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  1. The receptionist at the dealers did not specify which Mks of Prius the cars were. She did say the cars which had the convertors stolen were all supplied by them. Prius 4s have been targeted that is why I had a Catloc fitted. I do try and park front first whenever I can. This crime is now a major problem.
  2. Catalytic convertor thefts are a major problem now. Thieves in gangs roaming the country and targeting Hybrid vehicles particularly vulnerable are the Prius cars.. The police seem to be unable or unwilling to do anything about this crime wave. Insurers are increasing renewal premium charges if you make a claim. In my opinion Toyota should come out with a modification which prevents the catalytic convertor from being stolen.. The catloc is only a deterrent it does not prevent the convertor being stolen by determined thieves who have no fear of getting caught. I would be willing to pay for a 100% fix for this problem. That would be cheaper than having to get a new convertor each time. Toyota is losing Prius customers. I was told by the dealer two customers have P/X their Prius cars for the new Hybrid Yaris.because of this issue.
  3. Had Catloc fitted to our Gen 4 Prius today. Dealer receptionist told me 13 Prius cars had catalytic convertors stolen recently. These cars were parked in a High Wycombe car park. Aylesbury super markets and hospital car parks had also been hit by the roaming gangs. Police do not appear to be doing much about these thefts. The thieves do not care about damage they cause in the jacking up process.
  4. Just booked our Gen 4 Prius in at the local dealer for Catloc fitment next Tuesday. The Catloc is ordered when you make the booking. Thanks Devon Aygo for the information. Dealer said there are lots of Catloc thefts at the present time. Toyotas and Hondas seem to be the main targets for the thieves although other cars are vulnerable. I realise the Catloc is only a deterrent and the Catloc can still be taken by determined thieves. (Catloc fitment time is 1hr 30 mins.)
  5. My son endeavoured to get a Catloc fitted to his Gen 3 Prius last week. He was informed there are none available and no idea when the dealer could obtain one,
  6. Chris Dance

    Key battery

    Got the low battery fob warning on our Prius. Battery was 30 months old. To be on the safe side I had both fob batteries changed at the dealers. Cost £15. Took less than 15 mins for the batteries to be changed. At the 2 year service the dealer did not mention changing the fob batteries.
  7. I have had Toyota car insurance ever since owning my first Toyota car. It is a lot more expensive than other insurers, but because I had such good service following a collision a few years back I have stayed loyal to the company. On renewal this year the service was not so good. Toyota have a new insurance management company and if you phone customer services you can be waiting up to 15 mins for the phone to be answered. I asked the representative why the system is not as good. I was told because it is a new company with newly trained staff and they are busy. I had a couple of questions because documents had conflicting statements. A couple of the questions had to referred to a supervisor resulting in more hanging on whilst getting an answer. Has anybody else experienced this poorer service? It was never like this previously. I just hope it is not like this if I ever have a claim.
  8. Thanks Jay, That has put me off Goodyear tyres. I have always liked Michelin Tyres. I do very low mileage so the tyres on our Prius should last a while yet but they are useless in snow and ice.
  9. I wonder how the less noise Goodyear tyre would be on snow and ice? 50% less noise is good. A lot of road noise is from the road surface; in UK we have some very noisy roads.
  10. This crime can take place in full view of the general public who think it is someone fixing a broken down car. This happened to a widow lady I know; when she got back to her car started it and it sounded like a tractor a local shopkeeper said he thought the man he saw underneath her car was fixing it. She eventually got it sorted on insurance but it cost her the excess that was on the policy. The claim will stay on her insurance record for 5 years. It was not a Prius car. Why doesn't the alarm on a Prius go off when the car is being jacked. I always thought movement such as that would trigger the alarm.
  11. Well said Seamaster. 15 inch wheels are better in every way; turning circle is improved as well.
  12. I had a front tyre puncture at midnight on our Gen 3. a few years ago. I called the AA and they were with me in 45 mins. Thee AA man fitted the "skinny" spare on the front. BIG mistake; the 10 mile drive home was scary. The car very unstable with other drivers tooting and flashing as I was driving at 40MPH and below. Above this speed it was very dangerous. Next day dealer advised to always fit the space saver on the rear. The AA chap told me it was a good job I had a space saver as recovery would have taken ages. Like Pete B I never purchased the Plug In because of no spare wheel. Our Gen 4 business edition came with space saver.
  13. Hi Scott, I do not have an ad blocker on phone or PC. Perhaps I need one. I do have POP UPS blocked in "my security" Microsoft Edge.
  14. Copy and pasted the URL to block the pop up. Came up each time with error. I was signed into the forum. I wish it would work for me.
  15. I agree with Ancient Nerd. The advert is very intrusive.