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  1. malco 666


    My wife has an Auris SR and she has mentioned that she would like bluetooth fitted where you can answer the phone via the steering wheel. Has anybody done this or will I need to go thru my dealer??
  2. Hi just been to see the urban cruiser got a phone call from H.W.Moon at wigan and they had the 1.33 petrol on the forecourt. Looks very nice very spacius inside dash board was diffrent, keyless entry and push button start, good feature is the bluetooth on the steering wheel. The pictures on the internet do not do it justice looks great when you are looking at the urban cruiser. Next task is to book a test drive.
  3. Hi Malco What is the centre console box? Ta Alan Hello Alan The box goes between the driver and passenger seats and all you have to do is take out the bolt under the mat in the cup holder and place the center console box by the circle bit on the bottom off the box get a longer bolt and put the new longer bolt through the hole in the circle bit that slots in the cup holder part and that is your center console box fitted you now have more space to put what ever you want . sorry about delay in getting back to you had problems with the internet . Regards Malco
  4. Have for sale, for new style Yaris, # Boot Liner Brand new savara alloy with tyre Centre console box. Anyone interested can email: bellybel@blueyonder.co.uk or pm on this site.
  5. 3,930mm in length, 1,725mm wide and 1,540mm tall. Compare with current Yaris: 3750mm x 1695mm x 1520mm. I may be wrong, but I think it is based on the Yaris floorpan. Would you consider it the "spiritual" successor of the original RAV? I'd have to say I'm rather proud of the history of the 3 door RAV4, it was the vehicle that Toyota launched in 1994 to an unknown market , a sports utility vehicle with 4wd, unheard of the time, it put Toyota firmly on the map within that market sector and soon had other quick to copy, yet by 2006 Toyota decide the 3 door didn't fit into the profile of the vehicle range and dropped it ! although I'm biased ,its going to take a far better vehicle to fill the gap for a smaller SUV vehicle in Toyota line up, first problem is it got too many doors and second no 5" clearance between the tyre and wheel arch :D Looking at the videos and what i have read on the internet the urban cruiser looks really good, what engine sizes will they be putting in the urban cruiser does anyone know.
  6. Hey bud would they fit a Yaris?? if so could you mail me kevin_ralph@sky.com thanks Sorry these have been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  7. Has anyone bought or have any information on the new SR 2.0 litre diesel?? Just ordered my wife one, to come with alloy pedals, rear skirt and twin exhaust. In eclipse black, any info would be appreciated.
  8. Have got 225/40/18 low profile tyres on 18" alloys and put 35 in the front tyres and 32 in the back tyres and runs well on these tyre pressures.
  9. Hello you are going to make a good choice if you get your wife a 5 door D4D yaris, my wife has got a 5 door 1.4 D4D yaris and she loves her car cheap road tax £35 very good fuel economy and very spacious inside, has to be a good car this is my wifes third yaris. Hope this helps
  10. Hello Pete and welcome to the TOC club. You have made a good choice with a toyota yaris. ENJOY
  11. Hello what lowering springs do you want to fit Toyota TMS springs or other make of lowering springs. Got the TMS 30mm lowering springs fitted to my Auris 2.0 D4D by the dealer when i bought the car think it was about £350. Yes the lowering springs for the diesel are different from the petrol lowering springs, if you dont want TMS springs then do a search on google and you will be able to find car part shops that sell different makes of lowering springs. Hope this helps
  12. I have written numerous MP3 cds for both my wifes yaris and my auris, however I have always written these using Nero and to date have never had a problem with either car. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello the full kit i have had put on my Auris is, TMS front skirt, TMS side skirts, TMS rear spoiler, TMS rear skirt, TMS twin exhausts, TMS alloy petals, Also had the rear doors and back hatch tinted in limo black glass tint, changed the aerial for a small stubby aerial also got the parcel shelf under storage tray and the arm rest storage extension.
  14. This is a picture of my 18" alloys with 30mm TMS lowering springs on my auris. Since this picture was taken I have now got the full kit on! The 225/40/18 tyres are a very comfortable ride.
  15. Hello have put 18" alloys with 225/40/18 low profile tyres on my auris with toyota lowering springs, was going to put 225/35/18 low profile tyres on but the tyre fitter told me these tyres would make it a very uncomfortable ride. The wheels are 8Jx18 alloys. Hope this helps
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