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  1. Stephen you are correct I did have the recall on the drivers seat belt buckle. I have just returned from the dealer and the fault was a loose connection under the drivers seat. I suspect the warning has never worked since that recall. It is something that is not checked as usually it is "clunk click every trip". I am assured it is sorted and there was no charge. Thanks to a good Toyota dealer.
  2. Our Gen 4 Prius went into local dealer for full 4th year service on 18th Feb. On 23rd Feb I inadvertently drove a short way without putting on the seat belt. I had no warning I was driving without the seat belt fitted. I cannot be sure it was working prior to the service as I do not usually drive without fitting the seat belt. I rang the dealer this morning and inquired if they disable the seat belt warning during service. They assured me they do not. I have booked the car in tomorrow to get the fault sorted. A chap at the dealers said you have to be driving at over 20 MPH without a seat belt
  3. I was advised that the Gen 4 is just as likely to be targeted as the Gen 3 and should be protected with a catloc. The catloc just makes it harder for the thieves to steal. A determined gang could still get the cat but the catloc is a deterrent.
  4. Even if we did have tilt alarms on our cars I doubt any body would heed the alarms. Folk have viewed CAT thieves in action but are far to afraid to do anything. When the police arrive on the scene if at all; the CAT thieves have gone. If I recall correctly 13 cars in a High Wycombe car park were robbed of CATS. No thieves caught. Any CATLOC would not deter determined thieves.
  5. I consider driving the better option to keep the battery charged. Driving ensures all the systems are functioning as well as the corrosion of the brakes. The Prius is also a joy to drive.
  6. At three years our Gen 4 battery went dead. AA chap said it had died mainly because I had only used it for short Journeys. It was the first lock down and Toyota dealer was closed so I paid for a Bosch battery directly from the AA man. The AA chap recommended taking the car on a motorway run about once a week; this is what I do. I used to service the cars I owned in the 60s 70s and 80s. My first car was a Renault Dauphine and was easy to maintain. I had several Simca cars, I did lots of miles and service was every 3,000 miles. I still have my grease gun and spanner sets. The Volvo I owned
  7. I would only trust a Toyota dealer to service and maintain my Prius. There was mention of a few years ago on this forum of a non Toyota garage putting a Prius up on a ramp; draining the oil and then the engine started. This wrecked the engine. They did not realise the engine was still "live". I expect their are some independents who are OK and understand the Prius; how do you know which ones are fully trained to work on Hybrid vehicles? I have Toyota 3 year service plan.
  8. The thieves seem to be able to remove a catalytic convertor without setting off the alarm. I was told they did several Prius cars in the same car park but no alarms went off.
  9. Did you buy from a Toyota dealer or an independent? It must have been serviced somewhere. Did the previous owner not have any records at all? Years ago I had a Volvo serviced by a local mobile mechanic. He always supplied me with a receipt detailing work done. Duffryn's suggestion is a good one.
  10. The only protection is to have a catloc fitted by your Toyota dealer. It is still only a deterrent and determined thieves will still steal it. My son and I have both had catlocs fitted. The police seem incapable of catching the rogues and bringing them to justice.
  11. Pri-us is how most folk I talk to say it. Our dealer pronounces it this way as well.
  12. The only recall on my Gen 4 was the drivers side seat belt. This took one hour at the dealers and was done yesterday. I was informed there are no other recalls for my car a 2017 Prius.
  13. Just contacted the dealer and at the moment there is no recall for my Prius regarding ECU etc. (Just noticed Devon Aygo's post so that explains why).. However there is a recall for the seat belt on my car and it is booked in on Friday.
  14. Yes I have had the Toyota catloc fitted on our Prius Gen 4 and my son has had it fitted to his Gen 3. Yes it is a deterrent only. A determined thief could still get the cat convertor. Last time I spoke to the service department at our local dealer before the lock down they told me they had not received any reports of catalytic convertors being stolen if the car had the approved catloc fitted.
  15. I have had a catloc fitted to our Gen4 Prius. Dealer said at the time it was fitted that they had not heard of a cat being stolen with the loc fitted? (Hope it remains true) The scum targeted the hospital and super market car parks here. No one was caught. They also did the High Wycombe public car parks; a lot of Toyota cars were done nobody saw anything no arrests made. The Toyota cars we have owned are the best for reliability and comfort and economy.. From the Avensis and every mark of Prius. I would be very reluctant to change from Toyota.
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