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  1. Totally agree Normal Mode seems best for me to. Never used power mode so cannot comment on it.
  2. I used methylated spirits to clean the windscreen glass. The "goo" from the gorilla tape I had used previously took some getting off. Then I used windscreen cleaner and finally a clean chamois;. The suction cup looks as new. I got the wife to use her spit on it this time. It stuck for a few minutes then came off. I have resorted back to the gorilla tape. It is now secure but in a month or so it will come off. Silicone sounds a good idea or maybe double sided tape. Thanks for all the replies. You would think dash cam designers could come up with a better fixing method. I think it is a safety risk especially if it comes off while driving on a busy motorway etc.
  3. Chris Dance

    Dash cam

    My dash cam has a suction pad to secure it to the windscreen. You moisten the suction pad and press it firmly onto the windscreen and it should stay secure!!!. Problem is in a short time it falls off. I have secured it with Gorilla Tape and it stays secure for a week or so but then falls off. It is very. annoying. I would appreciate any ideas on how to get this dash cam secure. I am very reluctant to use super glue to fix it to the windscreen; if the windscreen had to be changed that could be problem. I have taken it back to the garage that originally installed it. They moisten the suction pad and secure it but within a day or so it falls off.
  4. Hi David, I have cleaned the screen with several different screen cleaners. The drivers wiper blade has juddered since I first got the car new. The wipers have not had a lot of use.. The car is garaged so I do not have to clear frost etc. I just hope it eventually "wears in". The Gen 4 Prius is the best car I have owned just a shame the wiper blade wobble cannot be sorted.
  5. Hi Keith, I have this problem. I had the dealer look at the drivers side wiper on two occasions. They said there was nothing wrong with drivers side wiper and refused to change it. I agree the judder is distracting.. In heavy rain it does not judder. Over time it has got better but just as you think the wiper has "worn In" it starts to judder again. I have cleaned the wiper rubber with methylated spirit; lubricated it with a smear of washing up liquid but still a problem. No problem with passenger side wiper or the rear one. Why only the drivers side???
  6. Got the car back from the dealers today. Fault was the reversing sensors ECU. (The brains of the sensors). Work was carried out under warranty.
  7. They were fitted by dealer; prior to delivery. Thanks for reply. Hopefully will find out tomorrow what the fault is.
  8. The reversing sensors on my Gen 4 have stopped working. Checked the switch in the boot; that was ON. In the end booked the car into the dealers this afternoon, they could not trace the fault. They want the car for a whole day on Thursday. They have to take the rear end spoiler off to check everything I was told. The cars reversing sensors were fitted by the dealer when the car was new.. Any ideas on what the fault could be? Am I correct in thinking if one sensor does not work none of the others will work. I am hoping the fault is fixed under warranty. The car is just over two years old and very low mileage.
  9. Far more important is if you are unfortunate to be involved in a collision is how safe and strong your car is to withstand the impact. A collision can happen at any time no matter how safely you drive. Unfortunately I was involved in a collision in a Prius Gen 3 a few years ago. The car was recovered and repaired by Toyota. The cost of repair £10,000. There was a lot of damage to the car but nobody was injured thanks to the build of the Prius. The police who attended the collision stated that accidents are avoidable so these type of incidents are classed as collisions. No driver can state that they are never going to be in involved in a car crash. it does not matter if you are the best driver ever it can happen to you. I think that the Toyota safety Pack is one reason that Prius cars are so popular. With more Prius cars on the road then there will be more reports of collisions for the Prius cars.
  10. I purchased two pouches from E-bay; one for my set of car keys and one for my wife's set.. I tested both pouches on receiving them. Keith has already pointed out with the keys in the pouches the car doors would not open. My wife forgot her keys were in the pouch in her handbag and after shopping tried to open the car. the car would not open. They are very effective. There are two sections in the pouch the keys must be in the "gold" cloth rear section. The front section "white" can be used for credit card.
  11. Thank you Keith. Easy when you know how. I never saw the two small arrows.
  12. The hand book states the battery positive terminal protective cover "pulls off". Have tried this but I think it would break if I used much force. Any ideas on how to remove it much appreciated.
  13. Good choice Mick. I have the business edition. I had the Sat/Nav upgraded to the best Toyota have when I purchased the car. Friends tell me the Tom Tom. is better I think they are right; even though Toyota Sat/Nav gets updated by the dealer it still does not have some new roads and has even taken me onto a dirt track. I have also.had a dash cam fitted. To get the best MPG keep your tyre pressures checked regularly.. I know you will enjoy the car, it is everything Joe and Pete have said.
  14. Sorry for any confusion. I am more than happy with the amount of fuel our Gen 4 uses; it is very economical.