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  1. Hiya! Corona D-Turbo a.k.a. Carina in UK Cheers! Coyote from Rio Negro Argentina
  2. I lied at work about the reasons for being late today. I said" there was a huge accident on the highway" :o , but I forgot to mention it was in other highway than the one I take to come here :P :P :P The thing is the pillow was so nice to me.... :!Removed!: Cheers from BA ARGENTINA
  3. Its good........ But U need a pile of money to do that!!!!, so its too much unreal... Cheers from BA ARGENTINA
  4. I remember once when a fitter left a cleaning rag in the air intake of a truck he was servicing, when he dropped the cab back down it made a great smoke screen in the workshop: :censor: thats why I DO ALL the maintenance myself. If something goes wrong, I certainly know what and who.... At this time Im waiting the filters and some other parts to be delivered from the factory so this weekend I service her. Cheers From BA ARGENTINA
  5. Mmmm, true. I have ordered a Fuel Filter just in case its faulty... Ill check it right away! Thx m8!!! Hope this can calm me down. I was the stupid guy who posted about the fear of blowing it away for speeding. Can you imagine? doing 140 km/h and the car starts smoking grey???? :( :( :( . I need to see a doctor..... NOW
  6. Hi everybody! I need some advice here. Well, the other day (a month ago) I was driving on the highway and suddlenly a huge amount of gray/blue smoke came out from the exhaust with some loss of power. It lasted no longer that 2 seconds. I inmediatelly pulled over and checked everything, no oil leaks, no coolant leaks, perfect idling. Seemed to be everything was fine, I let the engine idle for a while to check temp, but as I said, everything was OK. So I continued driving to the farms (300 kms away) at 120~130km/h average. No more problems again. So at that moment I thought it could be: - Moistures in the diesel - oil in the diesel (strange, I believed that oil and diesel could mix) - water in the fuel. But if there is water in the fuel, it floates or does it goes to the bottom of the tank??? So a month passed and 1500 km driven. Last weekend I was on the highway and the engine again produced a cloud of smoke, but this time very small and almost unnoticiable Could it be dirty fuel???? I refill always in the same place Could it be the fuel pump? Could it be Oil leaking from the valves? that dont produce a loss of power. I dont think its water entering to the cilinders.... Any ideas???? Anything further to check??? Thx guys!!! its a 1998 2CT Corona, if you wonder.... Cheers from BA Argentina
  7. Does anyone knows if the 2C-T has rev limiter? o if the ecu has a "track day" option? Just curious, Because I won't use it unless is totally necessary (like when I was chased by some guys that tryed to steal my car...) Its also true that diesels above 4000 rpm loose power, so its better to keep it there. @ 4000 RPM in 5th your are scratching the 160 KM/h, too much for a td, IMHO. Martin you said that the passat had that switchable ecu, and what about the turbo pressure?, should it increase it too... Cheers Coyote from BA Argentina ps: remember to cheer up for ARGENTINA!!!!!
  8. Hiya guys A little story... well the thing is that today as I was driving back home, after passing the tolls cabin, I started to ascelerate as usual to reach the speed limit. Beside me there was a black and shiny civic coupe (nicely modded BTW) and I simply decided to pull a little harder, just for fun. I stopped at 3000 RPM in 5th (its a Turbodiesel - 2CT) as I always do, because I'm unable to go beyond that since a blew an engine off at 175 Km/h!!! (that engine had forged pistons, Renault Alpine's carburetors, very high compression, all in a Renault 12 1.4L, ready to fly!!!, I can give you that). Since that very day, I cannot rev any engine anymore, I SIMPLY CANT So my friends of TOC, I need some words of confidence, I cant continue suffering thinking that im going to blow it again! I know that engines are designed up to its 75%, to make them safe and reliable. But What if I drive it at 3500~ 4000 rpm sometimes or more often? Would it damage it, reduce life, etc? Diesel engines are not for high revs, but what are high revs for them? more than what? I dont know, this psicological issue is driving me mad Anyway, I wanted to share my sorrow with you.... Cheers Coyote from BA Argentina PS: Tomorrow cheer up for ARGENTINA!!!!! :P
  9. Yeah.... and my soul came back to my body . Why do we have always to suffer like this??? :ffs: Anyway, Here we go Germs... Cheers From BA Argentina
  10. Ours too.... We play in 15 minutes..., lets see how it goes. Cheers from BA Argentina
  11. Hi guys! for several months I've been searching for info trying to figure out why my gear box started to fail from 3 to 2, and the only way to stick down is double declutching. So a few minutes ago I found this, it was in spanish so I translated it as best as I could. It was eye-opener... DONT MESS UP WITH GEAR OIL as I did. Ill replace it again tomorrow with API GL-3, to see what happens now. Lady Carina: Please forgive me, I shouldn't have trusted the OIL CENTER... The text is this: Present classification A.P.I contains six designations, establishing the quality for a specific service. API-GL-1: Service characteristic of axes with conical or helical gears and manual transmissions in smooth conditions that can work with refined pure mineral oil. They can take antirust, Anti-corrosive, antiespumantes and depressing additives of the freezing point. API-GL-2: Service characteristic of axes with conical gears that work in conditions of load, temperature and speed superior to the API-GL-1. API-GL-3: Typical service of manual transmissions and axes with conical gears, in moderately severe conditions of speed and load. API-GL-4: Service characteristic of gears, particularly hypoid, working at high speed to low load, and low speed with high loads. They protect against bordered the surfaces on contact. API-GL-5: Typical service of hypoid gears working at high speed, dynamic load; high speed to low load and low speed with high loads. They assure better protection the surfaces in contact that service API-GL-4. API-GL-6: Service characteristic of gears, specifically the hypoid with sliding limited in conditions of high speed with high loads and yields. Its use is typical in differentials in which the use of the system of blockade of both is frequent palieres. They protect of optimal way against the bordered one of surfaces. Hope this helps some guys besides me... Cheers from BA Argenitina
  12. Brazil, Brazil, Brazil.... And What about ARGENTINA???? Cheers From BA Argentina
  13. What if I tell You my Corona 2.0 Td runs 26 km per litre of diesel on the highway? I Tested over 1600km (1000 miles) road trip Amazing, ah....? Cheers Coyote from BA ARGENTINA
  14. Yeah, hi every-1! well I made myself some time to come back to TOC. Unfortunatelly here dont let me time even for breathing... I have one question, and I wanted to check it with you guys that have more experience working in Carinas.(I have never have to repair her, yet!) 1° The steering box has became a little bit noisy, with the engine off I turn the steering wheel and I can sense this clonking noise inside the steering box assy. Could it be a problem of lubrication?, or anything broken? ( the wheels movement is pretty accurate, there is nothing loose when I drive it, just noise) I would like to remove the rubber things that seal it, in order to access to the teeth. But again, Is it possible to lubricate this? Haynes says that when you change the joins, you have to lubricate with steering fluid (ATF), I didn't understand where... Please, I know there are some experts out there, please give me a piece of advice!!! Cheers and thanks in advance!!! Coyote from BA ARGENTINA
  15. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo What you have done??? You dont need to cut. Look in my garage and will find out what Im talking about... And By the Way, I'm BACK! Cheers from BA ARGENTINA
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