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  1. hi there. no you don't have to remove the rear seats of the car. i managed to remove my speakers from the back without removing to much, (depends how patient you are),
  2. yeah your right it wont work it actually does the oppisite is reduces bhp.... the IAT on the 140 is on the back of the intake pipe from the air box. about 3/4 the way up
  3. hia mate, do you mean the air sensor on the air inlet going in to the throttle body ????????????? is it the 140bhp or 190bhp ???????????
  4. i have to agree, a pannel filter will be the best. i fitted the new piper induction ket to my gen7 190 and the car would nt run properly, all the toyota gang from my area have had the same sorts of problems. i.ve now drilled my air box and fitted a green cotton filter.
  5. hi there yeah your probably right, but what the hell shes quick, and with alot more due this year v-happy. But very tempted to spend some heavy cash on her ready for max power and weston wheels 2006. only down side (she eats fuel)
  6. im running a full s/steel d/cat exhaust. HKS induction kit, and shes been re-mapped.
  7. hi there i also own the gen7, i ve sorted the sounds out and there awsome, the front speakers are 13cm but i ve managed to put 15cm spks in. the rear spks have been dissconected and i have placed 2 16*9 speakers on the parcel shelf, that and 1 15" sub in the boot, its like a portable disco. pictures will be on site soon
  8. cheers for the advice !!!!!!!! she is already pushing 240 bhp (rolling road tested) but fancy the noise for a turbo, never mind more engine mods to be done
  9. Just wundering if i could add a turbo on to my gen7 190
  10. hi mate the interior bulb is easy to change, it is tight but there are 4 clips, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. use a clean flat head screw driver and they will release.
  11. just droped my 190 gen 7 40mm all round, the arces now sit above the 19" rims very nice, recommend all gen 7 owners to take the drop
  12. auto leads will sort u out, but on my import celica i found it easier to cut of the blocks especially if you want serious ICE !!!!!!!!!!
  13. fair comment, fitted them to my saxo vts (they were ****) any ideas what could be done to smarten the ***** end up
  14. Why avoid lexus ????????? I normaly go for crystal clears but can't find any thing for this car> the normal lights are to strandard
  15. HI fellow drivers, im lokking for some smart rear lights for the Gen 7 Any ideas ?????????
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