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  1. Chris Dance

    Should I buy a plug in?

    Good choice Mick. I have the business edition. I had the Sat/Nav upgraded to the best Toyota have when I purchased the car. Friends tell me the Tom Tom. is better I think they are right; even though Toyota Sat/Nav gets updated by the dealer it still does not have some new roads and has even taken me onto a dirt track. I have also.had a dash cam fitted. To get the best MPG keep your tyre pressures checked regularly.. I know you will enjoy the car, it is everything Joe and Pete have said.
  2. Chris Dance

    Should I buy a plug in?

    Sorry for any confusion. I am more than happy with the amount of fuel our Gen 4 uses; it is very economical.
  3. Chris Dance

    Should I buy a plug in?

    I was all set to purchase a plug in Prius. I even had the charging point installed at my home FOC by British Gas. When I went to the dealers to purchase the plug in they never had one in stock. I mentioned that I wanted a spare wheel. I was informed there was no spare wheel on a plug in Prius. The sales chap informed me I could order tools and jack plus skinny spare but the spare wheel would have to go in the boot. I therefore purchased a new Gen 4 business edition with 15 inch wheels with skinny spare; I had the Sat/Nav upgraded and I do not regret buying the Gen 4. It is a great car; 2017 model. Mick, from what you have said the Gen 4 would be the most suitable car for you and the family. The fuel consumption on our car is high 70 to over 80MPG. My neighbour was on holiday in France and his roof rack was broken into.
  4. Chris Dance

    MPG issue after service and tyre change.

    This oil issue has been discussed on this forum many times in the past. It is a load of rubbish that OW20 is used only on models after 2016. My 2011 and 2014 Prius models were serviced and the dealer always used OW20. Dealers should know OW 20 should be used on all hybrid models. I would insist the oil in your car is drained and the correct OW20 oil is used. Who is this out of touch dealer?
  5. Chris Dance

    Carista App for Gen 4 Prius

    On the recent electrical harness recall the tech at the dealers must have got fed up with the reversing beep as it was turned off when the car was returned to me. It does not worry me if it is on or off.
  6. Chris Dance

    Thinking of buying an older Prius?

    I would recommend purchasing only from a Toyota Dealer. The car should have a full recorded history. Dealer can ensure any minor damage is sorted out and give a decent warranty. The hybrid battery check should have been done at each service. The Prius does hold its price very well. You can purchase from any Toyota dealer but then have any servicing etc done by your local Toyota dealer. If the car has been cared for the upholstery should not be a problem, especially if you get one with leather upholstery. I have owned several Prius cars all have been excellent. My son regularly uses his Prius 10 plate to go to Europe on business he changes the tyres to Winter tyres at this time of year. The Prius is no good in snow and ice unless you have snow tyres. Keep us informed of how you get on.
  7. Chris Dance

    Road traffic incident

    Trouble in my case Philip was that there was no warning; just a large timber falling from the lorry onto the carriageway. I do agree a lot of drivers do not heed warning signs. I was also shocked that ringing 101 was a waste of time as the police were too busy on urgent calls. I think their Online web site has been designed to deter folk from reporting an incident or crime.
  8. Chris Dance

    Road traffic incident

    Thanks Chris for the link to the police advice. I hope another incident like that does not happen to me again but if it does I will phone 999. If the incident occurs on the motorway I now have the Highways agency number stored in my phone.
  9. Chris Dance

    Road traffic incident

    Thanks for replies: I think your idea Chris of phoning 999 at the time of the incident seems to be a good one as that means you get through at the time of the incident and you are certain to get a reply. My neighbour suggested contacting the Highways Agency!!. I will think about contacting the lorry company but it was two days ago now that the incident happened. I have found out that dialling the police on101 is a waste of time.
  10. Chris Dance

    Road traffic incident

    Travelling North on the A34 dual carriageway South of Newbury. Just pulled out to overtake the lorry when a piece of 4 x4 timber about 4 to 5 foot long fell from the rear of the lorry. The timber "bounced" in the road and headed towards our car. Thank goodness the Prius has excellent brakes and is a very stable car as I had to swerve. To stop and try to warn the lorry driver would have been dangerous and could result us being hit by other traffic. To stop in a lay by farther on and try and stop the lorry did not seem logical as the driver would probably not pull in for two people waving their arms. When I got home I checked on the PC to see if any other car had crashed into the timber on the A34, no incident was reported. I tried to contact the Thames valley Police on 101 but was informed they were too busy to answer my call and to go "on line". Trying to fill in the on line form was difficult and did not cover what I needed to say so abandoned that idea. I have the incident recorded on dash cam. I would like members views on what you should do if you were involved in an incident similar to this. The whole incident was very scary.
  11. Good honest report. The Prius is an excellent car but the Gen 4 is the best one yet. Just a shame about the storage in glove box and under the boot.
  12. Chris Dance

    Gen 4 Prius, PiP and Hybrid C-HR Recall

    The recall was done yesterday. No problem's found. Took an hour including free car valet.
  13. Chris Dance

    Gen 4 Prius, PiP and Hybrid C-HR Recall

    Also got my recall letter today. Car booked in for Thursday !8th Oct. I was told it will take one hour and I would be informed if any further work would be necessary.
  14. Chris Dance

    Prius PHV: It's Wizardry on Wheels!

    Interesting write ups Jay and Geoff. Even with the few niggles you seem very pleased with the car. Just a shame it has no spare wheel and not a lot of storage. I hear Nissan are providing a storage for a spare wheel in some of their models but you have to purchase the spare as an extra. I am also very pleased with our Gen 4. I tell folk it is a computer on wheels.
  15. Chris Dance

    Hell Is Buying a Used Toyota...

    Ja, that looks a nice car you have bought. Hard to believe all the hassle you have had. We had a young new salesman dealing with us at our local dealer on one occasion. A very experienced salesman spotted us and came and took over. He new we were previous customers. We have never experienced the trouble you had. We wanted a Prius PHV. We even had a charging point put in our garage at home. When we visited the dealer with intention of trying to do a deal. I found out the Prius PHV did not have a spare wheel.( My niece spent hours on a cold early morning with "gunge" all over her after she had a puncture.) On a previous Prius we owned I hit a "hidden" kerb and got a flat front tyre. It was about midnight. The AA were good and arrived fairly quickly; the wheel was changed for the spare "skinny". The AA chap said good job we had the spare wheel or we would have been there to the early hours of the morning. I admit the dealer did not do a BIG sell on PHV.