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  1. also need bumper support bar and headlight brackets
  2. yeh i got the o/s arch and both trims for 35 quid with p+p
  3. i need the following parts n/s/f wing o/s/f arch liner bonnet front bumper- face lift model but will consider after market bumper 1994 quad light gt turbo
  4. looks like mine. cheers you've made be feel better about my accident :D :P
  5. Still looking for the following parts for my imported face lift 1994 starlet gt-turbo 1. n/s/f wing 2. o/s/f wing 3. bonnet with scoop 4. bumper (96paeseo have pm'd u regarding 3 and 4) am also in the market for a set of 15 inch white alloys
  6. have been trying to source several parts for my starlet gt and hope you will be able to help. my car is an imported 1994 factory facelift gt turbo with quad headlights. i would like price and availability on the following parts. 1x o/s/f wing 1x n/s/f wing 1x o/s/f quad style headlamp with indicator 1x o/s/f quad style headlamp with indicator 1x front bumper 1x o/s/f suspension leg 1x n/s/f arch trim 1x o/s/f arch trim 1x bonnet with scoop prefered in metallic black but not essential p.s. Beuson u hav pm
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