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  1. Unfortunately I no longer own a Toyota at the present time, so if you would be so kind as to remove me as a member I would be gratiful. Should I again own this mark hopefully you will let me rejoin but I can't see this happening in the near future. Realspeed

  2. As you see I was looking to buy an Avensis estate and went to Toyota Wolverhampton with the intent to buy one. The new car sales person I saw went through the usual proceedure and was going to ring me back with an offer on my car as part exchange by today. Unfortunately I have not received that phone call up to today as promised and I have gone elsewhere to another brand. To me it is just another sign of Toyota slipping up on their customer care. Don't get me wrong I have had many Toyotas in the past and love the vehicles at least up to the latest which has been back 3 times in a year for faulty parts with an Amazon only having done under 27000 miles. So with somewhat regret I have to say goodbye to Toyota and hello Honda who not only gave us a test drive straight away but also gave such a good deal on their CR-V executive I couldn't refuse. May be its just me and getting old and grumpy, but a customer intending to buy or just browse at new cars should be treated as potential new owners and every effort made to encourage the purchase of a car, and in this case Toyota has failed miserably. Sorry to give the bad news but Toyota has lost a sale from a regular customer of theirs for many many years. Realspeed
  3. The reason for downsizing is because I am retiring and the Amazon would be too costly to keep. Oh it is the 4.2 auto Amazon I have at present Realspeed
  4. Hi all. I am not new to the club but at present I have a 2 yr old Amazon, however with the announcement in the next budget looking like they are going to clobber 4x4 owners I am thinking about jumping the gun and swapping cars beforehand. The car I was looking at was the new T180 against the next spec down new Spirit. there are a couple of things you all may be able me with. (the estate version) First seating, whats the difference between leather seat facings and the leather seats in the T180 Second I am going to if I buy the full pack ie sat nav etc, I cannot see if bluetooth is built into the car or not, only the Amazon does and the mic is built in and uses the car speakers. Is this the same on the Avensis. Obviously economy is going to double from my present car but what MPG do you get from the 2.2 diesel only press reports and manufactures tend to add on a few miles. Also is there any nagging points to lookout for. Thanks in advance Realspeed
  5. Not that I know of, I have the same as you. What I did was get a Road Angel, the wire tucks neatly betwween the front screen and dash, then around the passanger side to the power socket in the front. Works well for me. Realspeed
  6. Friend of mine decided to part exchange his 6 yr old Avensis estate for a more modern one, so we looked up the Toyota dealers on the internet and found an Avensis estate advertised ex demo for just under £15000. So we went to lok at it a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, and to cut a story short he decided to buy it as it was first reg in May 2006 with 9000 miles on the clock (Diesel). So he put a holding deposit down subject to the garage valueing his car ( he gets his licence back in a couple of months) as we went to view in my car. Well he went back on Wednesday with his car and the sales rep and slipped up, another sales rep had sold the car to another dealership on the Saturday but not put sold on the car or on their computer. Yep this left the garage with egg on their face to say the least, As he had put a holding deposit on the car they had entered a contract which they had to uphold, so they were forced to offer him another Avensis estate the same or better. Well he landed up with a car 2 months newer, the face lifted newest version, against the previous version, with 2000 miles less on the clock, a higher spec than the other, and mud flaps and a nearly full tank of fuel together with car mats. And the car they had to sell at the same price as the one we went to see , not the normal price of around £2000 more. Wish I had that kind of luck. Realspeed
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    Just had a look at the Audi Q7 and the TV in the demo car had digital TV installed and I have to say I was very impressed with it, the tv setup I mean. What really grabbed me was that it was a digital setup, unlike the BMW X5 having terrestrial only, the last time I looked anyway. I was just wondering if there was any companies out there that did a conversion to add a similar setup to a 2004 Amazon. I don,t think it would be an impossible thing to add, the biggest problem is were or how to put/operate the channel selecters,etc as there is very little room on the front dashboard for such switches unless a command dial could be used. The sat nav screen would make an ideal screen for this purpose using it for normal and TV use Obviously cost would come into the equation but if anyone has had similar thoughts and delved into the possibilities I would be very interested. I actually wonder why Toyota don't offer this as an extra as other companies as above already do. Realspeed
  8. For some unknown reason the water residue always seems to take longer to evaporate than normal. Quick tip man to man, good time to see how good your girlfriend is with a mop and bucket, no harm in training them from the start Realspeed
  9. Have you had the air conditioning on, if fitted to the car and been using it? If so I would think it was from that. this is quite normal. You say its from the back of the car ? Not have a RAV4 I am unfamilier where the air con outlet is placed. Maybe a call to your local toyota dealer will clarify this point. I presumed that you have done the normal checks ie radiator -screen washer container etc etc. Hope this is the answer to your problem Realspeed
  10. http://www.tlocuk.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=749. You may find this of interest. My apology to site manager for posting link but this subject is covered and thought it may be of interest to your member Realspeed
  11. Sounds to me that now things are back to what they were originally, you may have to go and have your engine re calibrated. Maybe it would be worth having someone like "Home Tune" or the like to put their diagnostic equipment on it. Once you start fiddling with air/fuel bits and bobs this quite often happens. One way to help stop clogging up is by using something like RedX in your tank. Far better to get your engine set up correctly again than fail MOT's due to emmissions being way too high. Chap I used to work with many years ago ,him being a motor mechanic, told me the after the war people were comming to him to get their cars sorted out due to the length of time they were laid up, the engines being seized. He originally stripped and rebuilt the engines but discovered that back in those days if he poured neat REDx into the engine via the spark plugs, and cranked the engine by starting handle, bit by bit the engines freed up and got going again. How true this is I don't know butI have heard it is a very good product to keep engines clean. Don't know if this is of any help but worth considering. Realspeed
  12. As the car is new to your brother and have given the dealership time and opertunity to repair the fault I would say that he has a very strong case to reject the car on the grounds that it is not fit for the purpose of i.e not meeting the manufactures spec. Check out sale of goods act. I would write a letter to the dealership and send it recorded delivery saying something to the effect that " having bought **** car from you on the date of****,at the price of £**** the car has been returned to (manufactures dealers) to find and repair the same fault on two occassions. Having given yourselves reasonable time and chances to rectify the said fault and your inability to do so I am returning the vehicle on the basis that it is not fit for the purpose and standard it was sold under. Failure to return the monies paid will leave myself no alternate but to seek legal representation not only to return the said amount but compensation for the inconvenience caused to myself" If negative response try no win no fee lawyers. Don't forget to keep a copy Realspeed
  13. I would just like to say that having been involved in a road traffic accident a few years back with my car landing up on its side, in a very deep ditch ( couldn,t even see the side of the car it was so far down) the other drivers fault, but took 18 months and court date to get him to admit he was entirely at fault. Damage to car £9500 plus personal injury to myself and passanger, medical expenses and no win no fee legal expenses ( well worth it recommend every time ) Luckily I was with Britannia Rescue with a far faster response time than either of the 2 well known motoring rescue services. Infact Britannia Rescue had pulled my Lexus RX300 out of the ditch and loaded onto the rescue vehicle,(no mean feat on the ice road) just as the AA turned up with a small van to attend to the other drivers car which was a rightoff. heaven knows how long the other driver had to wait for a removal truck to come I had long gone. Also my 2 sons are covered on the same Resue plan and works out far cheaper than other organisations. Both my sons having older cars have had also to use the service ( for breakdowns) and they had just as fast response time as myself. The way Britannia operate is not by having a vast fleet of vehicles with drivers not knowing the locality of the breakdown, but a system of using a local garages with local knowledge hence fast turnout time. I can only say nothing but praise for Britannia Rescue . Do or other members have or had to use a breakdown service and if so their opinion of the type of service they got and who they are with. Realspeed Also posted on Landcruiser site
  14. You could try disconnecting the battery's and reconnecting them, this will set everything back to the default factory settings and maybe clear the problem. Don't know if you will have to reset the radio something to think about and check up on first. May be a simple solution to the problem. Realspeed
  15. could be the battery connections, try cleaning them with emery paper. Sometimes the connection will turn on the ignition but not turn the engine. Or it could be the starter motor itself, the bendix gear within the starter motor on the shaft gets worn and the return spring gets weak. If it is this the starter motor won't disconnect from the fly wheel, sometimes a tap on the starter motor lightly will free it temporary but if this is the case then the starter motor needs replacing. But I suspect first of all the battery not providing enough power to the starter motor and this is what I would look at first, quick test, try using jump leads from another car. If it starts ok then that is your problem. Realspeed
  16. Realspeed


    I'm getting approx 22/23 mpg around the houses on a 1 yr old Amazon. Sorry can't remember the MPG on older models with the less cc. Realspeed
  17. Had a 4 Runner, the Uk version of the Surf, and found it very light on the back end especially in the wet. As it is initially a Hilux with a back, I came to the conclusion there is a need to carry heavy weights in the back to hold it down. Roundabouts in the wet gave the greatest trouble the tail tended to swing out. At least that was my experience of them. As for towing a caravan I think this factor should be seriously considered before buying one. I would be more inclined to go for the Colorado for towing purposes. Realspeed
  18. Yes it is the same on the Lexus, Think it is a safety feature built into these cars. Realspeed
  19. I think your best bet would be to go and have a chat with a local tyre dealer, as they would be best with the local knowledge of the type of terrain you are considering going over. Also you could contact the tyre manufacture or importer and discusss your dilemma with them. I can't say I have even heard of the make (Cooper) you are trying to get information on it is not one I am familiar with here in the UK. Realspeed
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