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  1. All it took for me was the official app from the Samsung app store (which should be on your phone) and a fully working cable. Then it'll start up when you connect the phone to the car's USB port. In fact it seemed to me that the app forces itself on whether you wanted it on or not. I ended up deleting it. The only apps that work through it are the phonebook, music and maps. To be honest the app seems like a relic that Samsung abandoned years ago. It's trumped by the Bluetooth functionality of most of the apps you'd want to use while driving.
  2. Does anyone have any and if so what ones and what is your opinion of them? There's Heko ones on ebay but according to the Heko site they only sell ones for the previous shape Aygo. Mine is a five door. Thanks.
  3. I am wondering what people's experiences are using Spotify (Premium) with the new Aygo's X-Touch. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy SIII. If I'm listening via Bluetooth, no track information appears on the screen. I can skip tracks using the controls but if I pause it I completely lose the sound. Another issue is that it occasionally skips during playback. So I'd appreciate knowing what other people's experiences are and if they have an explaniation for these issues. Thanks.
  4. I had some minor back pains that I blamed on the seats in my last Aygo. I have the new one now and they're an improvement. It felt to me like all of my weight was being focused onto my tailbone, plus I couldn't really lean back properly. The headrest was too far from my head. Very uncomfortable. I like Panemo's idea of upgrading the seats.
  5. Has anybody noticed the fabric on the driver and passenger seats coming a bit loose? It's like the adhesive sticking it to the cushion has worn off. It's not a deal breaker though. Aygos have such cheap seats. Honestly i miss my old Corolla some times. I really don't like how flimsy the Aygo feels. Chuck in a modern stereo and the Corolla basically had all the functionality of the new Aygo. Difference was it felt solid inside and out and was much comfier.
  6. This link might be handy for anybody with questions relating to the Aygo X-Touch system.
  7. Hi got it working today funny enough with a old blackberry cable, I can get Music, Location and Phone but none of the shortcuts are visible on the x touch ? Yeah apparently there's no solution to that. It's just a case of hoping Samsung sort this in the future. It's unlikely though. So as it is Mirror link isn't really much use aside from navigation, which I've yet to test. Judging from reviews of Drive Link though I don't expect that to work too well.
  8. On the car. I just noticed you said drive link pro. That may be he wrong app. Click on the galaxy apps app on your phone, if it hasn't been updated then it may be called something else. It's the Samsung app store though. Drive Link is on there. I don't think it's on the play store. It's developed by Samsung.
  9. To verify that the cables you're using aren't both at fault may I suggest attempting to use them to connect a different phone to a PC. If they work then you should be able to transfer files between the PC and your phone. You'll also see the little USB logo at the top right of your phone. If not then it's definitely the cables. Even though you've tried two cables I still think that's your best bet. One small note. When I successfully got it to work it took a couple of goes. I think you've got to wait a few moments for the phone to search for whatever files it syncs with on a PC. I got a message saying it couldn't find them blah blah. After that I tried the mirror link button on the touch screen and it worked.
  10. The problem in my case was indeed the cable. It's working fine now. I wish I could use Spotify and Beyondpod with it though. Without them I'll probably only use it if I ever need sat nav.
  11. I'm going to try a different cable when I get home. Apparently that's a possible cause. From what I gather they can wear and only charge as a result.
  12. I have a theory that the reason I can't get mirror link to work is that my car isn't recognising that anything is connected to it's USB socket. It charges my phone but there's nothing on my phone indicating it's connected to something via USB. Ussually there'd be a little USB symbol in the top left of the phone's screen. My guess would be that the issue is with the car. The USB socket on mine is essentially a charger and nothing more. Any suggestions? Also when my phone is connected to the USB socket, the USB option in the audio menu on the touch screen is greyed out. Cheers.
  13. I have no idea what I might be doing wrong. I have the app and the same phone as you and I plugged it in via the USB socket but it doesn't work for me. Any ideas? Cheers.
  14. I have a Galaxy S3 and have installed the Drive Link app. It doesn't work. They don't connect. When you press the button on the touch screen to connect, it searches but nothing happens. I've tried everything.
  15. I have a few questions relating to the touch screen in the new Aygo. If I find the solutions I'll put them in quote boxes below each question. 1 In the display settings presumably the colour is supposed to be customisable. There is a colour bar on the left of the screen but it doesn't appear to do anything or respond when I touch it. Is anybody else experiencing this? 2 On the DAB radio screen it tells you what you're listening to, such as the radio show or song currently playing. However the line of text is often too long to fit on the screen. Is there a way to set it so the text scrolls sideways, allowing me to see the entire line? 3 My next problem is more difficult to define. With my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) synced up to the Aygo's system via Bluetooth, I can receive/make calls and listen to music. The stereo seems to default to the content on my phone's MP3 player. I tend to listen to podcasts via Beyondpod and music via Spotify. After I turn on the car's stereo, using my phone I can go into Beyondpod and play a podcast, pause it then go into Spotify and play a song. It all works fine and plays through the car's speakers as long as I play/pause using the phone. If I press pause on the Aygo's touch screen it does pause but the only way I can resume is by pressing play on my phone, only now there's now sound. If I press the skip track buttons on the Aygo's touch screen it will skip to the next/previous track on my phone even though there's no sound. The only way I can get it to play the sound again is by turning the car off and starting again. 4 Should I wish to listen to the music on my phone (not Spotify) is there any way to bring up the list of tracks onto the Aygo's screen? As it is I launch the MP3 player app on my phone and begin playing a track. Now I can play/pause, skip tracks forward and backward and activate shuffle all from the Aygo's screen but it would be handy to have the tracklist. 5 The mirror link function doesn't seem to work at all. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have installed the Drive Link app. I have followed the instructions in the owners manual and when I press the appropriate button on the touch screen it searches for a moment then nothing happens. I've tried several possible procedures to start it with no success. 6 Audio over Bluetooth occasionally stutters. Sometimes it's fairly frequent. In an ideal world I would be able to install Beyondpod and Spotify apps onto the Aygo's stereo that would sync with their counterparts on my phone. To be honest I'm disappointed with the functionality of the new Aygo's touch screen. It strikes me as being quite clunky and dated. Thanks for any help guys.