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  1. Thanks for reply Joe. I also do not do so many miles now I am old; in fact older than you. I intend to drive our Gen 4 for as long as I can then pass it on to one of my sons. Our car has only done 11,000 miles in 5 years. I do understand your reason for changing and the Skoda is a decent car. Best wishes for the future.
  2. Our 2017 Gen4 business edition had the latest satnav installed as part of the new car purchase. I also tried to update the satnav myself in the first year. It was an utter disaster and the whole thing locked up. The dealer had the car for several days and in the end they changed the complete satnav unit and said for all future updates let us do it. After the three years free updates I have not bothered with updates. Covid restrictions etc have restricted any travelling. I am surprised to hear you changed your Gen 4 Joe. You were always so enthusiastic about it. Hope you get lots of satisfaction from your new car.
  3. Checked with my son and his 2010 Prius had a space saver spare but the car never had a sun roof. Do not know why a space saver cannot be used with a Prius with a sun roof. Perhaps the weight issue could be ignored?
  4. All the Prius cars I have owned have had space saver spare wheels. My son did own a 2010 Prius gen 3 with sun roof. I think he had a space saver under the false floor. I will find out if the space saver was fitted when he purchased it.
  5. I have had several Mks of Prius and was pleased with them all. Our current Gen 4 business edition is just great for us. It has updated SAT Nav and 15 inch wheels. Has everything you would want from a car. I would have had a plug in model but that comes with no spare wheel not even a skinny. Worst car I ever owned was a British Leyland Montego. I agree with Joe's statements. I am not worried that taxi drivers use them. That proves how reliable and economic they are.
  6. I do the same as Tony and Stephen. On my first test drive in a Prius Mk 2 some years ago the salesman told me that is what to if you wait at traffic lights.
  7. All vehicles MUST display parking lights when parked on a road or a lay-by on a road with a speed limit greater than 30 mph (48 km/h). Law RVLR reg 24 If parked in unlit road in fog sidelights must be used.
  8. I have never heard of head gasket issues on a Prius. From previous posts it could be the fault of something other than the head gasket. I do hope Toyota cover the cost or partial cost at least. With regard to service, I have my car collected and returned to my home at service times. There is a £12.50 charge for this service but for me it is well worth it.
  9. I am surprised to see that. My son recently sold his 2010 Prius and it was pristine underneath. Has your car been driven on a beach or stored in salt water area? Was your car regularly serviced by Toyota?
  10. I left the boot light on overnight on my Prius gen 3 a few years ago. Overnight the 12v battery was flat. If I am waiting in the car with radio on I keep it in ready mode. It does not take much to flatten the 12v battery on a Prius.
  11. A shame the CAT thieves have not yet been caught and prosecuted. Frightening for the police officers. These rogues just do not care about the damage or injuries they cause.
  12. Clean oil does not indicate the correct grade of oil was used on last service. I would recommend a Toyota dealer service and hybrid check. Considering on a warm day I get over 80MPG on my Gen4 Prius and over 70MPG on a cold day. Your fuel consumption does not appear to be what other Prius users get. I hope you can get the answer to your problem.
  13. Good news about the next new Prius etc. With power off in the north a lot of good an all electric vehicle is in the northern areas at the moment.
  14. Is the engine of your car been filled with the correct grade of oil? An incorrect oil spec can cause fuel consumption problems. There are topics on this on this forum.
  15. I have a catalytic Toyota protection fitted. Dealer also did the smart water treatment with no problems. Smart water treatment took 30 mins. I seem to recall Joe you do not have a Toyota catalytic protection plate fitted. Does the plate fitted to you car cover all of the catalytic converter? The dealer who did mine told me they did not have to remove the cat protector to do the smart water.
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