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  1. Thanks for the offer. After taking the trim off and testing the circuit it was the switch on the latch but all I need to do is disconnect and short the connector and then I can use the interior light manually on the switch.
  2. UPDATE: Phoned Toyota and it turns out the switch is part of the boot latch mechanism so I'll have to take the tailgate trim off and have a look. If it's knackered I won't be replacing it though as Toyota said the switch is an integral part of the latch mechanism - price for replacement latch £56 + VAT. If it's broken I'll be buying one of those stick-up LED lights.
  3. The switch on boots and hatchbacks is normally a small contact switch that's mounted beneath the loop that the tailgate lock engages into. Unless anyone knows differently I'd remove the trim around that loop and I'm fairly sure you'll find the switch there. Thank you for your very prompt response. I removed the trim around the loop but there was no sign of any switch. Do I have to unbolt the loop as well?
  4. All fuses look ok. It's not the bulb as I've tested for power at the light. There's no obvious sign of a tailgate switch so I'm guessing there's a magnetic switch somewhere. Any help much appreciated.
  5. Thanks. I'll have a check this weekend.
  6. Had my '98 1.8 Avensis Estate serviced on monday. I noticed yesterday that the ABS warning light was staying on. A search on these fora pointed me to the fuses behind the coin tray but they're all ok. Are there any other simple things I can check? TIA
  7. Symptom: rumbling noise which seems to be coming from the n/s rear wheel. I removed the wheel and the brake drum and spun the shaft - it spins far too easily and sounds dry. Can I just replace the bearings or do I have to get the hub as well? Any tips on easiest method of replacement much appreciated?
  8. Part of the air-flow system behind the glove-box is rattling about. How do I remove the glove-box to get to it? It looks like the sides could be pressed in enough to drop it right down but I'd rather not try it in ignorance and pay the consequences
  9. I want to give this a go but is there an easy way to check that the drain from the evaporator is not blocked - I'd hate the shift the smelly gunk from the evaporator to somewhere inaccessible behind the glove box/dash
  10. jcoat

    Throttle Lag

    It's definitely throttle lag. You can plant your foot to floor and a while later the car picks up.
  11. Thinking of buying a 1998 Avensis 1.8 GL Estate. On the test drive there was a distinct lag between pressing the accelerator and the power pickup. Is this a normal trait of the lean-burn engine or is there a problem? None of my Camry's had this but they didn't have 1.8 lean-burn engines.
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