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  1. Hi, is there anyone here selling st205 calipers im interested in upgrading my 185, Cheers James
  2. Hi, where can i get a rear outside cv boot from? pls dont say toyota as i just phoned them and they quoted £40 excluding VAT there has to be someone who knows! Cheers James
  3. awesome, il try and get one, i went in today again and the number i was given was 23300-79235 and they wanted £40. sounds a bit much considering oil filters are around £5-£10... cheers for reply mate James
  4. anyone know the stock number for st185 fuel filter import 1990? cheers james
  5. ive bought the sperical bearings and cost £105 for all four from toyota, cant remember the number but could find if needed, a pain to change!, was for me anyway!!! heard that the superflex are rubbish and strongly advised to get the bearings instead. they are listed as a supra part i believe!
  6. thanks for that , il check it out and change filter. cheers...
  7. can you just plug and play the e-manage or do they need setting up at a garage, sorry if a silly question?
  8. Um!!! last full service. i have changed the oil+filter, plugs, leads and dizzy also the air filter in last 6months. i havent changed gearboxoil which i want to do but cant find anywhere who sell 5 litres of oil it all seems to be 1 litres and works out quite a bit of cash... cheers. i think fuel filter is the way forward first, why do you think it idles so high, is there any check i can do?
  9. thanks for reply, its lumpy on start up but think its just cold, but ive had the car just over 2 and a half years and i have never changed it and have meant to. cheers... also it idles at 1500 when cold this seems very high! any thoughts?
  10. when driving say at 40mph sometimes if i floor it it will stutter and power will die off abit, changed plugs, dizzy and leads so could it be the fuel filter? havent been on here for a long time as was on gt4oc but havent renewed yet, do you guys use both sites? Cheers James
  11. Hi, where can i get the pipework for a fmic on an st185? is it common place to fabricate yourself and if so could i have a few tips... thank you for any help at all. james
  12. Cheers, thank you for your help. james
  13. Hi, when selecting reverse a loud bang is heard as i lift off to start moving. im guessing the rear diff has gone as ive heard it a prone thing on this car. is it a simple replacement job or does it require garage special tools. a description of the job would be amazing. thank you for any help. James
  14. i have noticed a leak from the oil cooler and was wondering where i can get the gaskets for it and also does any body know the torque setting for the bolts,. thank you for any help james
  15. Hi, im currently fitting a decat pipe on my st185 and im finding it a bigger pain then it first looked. i have managed to loosen and remove all nuts and now im going to remove the cat, however it doesnt seem to come out it is loose but it looks like its held in by the studs at the back due to the oil cooler and also the black bracket half way down the cat. pls can some one help as i have ran out of knuckles to slice off and im bleeding from most parts of my hand now. there must be a way of removing this THING.... thanks james
  16. Yeah it is certainly mechanical, i will check the mounts which have been mentioned. thanks for help...
  17. Hi, i have noticed over the last couple of months that if i leave the wheel alone when driving it pulls to the left and also a bit when i brake.any ideas? the tracking has been checked and its fine. also inoticed the front drivers side suspension ball bearings are loose and the nut at the very top is bent over to the side. i dont recall banging it or it being there when i bought the car last june. any help would be great! what sus kits are good value? james
  18. Hi, when i accelerate and suddenly let off there is a loud thump from the car. i was told it couldbe engine mounts but i think it might be something else... this only seems to happen in 1st and 2nd. any ideas pls! (i bet it will be expensive) thanks james
  19. Hi, my head gasket went back in august last year and to get it repaired cost me £692 thankfully my mum paid £300 so it didnt hurt quite as much. however im begining to think the fault is coming back as some indicators are telling me(hope not). i think the job my not of been done properly OR there is another fault lurking about. i had oil in coolant and that creamy stuff in the oil cap and also loss of water with the temp gauge whacking the top mark. hope everything goes OK james
  20. burfitt101

    Mr2 Import

    Hi, i have a couple of question to ask if thats ok, 1 has the turbo version of the Mr2 got any visual differences to the NA version? 2 what is the standard wheel rim size on the import 1989(15in i expect)? thank you for any help james
  21. thanks, il see the guy who did it and sort it out cheers... As Leeky says it does sound like the HG but you might like to check a few things first. The mayo could be caused by condensation in the engine especially if the cars been used for short journeys. Likewise the exhaust could be condensation and not smoke especially this time of year. Check or replace the rad cap - If the seals damaged or hardened with age it can cause water loss. Check the bottom of the rad if you haven`t already - Is it wet? and finally check the water pipes for leaks. . All of them including the heater pipes. You might get lucky. thanks il try them thingd first. fingers crossed
  22. thanks, il see the guy who did it and sort it out cheers...
  23. Hi, i had the head gasket done about four months ago cause it had gone. but now ive noticed that i am lossing water(not lots..), there is that creamy **** in the filler cap and the exhaust is smokey when cold. this cant be the head gasket gone again surely not... i dont rag the car nor have i messed with any boost pressures. any ideas? james
  24. reallly good work mate. where do you get those big intercooler pipes from? ive seen a few gt4s with them. thanks really nice work
  25. Cheers for that, il start saving and i may have a project on my hands soon. thanks james
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