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  1. I know .... can you imagine if i did?! wow that would be something huh :D
  2. The 'rule of thumb's' origin is generally put down to a law from a crap age gone by. It refers to the thickness of a 'weapon'(usually a stick or branch) that could be used legally to beat ones female partner with. If it was not as thick as 'the thumb' they used to measure the thickness it was fine, if it was thicker then it was naughty. Obviously men during that time who needed to know this law were ****ing ***kers ;)
  3. Happy Birthday mate Hope u have a great day :)
  4. Thank You all :) I had a very nice day :D Many Nice presents :D nice food also and i discovered I can dip a brush in paint and smear it on walls to create the illusion that it is a relatively uniform patch of the same colouredness ..... who knew? :D Thanks again espescially to you mi dear!
  5. i was personally thinking something along the lines of say 'walnut whip' night
  6. You aren't hard work.... I just dont have what i'd like to be able to share with you, and this is something i'd very much desire to change x
  7. i was busy crying with laughter after the initial post
  8. You are not alone, and won't be through whatever happens. You have good friends and are loved.
  9. so sorry stuff like this happens... my deepest empathy for your families loss molly...
  10. Happy Birthday :) Hope you have had/or have a lovely day ;)
  11. You're welcome m8 :D Everyone needs a little luck....
  12. Nop not all the luck.... i think the luck I had has all got spent on that lovely lass ;) Wouldnt change things at all if it meant not having her in my life :D
  13. lol! Kitten you are always a pleasure ;) Its also nice to see you happy and not hungry
  14. Glad they looked after you ;) is why i never found fault with them at the parts dep and repairs ;)
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