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  1. Have you tried looking on here?
  2. :o What happened??? Did they get lost?? Tesco is really only 10 mins away from the showground!! I wish I was able to come to meet you all. It sounds as if you all had such a great time. I had to work all day on Saturday, (experiencing the storm whilst at work, it made the shop very quiet anyway!! Nobody dare venture out in that rain!!) and been to Silverstone today as my boyfriend did the Ferrari Driving Experience thing, kindly bought for him by his sister!! Hope to see you next year as it is oly a stone's throw away for me!!
  3. Yep. I work in Peterborough and we've had 2 thunder storms already!! They would of got really wet with the last one at about 3pm!! Looks as if another storm is on it's way as well! :o Was going to go but had to work and tomorrow we are going to Silverstone as my boyfriend is going the Ferrari Driving Experience thingy.
  4. Well done!! Congratulations!!
  5. Wow! :o What an amazing dog. It looks so natural for him!!
  6. I've got a 1998 Freesport and have the same problem. It took me quite by surprise it happen to me :o as it wasn't raining so didn't have my window wipers on. I was driving at night on a road I didn't know and cars coming towards me!!! I scared me quite a bit!! I'm always ready now when I see a puddle coming up! My boyfriend loves it, he's a big kid at heart really and he always says to me drive faster through it!!!! :D Would be interested though if there is something that could be fitted to reduce this.
  7. Well done Em We are all so proud of you!!!!! Congratulations on raising so much for such a great cause!
  8. Hi Em I'd just like to wish you all the best for Sunday. Are you looking forward to it? Good luck hon
  9. I've added some pics from my Parachute Jump last week. Click here to see them Enjoy!! :D
  10. Thanks Rich! I've now posted more pics on General Discussions Enjoy!!
  11. More pics as promised. Hope you enjoy them!! Me & my instructor, Steve. The plane I jumped from! On board No turning back now!! More pics to follow below Did you see the other pics above? ^^ Hope you enjoyed them! Thanx again to everyone who sponsored me!
  12. Well I did it!! Click here to read about my experience which I posted on "general discussions"
  13. Well I’ve done it!!! It was such an amazing feeling!! I would recommend it to anyone! We arrived at the airfield about 10.30am. Told them I had arrived and they wrote my name on a big white board. About 2 hours later was called for my briefing, which made me even more nervous! I walked away afterwards thinking what if I forget everything he’s just told me?! I completed all the paperwork and ordered pics and DVD. My name was called out over the loud speaker at 1.40pm to get my flight suit on and harnessed up! GULP!! I walked out the plane with butterflies doing somersaults in my stomach! We boarded the plane, very cosy!! My instructor, Steve pointed out several land marks to me and then attaches me to his harness, a couple of solos jumped first and then another girl doing a tandem went. It was my turn!! We stand up, I tuck my legs up under Steve and I am dangling from his harness. We waddle to the doorway, and we are off, my ears popped, (actually still not back to normal yet!) I looked around and saw the bottom of the plane! I kept smiling at the camera girl, (well I think I was smiling! Will have to wait to see on the DVD!) It was such a fantastic feeling!! Falling towards the ground so fast and nothing stopping you! All of a sudden Steve opens the chute and we are in a standing position. Gracefully we float down to the ground. Steve let me take control of the striring, with instructions from Steve. He took back the controls and we head to our landing spot. Legs up, in case we land on our bum and then at the last minute and shouts “Stand” and we land on our feet, with a little run. Anyway guys, I’d like to thank you all that sponsored me. I raised a total of £502!! Thanks guys!! P.S. More pics to follow when I've got them sorted.