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  1. Hello all how are we all doing! I just got myself a ST185 up one of the headlights wont pop up. Anyone know where the screw is to wind them up manually?
  2. Is this something you have done as I've been advised not to do this!!?? dude if it fits put it on its only a air filter
  3. Only uk suppiler is fensport try ebay us importing stuff just now is really cheep since the dollar is ****
  4. The only thing you don't want to pull off is the toyota badge since its on pin's everything else should just be stick on's
  5. for the GXI Make - Toyota Model - Corolla >01 Year - 85 to 01 PCD - 4x100 Offset - 35 to 45 Bore - 54.1 I have alloy of a mk3 mr2 and the car is lowered by 40mm. The 15's at the front 'JUST' fit and 205 rubber catches on full lock. 16's on the back needed spacers to fit with out rubbing the struts. in a word NO they won't fit.
  6. As far as I remember NO 20v's dizzy and coil are the all in one type and some have coil packs.
  7. So how long before you hack it to bits like the rest of us :D
  8. yup it will fit but I would really go with a 20v gearbox.
  9. Late spec non tvis is the one to go for kicks out around 130bhp. If you were a mk1 mr2 owner same sort of body work will need done like the man says they rust like hell. should cost you around the £500-£1000 mark for one that wont need to much in its next MOT Just remember to give the sils and underneath a good going over before buying. But if it was me I'd trade the dog for a cat and get a 2 back instead
  10. Ok ppl timeeees up I've started listing items ebay userid is orignboy. I will be striping parts at my leisure now and most likely keeping half of them for my other projects :D so bid happy
  11. Bottom of the rad there is a little plastic wing nut. Shouldn't need to take off any panels.
  12. But before you start running around in it make note of the oil and coolant levels then give her some hard driving. Then monitor when cold over the next few days. If you see a noticeable drop in fluids then you MAY have a leaky head
  13. Do, if you get a response post it up. He mentions a belt conversion kit has been done. I'm sure you're aware that because of the longer 7A block the stock 4A-G belt won't fit on a 7A-G setup so maybe that's what he means by the belt conversion kit? I see there are no bids on it anyway. As Ecsy mentioned about needing new shells, it is unkown what damage may have been caused and this probably has deterred potential buyers. This is his reply to me its done from a 97 corolla engine the flywheel and crank are lightened with receipt, the pulley is a fensport 212 kit, conrods i dont know, the clutch was 350 pounds plus on its own I think it was done with a 4a block from a 4afe.... guy isn't very forth coming with pictures etc. as a few ppl have asked him.
  14. from the photo's although it's hard to tell the oil drain from the head to the block still looks to be there. This is not present on a 7A block so you block it off on the head when doing a 7AGE. Since this looks to be there I would guess its really a bored out 4A block. But if it was a 7AGZE with the custom conrod's I'd pay the 500 for that ;) Think I'll email him to see if he's full of ****.
  15. Interested in wheels for sure, air box to replace the aftermarket filter on one of mine, parcel shelf. There must be more though mind a blank at mo, and cheapest way of getting stuff to London. I P.M'ed you details Hey Mike the 7AGE project is going good just having a little oil problem with her just now. Got the oil drain from the head to connect again and a oil catch tank so that should solve the problem. Also I think my oil pump seal it gone at the crank so I'm waiting for a oil pump from the states. Also got the correct radiator to fit from the GTI and the exhaust to wrap. SO lots done lots to do oh and me and my brother just bought this to fix up
  16. OriRacer

    Mr2 Mk1a

    Hi There just picked up my long looked for mk1a bargain, this car is now living in Scotland to be restored to her former glory sils are solid at one side and one will need a weld before we can get her for a M.O.T again as its been garaged for the last 5 years. If any one knows any history of this car I would be great full if you could P.M. me or post.
  17. I don't think that's a 1800 block will be a 1600 with the stroker kit from HKS.
  18. Hi ppl Thought it give all you first dips on part off my AE92 she is all standard. Except from the upper Rearstrut brace kyb shocks and fensport springs the car has a working immobilizer which I have one fob for I'm just starting to strip the car so P.M. if you want any parts else it will have to be ebay ;)
  19. your engine will be fine ... its just a backbox it will only make you car loud. If you want more performance fit a powerflow exhaust.
  20. Yup tried that but still the GPS map's and software interface for the GPS is no good espeaicaly for europe and the uk. The response on searching my 12000 tracks for something takes ages where programs like itunes its instant. Oh and you will have to pay for it and its still in development. best free all rounder is road runner but again .... not for GPS. Until tomtom for PC exists or there is a linux distribution with goods apps, and maps you will have to pay around £1000+ to get your car PC a useful GSP system. If you want all your music in the car, avi, games, DVD then a car pc is for you. If you want mainly GPS get a tomtom. i Best screen in the uk for a car pc is here Karputer http://www.karputer.co.uk/karputer.php?pag...orisedindashvga
  21. I have looked tired and installed all O/S and most of the apps for using in a car pc and i'm afraid that for a car pc all software out there has its down fall's and GPS is the biggest. I have a 1Ghz mini-itx board, with a Karputer 1 din touch screen VGA tft, and the only reason it's still sitting on my floor and not in the car is the software. There is nothing out there that does it all. But main as I said GPS is the downfall and the new auto route isn't for using in a car... close but not there yet.
  22. One BIG thing to remember ..... If you want car PC for sat nav, don't bother there is no tom tom for PC and theres no good alternative for linux or normal windows.
  23. It's all sorted now, but I am thinking of selling her. I'm skint, think it's time to buy something sensible and boring. http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/sales/134613.htm Would love to take it off your hands but £1k would be my limit.
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