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  1. I dont know what it is....its gray/grey with a smouldering look in it's eyes.....
  2. I've never seen a camera smash it'sway through a windscreen to drag a driver out of an over turned car, or perform CPR whilst the other camera drives the Ambulance to the hospital, and deal with the grieving family!! Oops rant mode...
  3. To be fair, Lindops in Wxm have sorted me out a few times. Changed my clutch and master cylinder with 2 weeks left on the Warranty. They told me to go to Queensferry one for after market advice...after reading the above I think I'll leave it.
  4. Speed limits etc are not set by us, and neither are the laws. I don't blame Mr Tesco for not selling Marmite in specific packaging that I like, it's not his fault, he just works with what products he has. And that's all we do. If traffic have targets, i.e 1 ticket, per officer, per day, and they know they can get that on a bit of road that people ALWAYS speed down. Then 30mins into his shift, his quote is complete, and he can carry on the rest of the shift worry free. I don't have a ticket quota, but I do despise people on their phone, and as such I park up (on the rare occasion it's quiet on the radio), at a certain set of traffic lights where people are always nattering away, and I ticket them. Is it sneaky? Is it under-hand? Or should those people know better, that talking with the phone to your ear is stupid, and illegal? I'm not here to argue, and am willing to answer questions about my job as best I can, but I am a CTS owner as are you all, and am here, because I like the banter, like the cars, and like to have a natter. I know we're never gonna be shaking motorists hands, but ultimately, the signs/rules are all there. If you didn't notice the (small) sign, and get pinged, appeal it...or accept it. Thats the only way things will change. Complain to Council's, they CAN change things...
  5. Couldnt agree more :D have tou got a grey facelift on a 55 plate? if so you were behind me the other week on Saltney high street? V power makes a big difference! and its still cheaper then derv!! That could've been me. I play rugby in Shotton, and that's the exact car I have....
  6. I dare to stick my head above the parapet on this issue...however... As a response bobby I don't really deal with GASTO's, but do set them off now and again whilst on blues. Although through experience this is even quite hard to do when doing 50 in a 30 towards one... I don't think that they can prosecute you for driving towards one, however there is another model of camera that get's you travelling towards it. To echo the other posters, if you're doing more than is allowed, and get caught, take it on the chin and learn. If you don't agree with the camera's then don't drive on those roads, or invest in a SatNav that tell's you where they are. As for the speed awareness course, that only applies if you're doing say 31-35mph in a 30, and you still get the fine. I think anything over 36mph is points and a fine. If your argument is that Speed Cameras mean we can all sit back and do nothing, or stop us from going out and arresting those people who walk around with badges saying "RAPIST" or "BURGLAR" are very wrong. "Our" figures are only measured by the amount of Crimes solved, and aren't affected in the slightest by GATSO revenue. So if you are going to slag us off, then please invest a bit of time learning the facts.
  7. Hahahahaha. I think I'd need that replaced under warranty, it would've been over worked.
  8. NO WAY!!!!! All this time! Little f*ckers didn't tell me that! Anything else I haven't found? A secret red button that turns it into KITT?
  9. Do CTS have heated mirrors?? I'm sure mine doesn't.
  10. BeenThereDoneIt

    My CTS

    A few pics of her. Standard tho she is...
  11. be home before midnight tho or i'll get you with me bow n arrow! oink oink!! (old chester byelaw - catch a taff in the city walls after midnight, not that they dare venture this way at night!) I stay by Revolution, that way the arrows don't reach!
  12. yeah...i suppose i COULD nip over the border with my passport
  13. It went in for an early MOT,I asked where i should spray some WD as the clutch was a bit squeaky, Mr T said there's a better master cylinder available, ooh and while we're at it, let's do the clutch too. BTDI walks out rather briskly before they change their mind! MUCH nicer now. Nice crisp bite! I'm in Wrexham, so not too far from the Border!
  14. Cheers for the quick replies. I do fancy the Apexi one's, but I'm very wary of insurers. I've seen too many people get stung after the insurers have found a technicality. I'll check out the power tech ones too, as it's the sound I'm really after....and all is well as Mr T has just given me a brand new clutch and master cylinder 10 days before the warranty runs out!
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