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  1. Happy Birthday Flamby!

  2. Hey people, I haven't posted on here in a good few years, but I thought I'd share a picture of my little runaround Aygo Blue. Had it a year now and its brilliant, however I could do with something a bit bigger now, we shall see what Toyota can do for me :)
  3. this thread has some stupid posts, forum warriors are funny :) As for best looking toyota ever sold in the uk - Our oppinions of what looks good changes through the yrs, as trends change, our oppinions change, people of different ages will all appreciate something different. So therefore this question is flawed of a staight response from the beginning. I believe the mk2 mr2 is the best looking toyota ever sold in the uk... but then again I own one.
  4. hehe I bet fizz :) yeah the springs make it a hell of alot better, I didn't realise that much was wrong with the existing setup till I had the replacements put on and felt how much better it was! much more confident with her since that, even put me off the idea of Teins for a while :)
  5. Flamby

    Any Excuse...

    awesome pics jj reminds me I have to get some night time industrial type pics done with mine :)
  6. hey hey its my motor :) love this film, fizz sent it to me whilst we were going through the motions of me buying the car and I still re watch it now :) and yeah the suspension was pretty f'ed on the front, just had it all redone and its pukka ;)
  7. CAR IS NOW SOLD :D :D RS10 wheels are still available :) will post up a seperate thread soon with better pics.
  8. thanks for the comments guys :) it is a gorgeous motor
  9. that supra is stunning... I want lol :D
  10. I am posting this advert on behalf of my dad... He wishes to sell his S plate mk2 mr2 rev5 n/a. The car is a january 99 uk registered rev5 n/a mk2 mr2 and has done 54000miles. It has the standard full leather interior and the only upgrade is an alpine HU as the basic toyota one was almost useless. It is being sold with the standard rev5 wheels and good tyres, however if someone wishes then there are also some 18" Fox rs10s with nearly new toyo tyres for sale which can be bought as extra with the car, they are shown on the car in the last picture of this post. The car is tax and tested till april next year also. Anyway I will let the pictures speak for themselves, this car is mint and very well looked after and my dads only reason for selling is so he can buy something to pull a trailer. and here she is with my mums car... and with the RS10's 6500 is the asking price and if you wish to ask any questions or contact my dad then please either post on here or contact Dave on - 01793875182 (home no) or 07917785137 (mobile no) Thanks for looking :)
  11. Im still here :) haven't posted much in ages as Im annoyed with the 2.... Im sure everyone will come back inside to their pcs when the weather gets worse B)
  12. Flamby

    My New Spoiler!

    wow how much was that??? very nice though mate, is what the colour they come in from the factory or can you ask for a colour like you can with the front indicator strips?
  13. that sounds a well cool addition mate, would look great with carbon fiber bonnet too. Love that rear spoiler and the rear bumper splitters, anyone know what they are?
  14. haha cheers ryan lol yeah I know mate, I nearly got one after your recommendation but then the 5zigen came up for cheap on imoc so couldn't resist, one day the blitz might go on ;) B) Thanks for the comment mate :)
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