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  1. Hi Phil, Did you get my PM from earlier in the week? Kelvin
  2. Do you have a pic of the pedals? (Strange mod in mind!) Kelvin
  3. Hi All, I went to look at an 88 T Bar last night, which really was in surprising condition. The only thing that stopped me making an offer ont he spot was rust at the bottom of the A pillar on the drivers side. Now, it was quite crunchy and flaky, which concerned me a little. there was no sign of rust on sill end or underneath. So, before I part with the hardearned, how much of a job is this to fix? I wouldn't be bothering to do it myself, it would be a pro job. Just wondering if anyone else has had this done and the likely cost implications. The door closed first time every time with a consistent panel gap as well. All replies gratefuly received!! Cheers, Kelvin ( a soon to be MK1 owner)
  4. kspope

    Engine Swap

    Hi All, I have a Corolla GTi (AE92), I'm getting a MR2 (AW11). Now the MR2 has lunched it's bottom end. Is it possible/feasible/will the bugger fit (!) to transplant the Corolla lump to the MR2? Many thnaks, Kelivn
  5. Well, as the petrol tank decided to chuck 1/4 of a tank of fuel on a mates drive at the weekend, I'm not going to re-MOT it. So, it's time to break. All parts available apart from the engine, box, driveshafts and rear calipers. The bodywork is fubar, but the bonnet is good. If you want anything, let me know. (it's an AE92 BTW) kelvin
  6. If you do decide to break, I'd be very interested in the exhaust. What colour is the car and has it any test and rent? kelvin
  7. Look forward to seeing them, might be very interested.
  8. Hi, whereabouts are you in the country? Kelvin
  9. Do you have any pics? What colour is it? I'm only in brighton as well, so could be good. kelvin
  10. Bugger, and i bid 600 quid on Ebay!!! One of those weekends!!!!.........
  11. Hi Jon, No worries mate, I was just after the dimensions of the actual shelf, just incase there were any obvious differences to the rebates etc on the car. No probs at all. Cheers, kelvin
  12. you're a star, cheers. Kelvin
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