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  1. Hi,

    I am currently selling my Rav 2.0 D4D and have a Dragon Performance Tuning Module which has only been on the car for a matter of weeks. The unit is a plug in module which attaches to the plug on the end of the common rail (injector rail) and takes minutes to fix, but increases power to a minimum of 136 bhp (makes the car very flexible and responsive in all gears). The item can be seen at www.mrhoot.com and cost £299, but I also have a set of Toyota locking roof bars (never used) which cost £115 and a Haynes (US) manual which are also surplus to requirements.

    Toyota Rav 4 Standard Dragon Standard Dragon Product P = Plug in Adapter Web

    KW (Bhp) KW (Bhp) Nm Nm £299 inc vat

    RAV4 2.0 D-4D 85 (116) 100 (136) 250 295 CRD-2 P D4D TOYO9001

    Anyone want to make me an offer? :thumbsup: 07815 141 224

  2. I bought my XTR D4D back in Aug and went through the same scenerio as you did. I was convinved the mechanic was giving me some bull, but I can honestly say the clutch has bedded in (4000 miles) and now operates quite normally with a bite about 50mm off the floor.

    It also took about that long for the engine to bed in and become more responsive to the right foot. Up till then I felt as if there was no real flexibility in the engine and was making a lot of gear changes.

    I think the transition from a normal car makes things worse because you are constantly doing the comparison for the first few months.

  3. My son works for BMW and they have similar problems, blaming the use of corrosive wheel cleaners as a possible cause. Apparently the use of water soluble paints has also been mentioned, but no one has yet given a decent answer.

    I clean my alloys without the use of wheel cleaners and regularly wax them to keep the brake dust at bay. No problems yet, but I'm watching and will be back like a shot before the warranty runs out.

  4. Recently enquired with Mr T regarding the price of a towbar and electrics for my 05 Rav. At over £500 plus fitting I decided to look elsewhere.

    A friend who worked for Toyota told me that Brinks make the towbars and the wiring could be obtained from http://www.rightconnections.co.uk/links.htm, as they source their kits from the same place as Toyota. The wiring kits have dedicated sockets, allowing easy connection, without the damage to the wiring that you get with Scotch Locks.

    Whole lot came to £203, complete with a removalable hitch. Towbar took 25 minutes to fit and the wiring about an hour and a half, but I didn't remove the corner bumpers.

    Have now fitted the rear step and is a perfect fit onto the towbar. :yes:

  5. Following on with my earlier posting, my car is also the XTR in Carbon Quartz with leather and I've added the side steps, which I think makes the car looking totally different, but does reduce the ground clearance. I have just come back from a holiday in Wales and had the chance to see if the side steps got in the way on rough ground, seemed to clear it fine. I've had a few comments about how nice the car looks and will have have to post a few photos.


  6. Hi Prince,

    I thought about having the front windows done on my XTR, which I now find is illegal, and spoke to a guy who tints windows and he explained they were, in his view, light smoke on the rear windows.

    I've seen an XTR with all the windows tinted, but apparently you can be fined for reducing the drivers vision, if the law stops you.

    The window tint guy said the front windows must allow in 85% of the available light and the very slight tint that is in most car glass reduces the available light in some cases to 90%. Therefore there ain't much left for tinting.

    The only exception is cars built before a certain year, but I don't have a clue what that is.

    Hope that helps, N

  7. Hi Chatman,

    The idle up button is for winter use and does exactly what it says....increases the idle. Once pressed, with the engine running, it goes off automatically as the engine warms up, but to be honest I don't know anyone who actually uses the button, except out of curiosity.

    I suppose if you live in a very cold climate, like Sweden, it may have some use.

    Take care N.

  8. Hi,

    If the car has a complete Toyota service history with servicing on time, does not have inter-galatical miles and was correct on all fluid levels at the time of the failure, then I would ask Toyota's technical engineers to come and assess the engine failure through your dealership.

    You may have to be a bit pushy, but remain polite, with your local dealer as he can support you in any claim against Toyota. Remember though that you do not let your dealer have the final decision. I know claims have been settled outside of warranty, trust me.

  9. Hi Steve,

    I have now owned my XTR for around 6 weeks and as such the brakes are well bedded in and stop on a sixpence (Oh dear showing my age again).

    I hope this is the last bad experience you have with your Rav as these vehicles usually put a big smile on their owners faces. :thumbsup:

  10. I have seen these on a friends car and whilst they are not as good as the toyota version, are a third of the price and make the car look good. They have an anodised finish and come with 4 non slip pads that stick on in front of each door opening. My only criticism is that there is no anodising where the aluminium extrusion is cut on both ends and although the end caps cover this, the metal still corrodes.

    Also as they are dead straight, they do not follow the line of the sill (toyota versions do)


  11. I'm pretty much in the same position. Identified several Rav4's with sensors fitted, with one in each corner bumper directly and centrally above reflectors, one on "hood" of number plate light (to the right hand side) and one in the lower plastic part of door near hinges. The worst part will be getting the wires for the sensors on the door over to the main body. I contacted a company http://www.parkingsensors.co.uk/comparison.asp regarding which type was best and they recommended the Veba sensors. I've bought some but not fitted them yet as I want them colour coded. Plus I'm not too happy about putting 22mm holes in my new car, but will get round to it when I feel brave.

    I have seen a Rav with just 2 sensors (located in bumpers), but due to the angle of the bumper, these did not face directly backwards. Don't know if they worked or not as the driver wasn't around.

  12. Has anyone knowledge or experience of the tuning kits available for the D4D. There appears to be numerous companies offering to increase bhp and torque by the addition of their tuning box, all of which can be fitted in under an hour!!

    I appreciate these sell around the £400+ mark, but are they any good?

    Got to be someone who's tried them?

    Thanks :blink:

  13. I know you say your engine appears to be underpowered, but how are you measuring this (acceleration, top end speed, torque).

    The gearing is set for a SUV not a family saloon, so don't get too worried unless you have something similar to compare it against.

    I have to admit my DVD is brand new and the only comparison I have was my previous car, an Audi A4 sport with 130 bhp and acceleration and top end to match.

    The Rav seems agricultural in comparison, but is great fun to drive and goes more places than my Audi. :)

  14. Take a look at the limited edition XTR's in your local Toyota showroom as these come with privacy glass (tinted) on the 3 rear doors. Just bought one in Carbon Quartz, looks great. Thinking about getting the front doors done but not sure of the legislation.

  15. Just purchased a new Rav4 XTR Diesel and think it's great. However, is there some way the rear door can be opened further? I wondered if there is a mod I.E. change the door check strap from another model. Any info greatly received. :)

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