ha ha, oh well theres always !Removed! out there will go and spoil a good look 2 a car unfortunatley happend to be a supra
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