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  1. Pleasure Phil. BTW is that the going price for a Toyota guard?
  2. Just uploaded them (sorry for the size - about 1.5mb each) There are two pages: http://www.jamager.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/images/acc_1.JPG http://www.jamager.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/images/acc_2.JPG I'm after a front guard for my Rav. The chap at Toyota mentioned an additional chrome strip which sits underneath the reg plate for a further £50. There was a 5dr demonstrator at the garage with that strip fitted which did look the business. That's the credit card getting hammered again then! Steve - have you had a look on http://shop.formula4x4.com? Cick on the link for 4x4 and pickup and go through the options for the Rav's. Product code 2H171TORA3 as an example is h/l protectors for Mk3 Rav @ £32.70. Not sure if they're what you want. Can't vouch for them as I just found the link via Google but good luck with your search. Cheers, Mark
  3. Hi All. Visited the local Toyota dealer today enquiring after some accessories and they were kind enough to copy both pages of their catalogue including prices. Would it be of interest to anyone if I uploaded these for viewing? Cheers, Mark
  4. markjj


    I've got Bridgestone's on mine and having read the thread(s) I'm looking into getting them changed. The dealer replaced the front two when we bought the vehicle so they've got hardly any wear. The backs maybe have 6mm remaining. Kwik fit are doing an offer - buy 4 and get 25% discount so all in the STR's work out at £377 fully fitted. I'd be inclined not to pay the disposal charge and stick my Bridgestones on Ebay!
  5. Bob. I think that's the way I'm going to have to go but the better half didn't want anything pressed up against the roof potentially damaging the liner. Rowena. I know what you mean. Had a look at some on Ebay. Think that's going to be the option. Maybe I could put something between the top of the pole and the roof to protect the liner. Mind you.....having had the dogs in the back with the seats folded up they haven't yet been able to get over the top into the front so maybe the arrangement as it is will work out ok in the long run. My other thought was to find a cargo mesh style guard for a bigger vehicle and use the hooks on the grab rail above the rear side windows as the upper anchor points and somewhere beneath the rear seats as the lower anchor points. Thanks both for your replies. Mark
  6. Bob. Managed to get the seats out no problem. Thanks for all the advice. Oddly though after taking them out and fitting the hatchbag I found that there was plenty of space for the three hounds with the seats back in! Still cannot find any way of fitting the dog guard yet though... Cheers, Mark
  7. Sorry Andy - I'm not being intentionally thick but there's no sign of those in mine - I can see four caps at the back near the rear door but nowhere else. Is it anything to do with it being 3dr? Bob - hello. I've never had so much fun in ages, smiling from ear to ear just driving around the village! Thanks for the offer of help. Cheers, Mark
  8. Andi - I haven't been able to see how the Toyota models fit into the vehicle yet but some seem to fit against the roof lining. I'm guessing this could cause marking over time unless there are better options? Mark
  9. Andy. Many thanks for your reply. The light is just starting to go so it's a job for first thing in the morning. Thanks again for your kind advice. Mark
  10. Hello all. Recently joined and first post. Sorry if this has been asked before but I went through all the topics and couldn't find reference to it so here goes... Just purchased our first Rav4 3dr NRG X Reg today (part x'd the Puma which broke my wifes heart). We've got three lively staffies and part of the reason for getting the Rav was to take them out in it regularly. I purchased a bootliner from Hatchbag in preparation for them (very good service etc) but having just rolled up the back seats I think I'd prefer to have them out and provide more space for the dogs. Can anyone tell me how to remove the seats from the vehicle and once they're out is there a specific area for fitting a Toyota dog guard (have yet to purchase this but don't want anything cheap and nasty)? Many thanks for replies. Mark
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