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  1. Hi Scott, I do not have an ad blocker on phone or PC. Perhaps I need one. I do have POP UPS blocked in "my security" Microsoft Edge.
  2. Copy and pasted the URL to block the pop up. Came up each time with error. I was signed into the forum. I wish it would work for me.
  3. I agree with Ancient Nerd. The advert is very intrusive.
  4. I got some Gorilla extra strong clear double sided tape and so far the dash cam has stayed secure. Time will tell if it withstands temperature changes. According to the "blurb" it is the best thing for securing items and has many uses.
  5. My 2017 Business Edition came with a fitted Sat Nav. I had the fitted Sat Nav upgraded prior to delivery; it was done with no problems or delay. I notice you live in Bucks Ian. I wonder if we use the same dealer. I do not understand why your car came without a Sat Nav; it should have been factory fitted. You should not have to wait 3 months that is not acceptable.
  6. Thanks for reply Angus. With regard to the Sat Nav. there were no obvious traffic congestion, road works or accident. Why I had to reset the Sat Nav was it gave routes which were miles off our journey?? It does not happen all the time; it was just on that journey at the same place regardless of travelling South or North. Thanks for your answer with regard to the red sign and beep. First time it has happened to me. There were parked cars in the street. I now know it was just the safety system.
  7. Last Friday travelling south on A34; south of Harwell Sat Nav wanted me to leave A34 and go to Compton and other villages. I ignored the Sat Nav but had to reset the destination at the next stop. Last Monday returning on the same route but travelling North the same thing happened at the same place. It was necessary to reset the Sat Nav once clear of that area. Has anybody else heard of this happening on the A34? (Sat Nav has latest update). There was another strange "happening" on the same return journey on Monday. Turned into our street. There was a loud "Beep" and a red sign flashed across the MFD. Could not tell what the sign read as it was gone in a second. Since then there have been no issues with the car.
  8. The Gen 4 business edition; 15 inch wheels is the best Prius we have owned. ( Drivers side wiper is a nuisance: previously discussed).We previously owned Gen 2 and Gen 3 Prius; all good reliable cars. I agree with the comments on the auto headlights. On all Prius editions they are no good in snow or ice unless you fit winter tyres. My Apple I Phone S cannot be charged on the Prius charging pad. The MPG is excellent; the computer showed 84 MPG on a recent 60 mile non motorway trip. Toyota dealers are very helpful, better than all other dealers I have had dealings with. The skinny spare wheel is better than gunge but I would prefer a proper full sized spare wheel. The safety features are very good, and the car is fully stable in an emergency brake. My dealer is having a new car sale special event and is endeavouring to get me to buy a new car and promising an exceptional deal. I do not do a lot of mileage and my road tax free immaculate 2017 Gen 4 suits me fine
  9. Totally agree Normal Mode seems best for me to. Never used power mode so cannot comment on it.
  10. I used methylated spirits to clean the windscreen glass. The "goo" from the gorilla tape I had used previously took some getting off. Then I used windscreen cleaner and finally a clean chamois;. The suction cup looks as new. I got the wife to use her spit on it this time. It stuck for a few minutes then came off. I have resorted back to the gorilla tape. It is now secure but in a month or so it will come off. Silicone sounds a good idea or maybe double sided tape. Thanks for all the replies. You would think dash cam designers could come up with a better fixing method. I think it is a safety risk especially if it comes off while driving on a busy motorway etc.
  11. Chris Dance

    Dash cam

    My dash cam has a suction pad to secure it to the windscreen. You moisten the suction pad and press it firmly onto the windscreen and it should stay secure!!!. Problem is in a short time it falls off. I have secured it with Gorilla Tape and it stays secure for a week or so but then falls off. It is very. annoying. I would appreciate any ideas on how to get this dash cam secure. I am very reluctant to use super glue to fix it to the windscreen; if the windscreen had to be changed that could be problem. I have taken it back to the garage that originally installed it. They moisten the suction pad and secure it but within a day or so it falls off.
  12. Hi David, I have cleaned the screen with several different screen cleaners. The drivers wiper blade has juddered since I first got the car new. The wipers have not had a lot of use.. The car is garaged so I do not have to clear frost etc. I just hope it eventually "wears in". The Gen 4 Prius is the best car I have owned just a shame the wiper blade wobble cannot be sorted.
  13. Hi Keith, I have this problem. I had the dealer look at the drivers side wiper on two occasions. They said there was nothing wrong with drivers side wiper and refused to change it. I agree the judder is distracting.. In heavy rain it does not judder. Over time it has got better but just as you think the wiper has "worn In" it starts to judder again. I have cleaned the wiper rubber with methylated spirit; lubricated it with a smear of washing up liquid but still a problem. No problem with passenger side wiper or the rear one. Why only the drivers side???
  14. Got the car back from the dealers today. Fault was the reversing sensors ECU. (The brains of the sensors). Work was carried out under warranty.
  15. They were fitted by dealer; prior to delivery. Thanks for reply. Hopefully will find out tomorrow what the fault is.