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  1. I have had a catloc fitted to our Gen4 Prius. Dealer said at the time it was fitted that they had not heard of a cat being stolen with the loc fitted? (Hope it remains true) The scum targeted the hospital and super market car parks here. No one was caught. They also did the High Wycombe public car parks; a lot of Toyota cars were done nobody saw anything no arrests made. The Toyota cars we have owned are the best for reliability and comfort and economy.. From the Avensis and every mark of Prius. I would be very reluctant to change from Toyota.
  2. I am also sorry to hear you had your car cat stolen. I doubt anybody witnessed the crime if they did most folk are frightened to come forward. Did you have to have the car recovered to a Toyota dealers? Trouble is even if you have protected insurance your annual premium still goes up. We never get to hear if the scum bags are ever taken to court and punished. Hope you get things sorted.
  3. When my car would not start. I contacted TRA the AA man was here at my home in 20 mins. Battery was diagnosed as dead. Within 30 mins a new battery from his van had been fitted. (I paid by credit card.) I needed the car that morning.. it would have been no good trying to get onto local dealer etc. with regard to warranty. I just wanted it sorted ASAP.. AA service was first class.
  4. It would appear that several Gen 4 owners are having battery problems after 3 years + a month or so. I think it is a good idea to let your dealer diagnose the issue, The battery on our car went completely flat. The AA chap said the battery was shot. He said doing short runs kills a battery.. AA fitted a new Bosch battery. I now take the car on a decent run using a by pass to really charge up the battery once a week.
  5. My sons gen 3 Prius battery. lasted 7 years. He does long journeys some across France to the Alps. My Gen 4 battery lasted 3 years. problem is as an "oldie" our car does only about 3,000 miles a year and most of that for short distances.
  6. When you disconnect the 12v battery you will lose your "settings". The AA have a box of tricks they connect to the car so no settings are lost when disconnecting the battery,
  7. I had a battery problem this morning. The car would not start: warning said 12v battery. The lights flashed on and off. It was a week since the car was run. I called Toyota breakdown. The AA were at my house in 20 min. The AA man got the car started but following his checks he said the battery was shot. Luckily he had a new Bosch 12v battery on his van (5 year warranty) which he fitted to the car. The AA man said as you have only being short runs the battery life had gone. The whole job was done in 30mins. Great prompt service from the AA. The old battery was 3 years old. You need to run a Prius regularly on a decent run to avoid this problem.
  8. We are advised not to do any unnecessary journeys. If the Prius is left for a while the chances are the 12v battery may go flat. This happened to me once after leaving the car stood for a couple of weeks whilst on holiday abroad. I intend to run our car round the estate at least once a week to keep the battery charged and brakes etc used.
  9. I haver never had any problem with four Prius cars I have owned climbing steep hills. eg: Sutton Bank in Yorkshire. Our son has a Gen 3 Prius and uses it regularly in the French Alps with no problems.
  10. I am not surprised at the Toyota figures. How many criminal gangs have been caught and prosecuted successfully?
  11. Have not heard of any CAT thieves being caught. Police seem unable to trace the gangs. Reports have said they are Rumanian??
  12. On South Today News this evening a report stated that nine vehicles had catalytic convertors stolen. Police stated it is the same gang targeting carparks etc. I missed on the news where the thefts happened. (Perhaps a forum member saw this news.)
  13. A 2017 model Prius is warranted for 5 years, main battery is warrated for longer if you have an annual hybrid check. I do not think an extra warranty is required at this time.
  14. The receptionist at the dealers told me that Toyota had said they are looking into the Catalytic Convertor thefts with some urgency???
  15. Until an MPs or other so called important people have their hybrid Cat stolen nothing will be done. The police do not seem to have the man power to track and arrest the thieves or the do is give a crime number and advise to contact your insurer.. Regarding availability of catlocks at dealers.. I had one fitted for our Gen 4 at local dealers no problem. My son had one fitted to his gen 3 at the same dealer about 4 weeks ago no problem..