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  1. I have the 5 beeps back again. As the alternator had to be replaced. So back to the main agent, for the master boot up disc to be inserted.
  2. I had a similar issue, bought a 2017/18 sat nave disc for £15 (ish) on Ebay and loaded it in, worked straight away, with improved graphics to boot. This was on my 2007/8 T25 with 9010 unit.
  3. It will also be in the dealers hand book, listing VIN number, model and dealer etc.
  4. Could be in the boot. On the power lead from a Reversing light feed wire.
  5. I bought genuine Discs and pads for about £60 more than ECP would have charged me. So not really that much more for Genuine bits. (worth a good haggle)
  6. Hi Welcome, been to Malta a couple of times, love the country, love the people, love their love of old cars.
  7. Is it earthing OK? Getting power to it is one thing but earth is just as important.
  8. Well there is the hard way to think about it. Cost over return. Sticking a $3k engine will make the car worth? And then there is the "heart" way, cost does not matter over the return as it's always good to have a back up car. that does not owe you a lot. Or "Break it for spares" or buy a similar model and swap your good bits over to it as and when needed.
  9. Mine do the same, I drilled small holes at the bottom of the light units on the underside where it cant be seen. The rubber seals seem to be the weak point.
  10. Hi Welcome The Merc unit should have a few more ponies than the 178Bhp Toyota gave it
  11. Checked the battery, 285 to 345 CCA, considering it should be 800 CCA that means it's a bit knackered. Removed the Map DVD, disconnected battery, did my checks on CCA, refitted battery connection, started car (with no problem considering how low the battery claimed to be 12.6V), reinserted Map DVD...………….same problem.
  12. Thank You Paul I will give it a try in the morning, I'm going to check the condition of the battery to see what CCA it has in the battery (although it did eventually start with no issues) Something to do on Xmas Day Morning. If no joy, I'll just take the Corolla out on visits.
  13. Would you believe it? It's happened again!! Car refused to start, like it had a flat battery, no dash lights. Turned key off and on again, car started the same as ever. But Stereo has once again reverted back to the 5 beeps, with the display of "Go back to dealer" Here we go again!!
  14. Replied to PM. Username tankslapper is available.
  15. Another update. One of the Air Con pipes leaked and needed replacing, so the garage removed the battery. they had the same issue come up, 5 beeps and the screen opening up. Removed the sat nave disc and put it back in, Sat nav would not boot up, so back to main agents. they had some kind of master boot up disc and it's now working fine. They've charged my local garage £50 to insert a disc and a quick text drive.
  16. Further update. I purchased a secondhand unit off EBay for under £200, plugged it in and it works fine. I've listed my old one on Ebay as spares or repair, you never know someone might need the touch screen module or a new screen.
  17. I'd love to go for the Clarion with Added DAB and Reversing camera, but that makes it a £1100 stereo. The £200 secondhand option leaves me with £900 in my account for when I want to upgrade the car. (If and when)
  18. This was the price they quoted from the "External" specialist. The local Car Audio Specialist shop has quoted approx. £800 for a Clarion 7" Sat Nav Stereo, Bluetooth with an option to fit DAB and Reversing camera later, supply and fit with all the adapters etc. Ebay has a secondhand original unit for £188, I might go down this option in the short term.
  19. Well, here's an update. One of the circuits in the head unit has fried/failed. Cost to repair would be £486, cost to replace with new is £3800. So options are find a second hand unit or see if it's possible to fit a double Din Sat-Nav Radio combo.
  20. I took my car to the main dealer. They inform me I failed to carry out the correct shut down procedure when disconnecting the battery. Having looked through the owners manuals provided with the car I see no set out shut down procedure. Can anyone advise me of such a thing or where to find it? Dingles in Attleborough, Norfolk tell me it will cost £60 to have it removed, sent away and have it rebooted.
  21. If it helps anyone, you need to prize away the curved end and slide the insert towards the front or rear of the car (to front for front, etc)
  22. Well, I'm having the same issue. Last week we removed a Parrot Phone kit and now I have the "Contact Dealer" message nothing on the radio/CD/Satnav works and 5 beeps when I remove the ignition key. I tried inserting the Sat nav disc, that did not solve anything. So next plan of action is double check the wiring behind the stereo.
  23. Just buy new, for what they cost not worth trying to save a few quid. Don't forget NEW drop links whilst you're at it.
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