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  1. I'm going through my insurance to claim it back - but the 3rd party's insurance did contact me directly - but too late to ask about paying for it so if my lot drag their feet I'll just give the bloke at Elephant a buzz and ask for me 200 squid back!
  2. Thanks for all the condolences on my buggered Yaris, I got it back on Thursday, pics to follow once she's had a good wax - honestly :P . Repair job came to a completely new right hand panel down the whole of the car New skin on the R/H door R/H wing New front and back bumpers New rear bodywork below the bumper New bonnett New carbon-style grill New front chassis bits above the radiator! So suffice to say it's half a new car! All I have to get is the damn Excess back as i was'nt my fault.
  3. Thanks for the sympathy, Insurance still being sorted (slowly) car at bodyshop but not been written off (yet :( ) I'll just have to go on my holidays in the Punto *shudder* I get a sore left foot just doing 10 miles in the damn thing, my size 11 plates of meat wont go down the side of the clutch safely - yaris has much larger footwell :)
  4. I do mostly short journeys and get about 43mpg, but that's after a nice clean air filter etc. It tends to deteriorate as the year goes on :( I went to Bristol from up here in the NE of Scotland last year and wasn't exactly going at 30mph - I managed to get there on less than a tank :D in my 1L GS which I think was about 52mpg!
  5. Sorry folks, I was trying to do a race report on the races but My yaris was smashed up on Saturday night (See Yaris Forum) so I havent had a chance to even see the race - I'll try to do it later in the week and report on the Toyota F1 teams doings - ta.
  6. Yep, congratulations to him. Although i still think Kimi was quicker, Alonso only made one mistake (Canada) all season!
  7. Well folks, my last post on Saturday mentioned that I'd put some new headlights in with some amount of blood and sweat. Well, about 1 hour later when i got home, i was making something to eat before going out on the razzle when I heard a large bang from the street. You guessed it, someone had rammed me up the a&%e. Joy o joy, my car then flew forward and hit a Hyudai Coupe and it slammed forward and hit a Rover. No-one was hurt thankfully and I knew the person who had hit me but the car was a right state on the right hand side I was gonna wax her up and finnaly take some photo's on Sunday morning but the only pics i took were of the damage caused. I'm running around in FIAT Punto - quite nippy but not a patch on the handling of my baby. The moral of the story is, if you have a Chinese takeway sitting on the passenger seat and it falls on you - keep you hand on the wheel and not the noodles and don't hit the poor innocent Yaris just sitting there :( I'll see about getting some pics up - they were taken with my camera hone so not of the best quality. The damage seems to be mostly panel damage + bumpers front and rear and a pitted bonnet so I highly doubt it's right-off. Has anyone else been bashed so badly when parked up?
  8. Very different, well done but like many here - not to my taste. Unless of course someone can do some Star Trek designs on it? *Geek runs for his life*
  9. Oh my god! If you can avoid it, avoid changing your main bulbs in yer Yaris, mine were a complete bugger today, changed from the standard Osrams that came with the car to Osram "Cool Blue's B) - they give much better light especially where I live when as soon as you get out of town it's pitch dark. Anyways, I think Mr T employs the guys from "land of the Giants" in his factories coz the room to get in; especially on the passenger side - the gap is tiny! The main problem with the passenger side (In the GS anyways - has the T-sport etc got a much different layout?) is that the fuse box is about 2 inches behind where the bulb is. Beside that is the damn battery! Anyways, half an hour later I and my mate managed to get them in with minimal loss of blood and a couple of Tetanus jabs They look cool when on but what I wanna know is - Can this be done any simpler - would I have been better to have taken the fuse box off? Has anyone taken the fusebox off and managed to get it back on? I cant wait to grab a copy of the Haynes manual!
  10. My GS has ABS, again it has the funny hammerdrill feeling on the foot - only had it 3 or 4 times since i got it tho *Wands off topic a weeeee bit* - i think that having a decent tyre actually helps also! ;) Also, the braking forces for the car would be more to the front of the car so maybe that's why it doesn't feel like its workin at the back?????
  11. Second practice for the Brazilian GP at Interlagos had a familiar feel at the front, with the McLarens of Alex Wurz and JP montoya at the front. Great drive in 3rd for Toyota's own Ricardo Zonta as the teams 3rd driver As for Mr T's race drivers, Jarno Trulli came up with a good lap for 9th place 1m13.493s but Ralf Schumacher in the doledrums (When is he never?) in 18th position 1m14.427s with even the Minardi or Doornbos in front of him Hopefully the race drivers can pull a bit more out of the bag in Qualifying today over the bumpy interlagos circuit and especially on Sunday when there is a chance of rain. A good result could be on the offing as Toyota were reasonably competative in the rain at spa! :group-cuddles:
  12. Ah crap - I'm on holiday, would have loved to goto a meet :( You lot'll be up here and I'll be in Worcester!!! maybe next time :P
  13. I noticed my MPG was falling a bit, got service and it's jumped back up about 4/5 mpg!!! :)
  14. Had mine tightened last week during service/MOT is doing about 4/5 clicks :P
  15. I've noticed that my bars sometimes go up also - usually whn I get to 2 or 3 bars, sometimes on startup it'll go up 1 bar and stay like that for a while
  16. Hubbys! God, please put em back on! Nice motor tho'
  17. Thanks for all the tips, Can't afford Alloys at the mo' - although Xmas is coming :P I was really wanting the Toyota ones I have now but will have a look around at my local hardware place and we have a "Helfrauds" so I'll pop in there too, again, thanks for the tips and making me feel welcome! :group-cuddles:
  18. It's been reported that Jarno Trulli has had a few words with "Da management" over his switch to slick tyres during the belgina GP, about 30 laps too early! “The team’s decision to put on slicks at the first stop was a colossal absurdity,” he was quoted as saying in Monday’s Gazzetta dello Sport. He believed that he would have stayed within touching distance of Juan Pablo Montoya who would have finished 2nd if it wasn't for Antonio Pizzonia. Final word on Trulli's retirement was that Jordan’s Tiago Monteiro inadvertently activated his pit lane speed limiter in front of the Toyota, caousing the Italian to jink round him, losing control :(
  19. Hi all, thanx for all the reples to my last couple of posts here and in the F1 section. I was asked to post pics of my lowly GS but my Hubcaps look like they've been through the wars, the ex' wasn't very good at parking! So they look well tatty. I've currently got the bog-standard Toyota ones, not spoked coz they look god-awful and the paint's been mostly ripped off em. Does anyone have any renovation tips? Paints or laquers to use? I dont wanna pay for a new set of Mr T's one - any help would be great :group-cuddles:
  20. Edli83 - I just had my 30k service on Saturday but that also included the MOT. With one dodgy window wiper I was shelling out about £130 just for the service and oil n stuff. See if you can scrounge up a bottle of oil; I was charged £18.50 + VAT for 3.5 Litres of Havoline XI. Anybody know of any probs in taking your own oil in??? You could probably get 2 services worth of oil for the same cash :P
  21. Trulli ended up in avoiding someone (didn't catch who) and slid off into the armco :( Did Fisichella's accident look as rough as it did on tv?
  22. Thanx for all the replies maybe I've started a phenomenon - the good Toyota dealership!
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