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  1. Hi All, sorry i havent actually got around to taking any photos of the Rav wheel arch mouldings yet, life has been a little hectic lately....will try to get onto it this week. To add a note, formula 4x4 do sell a extra wide arch kit for the mark1 Rav, i think its near the £200.00 mark....chances are they will stock it!! they havent let me down yet!
  2. Hi fabangel4, i cant give you any answers regarding your gear knobage, but just thought id compliment you on a lovely Rav4, what super condition!! quite the eyecatcher...... Andi
  3. Hi Paul, in the front i have Db Audio raptors and in the rear i have JBL, both are good, but the Raptors have a better bass than the JBLs. I likes my tunes !! If i recall both front and rear are 6 1/2 inch, back went straight in, front aready had some adapter plates on. Also used Dynamat, and it is so well worth the investment, you get a clearer, deeper sound. Hope that info helps Andi
  4. Hi, i just thought id add to this discussion, i have a japanese import mk1, i fitted my existing kenwoodmask system in the rav quite easily, the only problem i had was that the previous owners had cut off the iso connectors and all that was left was a bundle of wires :ffs: , so i simply went to the local halfrauds and purchased an iso connector with open wires on it, checked the wiring, soldered the iso on and bob was your uncle......fitted my kenwood and was very pleased with mysef!! i have also upgraded all the speakers so am now happy B)
  5. HI, yes im from staffs!!!!....i guess we're just lucky anyway, i have fitted the wheel arch thingys this weekend, and they are great, not black as i originally thought, but a perfect match to the dark grey mouldings on the rav....no drilling required to fit them. They are a iitle bumpy/rough and would easily colour match without too much work/effort. I am dead chuffed and have decided i like them the way they are so wont be colour coding them. When i have sussed out how to add a picture i will add one......will have a look at that later today. Andi
  6. Hi all, ivejust purchased a set of arch extenders for my mk1 rav4, i havent fitted them yet. They cost £109.00 from formula4x4, only had a quick look in the box, but they look black and smooth (i thought they would be rough/bumpy like the originals)....dont know if ill colour code them yet....cant decide!Will let you know more tomorrow. Goodnight all
  7. I dont have leather in the Rav4, but had full leather in my MGF, allways used 'Liquid Leather' in that, smell lovely and works really well. Also used the autoglym stuff which is superb, without the leather smell of liquid leather, so personal choice but both get Andi
  8. Hi All, Will try to sort a photo or two out of my 'wood' dash, but cars in turmoil at the moment as im fitting new rear speakers!! yay :D Just have to add that formula 4x4 are superb, im a very frequent visitor as i only live down the road from them (thats very handy), service is good, help and advice always spot on...even if you ring them and still dont purchase there and then!! Andi
  9. 'Wood' wouldnt have been my first choice, but i came accross a kit cheap for my Rav4, and i have to say it does brighten the whole thing up a little. I really wanted a carbon kit but not many of them come up for sale on 'Ebay', but for anyone interested at the moment there are dash kits on Ebay for all the Ravs, old style and new style. Hope my ramblings were of some use... Andi
  10. There are a couple of dog guards on ebay, just do a search on 'rav4' and 'rav 4' they are in there!!! one was £6.00 the other 19.00 last time i looked, but they come up all the time, be patient and wait for a bargain..... Andi
  11. Andrea

    Paint Code?

    Smiles all around from little old me!! (and no, my face isnt colour matched to my Rav!!! Noel idea though eh?) I picked the mixed paint up from automotive pait supplier.....after lots of masking tape and newspaper and tutorial from much older and wiser Dad, i have successfully sprayed the bit of the Rav in need of TLC....and it matches the rest of my lovely buggy!! B) :D much cutting and polishig later (laquer is very tough isnt it?) shes looking the best again...... The lesson learnt from this? If your car has graphics you dont ike....leave em' alone! Cheers everyone Andi
  12. Andrea

    Paint Code?

    Hi Pips, thanks for the input, my car is not the same colour as yours so that at least rules out that colour! Im hoping that tomorrow will bring some smiles to my face....with a matching colour
  13. Andrea

    Paint Code?

    Thanks for the help, i have ordered a new can of paint from a automotive paint supplier, pick it up tomorrow, so will let you know the outcome......If that all goes pair shaped i will be trying to get a paint shop to colour match to the existing paint! Needless to say this is doing my head in, all that time and effort for nothing ! Cheers Andi
  14. Andrea

    Paint Code?

    I can assume looking at the car that the paint is original to the car, (no resprays) the paint code is correct as its on the vin plate, the colour on the can says 'bright blue metallic'......i should mention that it is a Import vehicle, Is my colour lagoon Blue then?? I am confused and fed up as i now have to find the right colour and respray the whole rear quarter again Thanks for any more help in advance Andi
  15. Andrea

    Paint Code?

    Hi Peeps....I have had some paint mixed at Halfords...using the paint code on the VIN plate. I have sprayed the panel with the paint (supposed to be : Bright Metallic Blue, code 8k4) trouble is it doesnt look anything like my blue. ....any ideas??? Thanks Andi
  16. A big hello to everyone, I am new to the furum and new to Toyoya Rav4, I have just accuired, (well a couple of weeks ago) a 1995 imported Rav4 in Bright blue metalic? low miles and well cared for. I just love it, its a swb, and very cute!! Anyway, im sure ill be spending alot of time around here...... :group-cuddles: Andi
  17. Andrea

    Rav4 Tyres

    HI, Im new to the furum, and new to toyota!!! But im lovin every minute of my mk1 rav4...anyway i have Goodyear Wranglers fitted all round, they are very good, road noise isnt bad and they seem to have good road holding and cope with everything ive thrown at them so far. Andi
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