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  1. Pop up head lights, retractable wing mirrors, Air con and a tiny bit more BHP than uk spec, (I think) and electric seats and automatic tilting steering wheel (when it works) It may or may not have 4ws or active suspension. OK now I am getting out of my depth Its got all them m8
  2. Hi i have a gen 5 gtr import now on my docs it says it was reged on jan 2005 in this country i presume, but the manufacture date is 98 how can this be when its a generation 5 which i belive is 92 to 94 :( can some 1 shine a bit light for me plz
  3. It does look pretty worn im going to buy a new one tomorrow and the overflow problem only occurs when the car has stopped after a run out so it definatly looks like it could be that
  4. Is it true that the rad cap has a switch on it which open to depreasurise the stystem and then close when its done?
  5. are the thermostats the same on the imports as the none imports?
  6. Yeah the heaters are spot on m8 and the temp get to half way and stays there, if standing a long time it goes to 3 quater then the fan kicks in?
  7. Ah there had to be sumone who found out :D na i just hope its nothing serious m8
  8. To be honest with you i didnt take much notice but i did notice the stain on the engine cover underneath from the water comming back over
  9. Ok thanks ppl i thought i was having so probs with my posts or sumin i posted a question about my exaust last week and no 1 replyed thx anyway for you help really apriciate it
  10. Why is no 1 replying to my posts???Am i missing something ,is there sumthin i should know. Can someone let me know plz :(
  11. Hi ive just been for a drive and the water is comming back through the header tank and running onto the battery tray, and the colour is yellow,The temp is ok and there is no water in the oil any ideas plz Oh gen 5 celica 2ltr 16valve gt
  12. Hi my exaust is just started to blow and its from the front ,next to the hanger on the floor, how many parts is there to the system for this.i belive its the gen 5 gt-r i can only find a 2ltr gt will it be the same and where is the best place to buy one online/steel or maybe stainless steel Is this correct for the 5th Gen celica plz TOYOTA : Celica 2.0i. GT. Coupe. 1998cc 3SGE Engine. Series ST182. 02/1990-05/1992
  13. Hi is it hard to put an induction kit on the gen 5 celica plz, i have notice a type of switch on the air box and was wondering what that is for as i think i would have to remove it to fit the kit. advice plz <_<
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