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  1. Thanks for reply Joe. I also do not do so many miles now I am old; in fact older than you. I intend to drive our Gen 4 for as long as I can then pass it on to one of my sons. Our car has only done 11,000 miles in 5 years. I do understand your reason for changing and the Skoda is a decent car. Best wishes for the future.
  2. Our 2017 Gen4 business edition had the latest satnav installed as part of the new car purchase. I also tried to update the satnav myself in the first year. It was an utter disaster and the whole thing locked up. The dealer had the car for several days and in the end they changed the complete satnav unit and said for all future updates let us do it. After the three years free updates I have not bothered with updates. Covid restrictions etc have restricted any travelling. I am surprised to hear you changed your Gen 4 Joe. You were always so enthusiastic about it. Hope you get lots of satisfaction from your new car.
  3. Checked with my son and his 2010 Prius had a space saver spare but the car never had a sun roof. Do not know why a space saver cannot be used with a Prius with a sun roof. Perhaps the weight issue could be ignored?
  4. All the Prius cars I have owned have had space saver spare wheels. My son did own a 2010 Prius gen 3 with sun roof. I think he had a space saver under the false floor. I will find out if the space saver was fitted when he purchased it.
  5. I have had several Mks of Prius and was pleased with them all. Our current Gen 4 business edition is just great for us. It has updated SAT Nav and 15 inch wheels. Has everything you would want from a car. I would have had a plug in model but that comes with no spare wheel not even a skinny. Worst car I ever owned was a British Leyland Montego. I agree with Joe's statements. I am not worried that taxi drivers use them. That proves how reliable and economic they are.
  6. I do the same as Tony and Stephen. On my first test drive in a Prius Mk 2 some years ago the salesman told me that is what to if you wait at traffic lights.
  7. All vehicles MUST display parking lights when parked on a road or a lay-by on a road with a speed limit greater than 30 mph (48 km/h). Law RVLR reg 24 If parked in unlit road in fog sidelights must be used.
  8. I have never heard of head gasket issues on a Prius. From previous posts it could be the fault of something other than the head gasket. I do hope Toyota cover the cost or partial cost at least. With regard to service, I have my car collected and returned to my home at service times. There is a £12.50 charge for this service but for me it is well worth it.
  9. I am surprised to see that. My son recently sold his 2010 Prius and it was pristine underneath. Has your car been driven on a beach or stored in salt water area? Was your car regularly serviced by Toyota?
  10. I left the boot light on overnight on my Prius gen 3 a few years ago. Overnight the 12v battery was flat. If I am waiting in the car with radio on I keep it in ready mode. It does not take much to flatten the 12v battery on a Prius.
  11. A shame the CAT thieves have not yet been caught and prosecuted. Frightening for the police officers. These rogues just do not care about the damage or injuries they cause.
  12. Clean oil does not indicate the correct grade of oil was used on last service. I would recommend a Toyota dealer service and hybrid check. Considering on a warm day I get over 80MPG on my Gen4 Prius and over 70MPG on a cold day. Your fuel consumption does not appear to be what other Prius users get. I hope you can get the answer to your problem.
  13. Good news about the next new Prius etc. With power off in the north a lot of good an all electric vehicle is in the northern areas at the moment.
  14. Is the engine of your car been filled with the correct grade of oil? An incorrect oil spec can cause fuel consumption problems. There are topics on this on this forum.
  15. I have a catalytic Toyota protection fitted. Dealer also did the smart water treatment with no problems. Smart water treatment took 30 mins. I seem to recall Joe you do not have a Toyota catalytic protection plate fitted. Does the plate fitted to you car cover all of the catalytic converter? The dealer who did mine told me they did not have to remove the cat protector to do the smart water.
  16. There seem to be lots of reasons why the space saver tyre must be 60 PSI. This has been discussed at length on Prius Chat. It is only a "get you home" wheel and is not to be used for long distance driving. I suspect the tyre material is not as good as the main wheel tyres. I would suggest to keep the space saver at 60 PSI as recommended.
  17. I have always kept the space saver tyre on the Prius at 60PSI. I only ever had to use the space saver once on the GEN 3. The front off side tyre went down after hitting a kerb. The AA fitted the space saver on the front. BIG ERROR. (It was on a busy dual carriageway). With the space saver on the front speed must be kept down to about 30MPH and it is difficult to steer. It was at night and other cars were flashing me for going slow. I did have the warning flashers on. It was a "hairy" ride. After the event the dealer advised me only to fit the space saver on the rear never on the front. You must always keep a low speed with space saver fitted. I would rather have a proper full size spare wheel. The space saver is better than a tin of useless gunge.
  18. HI Tony: Our Prius is a 2017 business edition. I have also owned Prius 2 and 3 top of the range models. It depends a lot on the make and type of tyre used and type of road surface. None of the Prius cars I have owned were excessively noisy. Prior to owning Prius cars I owned an Avensis. that was a lot noisier than the Prius. I have driven the Yaris and Aygo both were quite noisy compared to the Prius. None of the passengers I have carried have ever said the Prius has excessive road noise. Suggest take a Prius for a test drive,
  19. As outlined above the Prius is a safe car. The previous Prius I owned was low mileage and immaculate and was hit on the passenger front side by a Range Rover Defender travelling about 30 miles per hour. The left hand front wheel of my car was flat on the road and the left wing was smashed into the engine compartment. Air bags did not operate. My wife was trapped in the passenger side front seat as the passenger door was bent in. My wife was treated for stress in the ambulance. We both had to go to hospital but no injuries. The car was recovered as ordered by the police to a car pound in North Midlands. Eventually the car was recovered to our local dealers repair centre by Toyota Ins. When the car was assessed it was touch and go as to if it was repairable. Assessor stated he was amazed that we had not received major injuries and if had not been a Prius things could have been more serious. Due to the low mileage and condition the car was recovered. Repairs cost £10.000. The front suspension etc was all renewed. The assessor also stated there was no sign that the other car had braked before hitting my car. The damage had been caused by a car travelling at a fair speed. When I PX that car because all repairs had been carried out by Toyota the dealer said the repair had no effect on the PX price. Local dealer is keen to PX my Gen 4 Prius. He also informed that if I ordered a new Prius it would have a long lead time. My car has very low mileage and is immaculate so can see no point in exchanging it.
  20. I have 2017 business edition. It has all Toyota safety features. I had the latest Sat Nav fitted as part of the deal when it was purchased. The sound system is fine for us. The fabric covered seats are more than adequate. I was dubious about buying it but at the time of purchase the lead time to get an excel was too much. I had always had a top of the range Prius but we are more than satisfied with the business edition.
  21. Hi Clare, If you do get a Prius you will not regret it. Just make sure it has a full service history from Toyota and the hybrid battery check was done. I have had four Prius cars and no faults any of them. They are easy to drive economical and very low emissions. The only reason I have had 4 Prius cars is to get the latest technology. Our Gen 4 Prius is full of safety features which were not on our other Prius cars. I do a low annual mileage but my son used his 2010 Prius for business in Europe. He made long mileages and never had a fault. He has just sold it privately for a good price; lots of folk wanted it. In winter on normal tyres the Prius is not so good on snow or ice. My son goes skiing in the Alps he had a garage remove his normal Summer tyres for Winter tyres each year, Good luck in finding a Prius second hand ones do hold their price.
  22. When the dealer fitted the Catloc to our Prius I received no catloc code and no stickers. I was told the catloc was just a deterrent. My son was told the same when he had a catloc fitted on his Prius. Trevor there was no charge for the smart water treatment. I have received email confirmation that the smart water treatment for our Prius is now registered. They will inform me when it is time to reregister. If I sell the car I suppose I will have to contact them via their web site.
  23. Smart water applied to the cat on our car. No problem because a catloc was fitted. Took 30mins. I was given 3 stickers they suggested one for front screen and one for drivers side window and one for the passenger side window. I had to register; this was done on line I was given instructions on this. There is a code on the smart water dispenser. ( Make sure you have your VIN Number when registering.) Would recommend you get yours done Trevor and other Prius owners.
  24. When I booked to have smart water applied I stated to the dealer receptionist that I had a catloc fitted. She told me they can still do do it. I will find out this afternoon when i take the car in. I will let you know.
  25. Our car has a catloc fitted. I told the receptionist the car had a catloc. It is not dealer specific. Toyota and police forces in many areas are working together to try and and catch the cat thieves. I am not sure how the scheme works but if there is any chance of it catching the thieves it must be a good thing. If you search for Toyota smart water on the internet it informs you about it. Check this out. https://www.smar******er.com/uncategorised/toyota-tackling-catalytic-converter-thefts/
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