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  1. This is great on my G1! Now just have to wait for latitude ...
  2. Should had never moved from the NEC ... down hill from there IMHO Credit crunch is just the latest excuse for everybody in business when things go !Removed! up!
  3. I know .... but the above has no links/attachments (unless it was edited?) The only thing I can think of is when you hit forward the email harvests all the email addresses and sends them on to Mr Spam
  4. Who actually benefits from these sort of emails????? AV companies??? Unless there was a link that you didn't post which would indicate some sort of phishing attempt I can see no other purpose in this email apart from to buy/upgrade your AV So is Norton etc etc sending these out to scare monger? What you think peeps? lol
  5. Forums are so last century ..... Facebook, MySpace etc etc is now what people use to 'show off' and tell the world how good they are! Today's culture is also 'if it does not work, BIN it' The age of most users on this forum is ageing like our population .... plus the 'youth' of today only use the computer for the above/!Removed! and would rather be out in the park stabbing/drink/!Removed! each other! This is just the beginning of the end as we all know the the 'youths' of today WONT be buying a Toyota! :D
  6. The fact is that there are more drivers on the road meaning there are more things to hit so to speak .... the fact that you can travel at 100mph and then brake safely to 60mph because some div pulls out infront of you because of ABS etc etc is a god send. I would like to see some driving god do the same!
  7. Well worth it ... the car feels a lot more confident in the snow than one without.
  8. Hotmail also sells your details ... why else do you think it is free! The reason why there is SPAM - MONEY! Pretty sure that I read a while back that the SPAM industry has a turn over of around $40 Billion dollars a year! Yes they might not be fooling you but they are fooling somebody!
  9. Lets not forget the other bits and pieces they can do .... The BBC has sold Sony the exclusive rights to use Topgear on one of their PS3 games (GT5) .... that must be worth a good few mill ;) And the BBC are also planning to charge on using the iPlayer online later next year
  10. Sorry to put a dampener on things but has nobody read the news recently ... Opec are trying to cutting oil production by 2million barrels a day to stop the price dropping further Ah well - enjoy it whilst you can
  11. Use this link Just change the 'yourgamertag' to your gamer tag in the link below! http://avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/ yourgamertag /avatar-body.png
  12. I'm pretty sure that the majority of people voted for him just because he seemed a nice guy and isn't the normal boring political stereotype ..... I would also do the same - shame there's no one here with that sort of flare
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