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  1. We have had our saloon for almost 8 years and got it after the birth of our first child. We now have 3 kids and although the car is no longer our main family vehicle it still can hold it's own. The boot is a great size and once you know how to fit things through the gap it's brill - as an idea with some jiggery pokery we can get the graco quattro duo ( 2 seater) pushchair in the boot. The car has done various family holiday runs with no problems. Having said that you will wish you had a hatchback when it comes to moving bulkier things.
  2. My 99 1.8 7a-fe has refused to start today too, must be the air!! I get a mix of starter motor click and what I would call low charge. It has fired up twice and then died straight away so could be different issue to yours. Then again I'm still on original battery so have that on charge.
  3. Depends on what the smell is - I would say bacteria build up in air vents over summer months and the heater now being used on a warmer setting blowing out that smell. Had this in a Pathfinder (useless veh) and nissan used to just use some sort of stink bomb to as such hide the smell .
  4. Don't want to confuse anyone but I thought the mk1 had problems with the ignition switch - remember mine failing with a similar sympton, although that was a number of years ago now.
  5. You should be able to find various old topics on some of faults as individual or joined in. In my 1.8 the alarm was down the left wing by the washer bottle, just undid the connectors to stop the random alarm. With regards to fobs have you replaced the batteries and re programmed the alarm as per the handbook. The interior light is common and if I recall you may be able to bend the connectors back abit as i think it is those that may be connecting with the metal surround. Oh the memories!
  6. I think this is contained in the vehicle handbook - try there first, if not search previous postings. As a recall it is easy to reset just can not remember how !
  7. Can't make the meet but will be at MK's snowdome around this time so will keep my eyes open for you guys and gals.
  8. Mops1

    Alarm Fixes

    My door ajar alarm is going mad and almost constantly on tonight. I disconnected alarm last year (where drivers wing meets engine bay) is there a similar for this alarm or do I need to remove the bumper to get to the siren unit. To keep my neighbourly peace I have disconnected battery to stop it going off all night !! Thoughts please can I disconnect somewhere or go to siren unit.
  9. Could be worth a try - I'm no expert and i'm sure others will correct me but have you checked to see if the sensor is dirty. I think it sits behind the wheels so attracts dust/dirt etc. Fingers crossed it is something simple.
  10. Put just over £91 in shogun last week - woo hoo only 400 miles odd before the next visit !
  11. Mops1

    Mk1 Aircon

    Went to have aircon regassed and been told that aircon down pipe is cracked and needs replacing. You guessed it Mr T only part and about £260 to fix. Should I get second hand one/ bite the bullet/ or just use the sunroof and windows for the 2 weeks heatwave we have per year! Car is now being used as my work car so no longer family carry all just going up and down m/way to work. I favour getting 2nd hand part just not sure if standard part across toyota range.
  12. Had the same prob with my 99 avensis. In the end removed the black connectors by the windscreen wash that go into the wing and taped them up to stop water getting in = since then a peacefull life has returned. Most be toyota's as one of my neighbours has a hilux surf and that is still going off at all times of day and night !!
  13. How has the above gone. Thinks you'll find most early mk1 avensis's have electrical problems with the alarm being just one of them. I have dis connected the siren - very easy the big black wire goes along the drivers wing and I just removed it at the connector. fob locking still works and everything else seems in order bar the normal other issues. Only specific problem with this is that the door open reminder is silenced also.
  14. My light has not worked for some 3 years - Mr T told me not to worry about it as just a indicator for max mpg. About 2 months I hit a curb at a relative low speed and hey presto the econ light works again. If only the same applied to the sunroof and internal light !!
  15. One of the links from the above link said that Toyota Europe would be dropping the LC after this current model. Is it hitting these shores or have the greenies won !!
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