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  1. Thanks! Yeah the bumpers etc are all colour coded, it was the only Mk1 ive seen with them. Its a Jap import so i dont know if thats why it has them?. The clear indicators are defo on my list of mods to do i think they'll look really sexy. Is Mr T the best place to get them from? My gear knob and gaiter are both plastic so i just wanna replaced them for a nice leather version really, if you could let me know what yours turns out like that would be great. Hmm i'll have a think about the gaiter my bf should be able to mod the base for me he is good at that sort of stuff but generally a VW fan Thanks for your help Angela
  2. :D :D Thanks Andi! It was a great find, the camera does hide a few imperfections but i'll soon have them fixed!
  3. Hi All! Can anyone tell me if i can put any rav gear knob and gaiter on my MK1? It needs updating but i dont really like the universal ones that ebay or formula 4x4 has to offer! Thought some of the younger ravs would have a nicer look, but will they fit??!! Thanks!!
  4. Hello, im a new member! i just bought my first rav-4 and i love it! Its a 1995 gx and needs a little work. It has really great paintwork even though its 10 years old. The interior has a lot of scratches in the plastic needs replacing but i have no idea where to purchase these panals. Ebay hasnt much for a rav4 of this age especially. Does anyone know of anywhere? Also does anyone know if the dashboard can be updated with newer model parts? if so what makes? Any help would soo appreciated!! Thanx!
  5. i am going to look at a rav-4 next week, but i dont like the current interior, how much should i be looking at for new seats and doorcards second hand? many thanks for any help!!
  6. fabangel4


    Thanks for you help!! I'll keep looking!!
  7. fabangel4


    Has it got good gear ratio?? Also my budget only covers £3000 but every rav i see varies in price so much!! what year and milage would you recommend for that price??
  8. fabangel4


    Im really keen on getting a Rav-4! Could anyone let me know what the common problems are? Whats the best year and milage to go for? im looking at 1998 onwards at the mo! i've heard a lot about oil probs has anyone experienced this?? Plus what milage does things start to go wrong?! Grateful 4 ur help!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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