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  1. T600

    Keyless Entry

    Tried it now - seems it is about 1m from the driver's door which is fine for me. System seems to work very nicely once you understand it - and the different operation of the start button, depending on whether you have your foot on or off the clutch, is neat too. I think I shall like keyless motoring. Good old Mr T.
  2. Try a GS450h - I was loaned one for a day and it was lovely - one of the best cars I've ever driven in many respects.
  3. Welcome safarijack Why do any new cars not have tape decks - unless they have an Aux input, that is. All my previous Toyotas had a tape deck (and sometimes a CD too) and I wish my new one did, because at least you can use it to connect your MP3 via a £5 adapter if you don't have an Aux input.
  4. T600

    Keyless Entry

    Thanks for the info chaps. 1m should be fine for me; I don't think I could possibly leave the car closer to the keys than that without parking right up against the house. Cheers,
  5. Cheers Mistermena; good to be back. I almost bought the same car as yours - test drove one a couple of weeks back, and loved it, but after a lot of consideration have finally decided that the same engine but in the Auris is what I want right now.
  6. T600

    Keyless Entry

    Looking some advice on K e y l e s s e n t r y... do you love it or loathe it? I've always been perfectly happy with a regular key and remote fob. though did have a loan car for a day with keyless and it seemed quite useful. And often drive the other half's Honda on which you have to insert and turn the key, but then press the start button, which to me seems to be a backward step. My real question though is how far from the car will the keyless function work. As I sometimes park the car on the drive near the house, where my keys might only be about 6 or 7 feet from the car; is there any chance that the car will be insecure in that case, or does the transponder need to be much nearer than that for the doors to open? A big plus is that I also have a fob to open the car park at work which I can't put on my keyring as it needs to be held out of the window to operate the barrier - presumably I'll be able to keep it on the same fob as the car 'key' now and operate the barrier without the car stopping? Thanks for any help / advice you can offer. And I'm sure this has been asked and answered before, but I had a look at quite a few threads and didn't see it. Cheers,
  7. Hey Red Yaris; good to see you are still here. Almost 16K posts I see. All the best, Tony
  8. Thanks acetip, good to be back. See ya in the Auris forum soon I hope.
  9. Hi all, Thought I'd best say hello here, as I see it's over 18 months since I last posted. I'm afraid the Lexus was destroyed a month or so ago by a delivery van that wanted to be on my side of the road, so I'm about to buy another Toyota. Have been browsing the forums again for a couple of days looking at a few threads, and will no doubt be posting again soon, so hello again to you all. PS - still have the MR2 for the moment, but it's not really ideal for me as a daily driver, and I've had to promise the other half that I'll sell it when I get the new car. Cheers, Tony
  10. T600

    Stereo Code

    Try the local Mr T first. I had the same problem when I got my car and the Service chap at my local dealership unlocked it in a few minutes; wouldn't take any money for it and wouldn't tell me how it was done. But another dealer (where the car was serviced) had previously been unable to unlock it. So you might be lucky and you might not. The dealer who unlocked it is in Mansfield, so I don't imagine that particular one is going to be any good for you though. T
  11. Does the tone change when going around a bend? If its the bearing the noise will usually vary as the loads on the wheels change. It could just be your tyre treads; this can happen even if the pressures are correct, but will be greater if they're not. Or could be brakes binding, or any of a number of causes. Bearings will cause heat if they're badly worn, though so will binding brakes.
  12. +1 Give all the information you have to both insurance company and police as soon as possible.
  13. Nice one; pleased you got it sorted. Look forward to the pics.
  14. Welcome, Sorry, don't know the part number, but there are two different systems in the MR2 - the active (with amplified speakers in the boxes behind the rear seats) and passive (without those). Most installers seem to know this. I would suspect your car has the passive system. If you do a search in the MR2 thread you'll find info on the connectors. Or perhaps someone else will know the correct part? I have a lead kicking about somewhere, but I think it's the one you already have.
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