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  1. Hiya mate thanks for the reply. I will have a look at that but to e honest it's not that sort of rattle. I've had heat shields rattle away before. Using a long screwdriver to listen around the engine it was definitely a lot louder when I listened to the inlet manifold round the back to the left hand side. It's not a ticky rattle its more of a whirring rattle that intensify a with engine speed. Like I said as the engine warms up the noise reduces. I can't do any further inspections until I finish work unfortunately. Regards Dax
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. Sorry for the lack of info. It's a rav4 vx 2ltr vvti. It's only done 44k. It's full of oil etc. like I said previous the noise seems to be loudest from the back of the engine. I think ill try post a video after I get home. If you hear it you might know what it is. Could it be anything to do with cold start because it seems to quieten off when it's warmed up. Cheers Dax
  3. Hi all, I've recently bought my girlfriend a rav4 runabout. It's been brilliant with no complaints, but yesterday when she picked me up I heard a noise from the engine. I had a quick listen this morning and there appears to be a rattle/vibration noise which is at its loudest at about 3000rpm. It seems louder when the engine is cold and using a long screwdriver to have a listen it sounds like its coming from the air intake side. Does anybody know what it may be? Thanks in advance Dax
  4. Dax

    Celica To Rav4

    Thanks for the quick reply, ill take a look at the slave cylinder tomorrow. Is there anyway to adjust the clutch pedal because the clutch would be more manageable if i could lift it up a bit. I feel that getting used to it might be the option :/ once again thanks
  5. Dax

    Celica To Rav4

    Hi all, I havent been on here for a while. In the last 2 weeks ive sold my wrc GT4 :( after 8 years and my girlfriends red edition vvti celica :( Both great cars but i now have a young family so you can guess the rest. Anyways just bought a 2003 rav4 vvti in black with all the trimmings and its perfect! But the clutch bites really low and feels a bit stiff. i think the clutch itself is fine so im thinking the hydraulic side could be causing it. has anybody else had this experience? thanks in advance for any advice Dax
  6. Hi all, i dragged my GT4 out tonight for a quick spin before its MOT tomorrow morning. It hasnt been out for a year or so. I charge the battery on a trickle charger while its it not on the car to keep it from dying. Took it out for 10 mins and had to pull over as all the lights on the dash come on and the battery was flat!! Im charging the battery up tonight and check the alternator is charging in the morning. Is there any other components on the charging system except the alternator which would cause this fault? Thanks in advance for any advice cheers dax
  7. ill get under the car again tomorrow ill give everything a wobble with a crow bar and see if i can feel anything. Thanks for the advice and ill feed back any findings
  8. thanks for the reply Aderiley, I have replaced these crushed tubes a while ago and that was due to a different sort of clunking. that was mainly when i hit the brakes. But I jacked up the car this morning and got all 4 wheels up. started the car and put it in gear. 3 out of 4 wheels are spinning. the front drivers side remains staionary unless you physically stop the passenger side front wheel. is this what you should expect??? The other 3 wheels appear to spin at the same speed? :ffs:
  9. when you drive it and watch the wheels you can see they dont move smoothly, they jump with the noise.obviously i had someone drive the car and i was stood watching
  10. Hi all, I havent posted anything on here for a while and im not sure this topic is in the right section but...I have a serious issue with my gt4. When driving at low speed in a straight line or on a corner the car clunks and bangs but its definately not a suspension noise as ive had and repaired various noises on the suspension. You feel this through the hole car and it doesnt feel good at all. When speed is increased it all feels normal and i would say that its between 10&20MPH. The noise does follow any sort of of repetion but the clunks happen randomly in quick succession. it is hard to explain but would a faulty diff give this sort of fault. It does feel like the issue lies up the front end of the car. I was going to jack the car off the ground and run it in first gear and listen under the car for any signs of where its coming from but i havent had a chance today! Any ideas plz help Dax
  11. hi everyone, :D i havent been on here for a while but ive had the bright idea of removing my airconditioning (because i never use it) from my st205 wrc. Can anyone tell me what i need component wise and is it easy enough to do? kind regards Dax
  12. Dax


    I need to change the oil in my celica, just wondering what was best to use regards Dax
  13. i got a fog light and a switch off ebay for £6 delivered i think, and the switch fit exactly into the little blanking cover next to where the fuses are regards Dax
  14. Has any body found anywhere that stocks the handbrake shoes for the st205 other than toyota dealers as i found them a bit on the expensive side if so let me know, also does anyone have a spare turbo to airbox intake pipe for sale, mine has split cheers Dax
  15. I rung Fensport and they told me that they can get a complete shocker but not the parts! so i rung KYB direct, they can sell replacement cartridges for the standard shockers and even tho they make the TRD coilover kit for TRD only toyota have the right to sell the parts for them!! So i rung my local toyota parts place and he told me he couldnt order the cartridges for the TRD suspension because it wasnt on his system and he had never had to order it before. So where do i go from here, anyone any ideas
  16. can anyone help me as my expensive TRD coil over suspension is leaking on both front shocks. Does any body know if you can get replacement cartridges. I have a feeling that KYB suspension might have something to do with these TRD shocks as both TRD and KYB names are stamped into them. Any info would be much appreciated PS i dont know if any one has seen but there is a set of these on ebay mine are exactly the same!
  17. hi mate how much do you want for it? ring me on 07815125807 i think it will fit as mine doesnt have the air bag either! regards Dax
  18. evening, im thinking about getting some good old goodridge lines for my st205, they made a difference on my last car but im struggling to source some for mine at the mo. any ideas on where to get some, cheers Dax
  19. afternoon all, does anyone know where i can get a steering wheel boss to fit my st205 i bought a momo wheel but im struggling to find a boss adapter. Does anyone know if one off an mr2 will fit. If you do let me know, cheers Dax
  20. Dax

    Smokey Turbo

    ive disconnected the vsv and fitted a bleed valve. i had set it uo it to run 14psi and has done trouble free for 3000 miles, could this still be the problem?
  21. Dax

    Smokey Turbo

    cheers for the advice, ill check everything this weekend. It might be an actuator fault because the boost pressure did seem to fluctuate sometimes, infact it did feel like it ran full boost at one point because it went like a rocket. it was like the time i pulled the acuator pipe off my old rover turbo! What is the best way to check the actuator. Also i forgot to mention that i have disconnected the VSV, could that have affected it? :ffs: like i said thanks again for the info!
  22. evening mate just thought id drop you a note as i have just recievd some standard shockers and 1 inch lowering springs for my st205. i got them off ebay for £200 and they seem ok. i bought them because i have got coilovers on mine at the mo but they are too hard for the road!
  23. Dax

    Smokey Turbo

    evening all, just got back from racing my mates subaru in my st205 wrc and i was winning! :D then all things started to slow down a little and my boost gauge has slowly dropped over the last week from the usual 14psi which it has been running at for a while now trouble free, to a sub standard 5psi there is a bit of smoke and my car just seems to be running a little odd. Im pretty sure its the turbo thats slowly packing in but has anyone else any other ideas what it could be. If it is the turbo should i uprate or rebuild? if anyone is selling an uprated turbo let me know, or if anyone knows who is good for rebuilds then can you please also let me know! One more thing does anyone know what turbo mine runs because i hear of ct20's and 26's but mine just says toyota on it! cheers guys
  24. Dax

    St205 Diff Oil

    cheers mate ill check the back one any ways just for good measure, back to the drive way ha ha
  25. Dax

    St205 Diff Oil

    sh*t no sorry i did mean the front, i didnt read that bit
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