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  1. I am nearly there. Just a few bolts and the head is off. Does anybody know the torque settings for the cylinder head bolts and their order?
  2. I am going to try and remove the drivers and passengers seat on the lucida and then the carpet followed by the bolt on floor panel. hopefully i should be able to get around without having to drop the engine. still waiting for some help, cheers.
  3. Hi, I had the viscous coupling replaced on a lucida as well recently. If you are only replacing the viscous coupling with the fan, the answer is yes, you can replace the unit without having to remove the prop shaft. What you would have to do is remove the four phillips screws that hold the plastic radiator top air duct. then undo the 4 bolts retaining the viscous to the prop shaft. the whole unit will come out and then once it is out you can undo the plastic fan and replace the viscous with a new one. it is a bit tricky to get the whole unit out once you have undone the 4 nuts but it does come out from the top itself. putting it back is just reverse.
  4. Hi everybody Need some help with my lucida 93 3c-t. I need to replace my head gasket and most probably send the head for skimming after. I have done a few head gaskets before but not on a lucida. Was wondering if i could get away without dropping the engine down, i.e removing the seats,carpets and covers on top. cheers
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