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  1. Both Items sold to Clarky. Thread closed.
  2. I haven't posted on this forum for a long time, but I have just sold my Yaris so I have the following wires that I don't need for sale. 1) Part Code - PX687 (ISO Adaptor) – For connecting an aftermarket HU in a Yaris. Cost me about £13 from Halfords just under a year ago. I'd like £7 inc P&P for this. 2) Part Code PZ417-B0240-60 - Green Loom - For connecting 4 speakers into a HU. Never been used so it is as new, and it cost me about £15 direct from Toyota. I'd like £9 inc P&P for this. I don't have many posts here but I do have lots of ebay feedback under the username t-bone-blue and I also have trading feedback under the name t-bone on AV Forums. Prices are for paypal and include fees - If you'd like to pay by bank transfer/cheque I can knock 50p off the prices respectively. Please PM/Post on thread with any interest. Thanks
  3. no they don't fit! basically while one set of connectors was horizontal, other other was vertical. We have used a nifty pair of pliers to alter the autoleads connector so now it fits nicely! thanks guys - some piccies will be up soon :)
  4. Hi Guys - I have taken the doors off my 2001 Yaris Phase 1, drilled the rivets out, mounted the speakers (6.5") to the Autoleads SAK-2914 adaptor plate but the speaker adaptor cable doesn't fit to my original yaris one! Anyone know whats gone wrong? Perhaps I had a wire missing from my autoleads set??? Please give me a hand because my car is in bits at the moment lol! Here are two pictures to show which cables wont fit - any advice super appreciated!
  5. Why has she done that? Seems completely pointless to me.
  6. I only generally do short journeys at the moment so I only get 45-46mpg in 1.0 Yaris GS but with more extended driving I can get over 50, highest its been was 51.9mpg I think.
  7. Hahaha true mate, ask your missus or mum to do it! I was thinking of taking the vinyl spots off it went cheap, shouldn't be a hard job.
  8. I emailed her about the mileage and it is 82,000 and I asked her what sort of price she was thinking she might get andshes been offered £2,000
  9. That looks horrible. Still might have a look at how much it ends up going for because she lives quite near me,
  10. Welcome mate - its a good do here
  11. how much would the postage be on top out of interest? Is it you thats been selling them on ebay cos they're on there for about £50? ← not sure mate. never looked tbh cos i have never had to post them. 3 of them were for my mates and one for clarky and i met up with him a couple of months ago. if u plan on comin on a toc northern meet sometime i could bring one ← I am looking to have one installed over the next few weeks - as I am on a very tight bidget I have decided to make my own now. Originally I thought about buying one but the cost of my install soon added up - costs like speaker mounts, wiring looms, sound deadening etc are costs I hadn't really budgeted for! The old man is pretty good with these things so I reckon between us we might have it sorted....just. Got any tips for making one?
  12. how much would the postage be on top out of interest? Is it you thats been selling them on ebay cos they're on there for about £50?
  13. Xbox and 8 games for sale - console is in good condition and in full working order. Reason for selling is I dont play it anymore and I need to raise more funds for my install. The games included are; -Halo 1, Halo 2, Max Payne. Timesplitters 2, Turok: Evolution, State of emergency, Prince of Persia 2: Warrior Within, and Enter the Matrix. Also included is an; -Official controller (larger size), -standard scart lead -Official advanced scart cable (which enables 5.1 surround sound with a surround amp) - Hitachi Optical Cable (not normally supplied with adv scart cable but is required to connect to 5.1 amp - £10 from dixons) -Official Microsoft Link Cable (cost £20) Looking for offers around the £100 range + P&P (at cost). Pictures can be requested also if required... Dont mind any in the Leeds area collecting it, or if you pay petrol i'l deliver it to a reasonable distance from where I live it. Cheers
  14. I might have a go at making one actually. The stuff was dispatched this morning so it should be with me tomorrow
  15. I found driving in traffic for a while, with all the stopping and starting really got me used to the car pretty quickly
  16. How come your wanting to keep the tape player function?
  17. Finally got round to taking a few pictures of the newly installed HU in my Yaris :) As you can it is nothing special, but a huge improvement on the factory standard. It was an easy job, completed in 30 minutes and with little problems at all. The only equipment I used was a philips screwdriver, autoleads wiring adaptor and the headunit itself. Here is more information about the HU, (I got mine from argos for £60 somehow lol) http://www.edirectory.co.uk/car_audio_dire...=918&afid=88888 I have now decided to upgrade the factory speakers in the car and amp them. I am getting a JBL amp for £100 with an autoleads wiring kit thrown in as well; http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 Infinity 6500cs 6.5" components £60 to be fitted in the front door speakers, and tweeters mounted in dash speaker. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 Infinity 9603i 6x9's £40 to be mounted on a stealth shelf which I havent bought yet - wheres the cheapest place to get them? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 Autoleads Speaker Kit SAK-2914 £14.99 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Autoleads-Speaker-Ki...1QQcmdZViewItem None of the stuff has arrived yet, cos I only paid for it all last night. Total cost is around £230 inc postage (I bought all the audio kit from the same guy and he only charged £10 total postage) I am going to be installing it next week - again with the help of the written guides available on this website and one of my friends whose done a few installs. I very much doubt I would have even installed an aftermarket HU myself without this website so thanks very much for all your help so far. I well and truly have the bug for installs now - when i first got my car I was adament I would only get a cd player and that would be it. £300 down so far and more to come yet no doubt....... p.s. that isnt a wire hanging out of the side of the dash by the way (cough cough)
  18. Luckily I managed to avoid getting dirty at all, but that storm sure was something yesterday. Infact I think the rain actually made it cleaner!
  19. Phoned up my nearest dealer and they said it would take a few days to be ordered in, and that I couldn't have it delivered to a home address, they only deliver to a garage. £13.49 exc vat so its over £15 inc vat.
  20. I need one of those PZ417-B0240-60 wiring looms for my install. Would I have to go personally to a toyota dealer, or can I get hold of one online from anywhere?
  21. bump - a really good useful guide, cheers for spending the time writing it! Fitting my first pair of speakers in a few weeks :)
  22. Do you think its better to fit a set of components with the tweeter mounted in the dash and cone in the front door or two sets of coaxials - one for the door and one for the dash?
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