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  1. should be good man! ive looked at the map on our patch of grass theres half taken up by us(jne) then the other half is split between jnw and japtuner(another club up north friends of ours)! should be class!
  2. yeah man! i think the case is theres not too many people on jnw stand and our owners are quite good friends if i remember right owner of jnw was on the jne stand last year! should be good man! weve got like a 80+ car stand haha
  3. yeah ill be on jne's stand for JAE i dont think toc welcomes hondas :D!
  4. just sold my corolla not long ago and my old corolla goes in the readers section in the latest jap performance! nice little write up too!!
  5. ill be honest after having both build quality in toyotas are alot better! cant fualt them! ill be back one day!!
  6. my new car Ek4 VTi im still gunna miss the corolla tho!
  7. my corolla was sold today! soo sad to see her go! pics before she went!
  8. was great seeing u again les, ann and hou it was a shame i couldnt find rich and ash! to be honnest the show wasnt great although there was more cars this year last year was better!
  9. u may aswell go 2 the dealer there about 50quid from there
  10. cant wait either !! JAE HERE WE COME! cheers for the link mate!
  11. there the buddy club P1 SF's in 15's 4x100 42 offset with 195/50/15 with my bumper! i dont have a tte badge lol so nothing much on show :(! theres actually quite abig chip there so i put my plate there lol!
  12. lol wish i could mate!! but there either completely smashed or none :(!
  13. ahh spot on! cant afford it at the moment like :(! whats the KYB kits like?
  14. id give any person the name hero if they can get me some G6R skirts for less than the crazy price on fensport!
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