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  1. Have you got details of the tilt alarm? (Part number etc) I asked my Toyota dealer and they quoted £400 (ish) for an alarm with back-up batteries and it's own siren.
  2. My recommendation would be to have a Catloc (or similar) installed for peace of mind. Friend of mine has a non hybrid Toyota where the catalytic converter is tucked up near the engine. The local scum sawed off his silencer - probably thinking it was the Cat.
  3. Not actually bought it yet - I'm picking it up in a weeks time. But it's a 2018 model, so post facelift. Shouldn't think it makes any difference though, the 2018's horn was pathetic!
  4. Don't know if you'll read this but.... When you replaced the horns, did you fit a replay? (Two horns will draw twice the current.) Also, which horns did you fit?
  5. Wooster

    EV switch?

    DaddyBaddy - thanks for this. I took it for a test drive yesterday and didn't fully absorb all the controls.
  6. Wooster

    EV switch?

    TonyHSD - yes I know, this will be my 3rd Toyota hybrid! I've used it primarily to back the car out of the garage - to free garage space. I've not wanted the ICE to start up, only for me to switch it off 20 seconds later.
  7. Wooster

    EV switch?

    I'm thinking of buying a 2018 Auris Icon Tech. (Currently drive a 2010 Prius TSpirit.) Does the Auris have an EV switch? If it doesn't, can one be fitted?
  8. Probably easier if I just bought a Business Edition, so that it will have the factory CC installed already.
  9. I've not bought the car yet, but it would be a Hybrid - 1.8litre. My Toyota dealers says it isn't possible to retro fit ("the software's not installed") but he would day that, wouldn't he! Grateful for your thoughts.
  10. I've seen several (long!) posts about retro fitting cruise control to the earlier Auris. Part numbers, detailed instructions, everything. Do the same instructions work for the last of the Auris model - 2015 to 2018?
  11. I recently 'discovered' the panoramic roof. Looks kinda smart but I wondered if it should be avoided? Are they more trouble than they are worth? (Cabin gets too hot, driver dazzled by strong sunlight etc)
  12. The Workshop Controller at the Toyota Main Dealer I use said there was a major redesign of the EGR cooler when the Prius had it's 2012 facelift. He said they see virtually zero problems with these modified EGRs. I'm assuming this modified EGR system was also used in the Auris at the same date.
  13. Whilst I (sort of) agree with your comment, at least a 2015 Auris won't have any EGR issues!
  14. A fantastically comprehensive answer. Thank you.
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