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  1. Thanks all for the best wishes... Did naff all today and slept in until 9am.... And yea rambler still have the RAV, retired it of to wifey juties and I get to use the new truck.... :-) :-)
  2. Yes it's that time of year where they try and fit another candle onto the my cake.... Thanks......
  3. They are certainly very helpful in Russia.. then again there driving style IS JUST !Removed! MENTAL http://www.youtube.com/embed/5RAaW_1FzYg?autoplay=1&modestbranding=1&rel=0&showinfo=0
  4. chatman

    My New Toy

    Looked at the 7 seater Shoguns as well but we prefered this model.. the boot is just massive even with the seats up.. put em down and it makes the tardis seem small.... The driving position is just spot on and even the wife finds it easy to drive.. the tinted windows stop those prying eyes looking to see whats in the boot..
  5. chatman

    My New Toy

    Brought a new Truck the other week.... Still have the RAV though, but this is the new tow vehicle for the horse box we also purchased recently.. (this shogun pulls like a steam train and effortless towing)
  6. chatman


    Does "your Mate" do pickups and delivery to Essex :-)
  7. HAHAHAHA it was one of the servants houses that the roof was made holey.... not the proper Man Shed was damaged so all ok.. Mrs Chatters will need a new washing line now though as it died in valour trying to support a massive falling tree branch... and Failed
  8. Bit too far for me to go up north Bothy... and only 4 gears all the way... would be cheaper to fly up and pay someone else to tow the Rav upto your garage :disgust:
  9. Just bumping this topic back up... I've pm'd parts-king but not heard anything back yet... Any how May call local stealer and see what they charge or know how too.. as my local mechanic has not done something like this... had to explaine that you don't need to remove whole gearbox to fix this....
  10. Blimey still takes an age to read ya messages Bothey :-) Go for the hilux as its a proper 4x4 and will get you out the field as well....;-)
  11. My belts on the RAV squeal a bit when the weather turns colder.. also the other belts get a bit tight but thats down to the wrong type of diet :D :D It'll be fine Jamie.... any how your RAV is still only a baby one.. and a few doors missing as well ;) ;)
  12. Sadly NEW will not be top of my list either... If it was I would be getting a Ford Raptor Shelby Like the look of the Classic shape L200 as opposed to the newer curved body shape...
  13. Hi all :driving: bet you thought I had disappeared... Well still have RAV and it's going ok.. but as you see from topic heading.. it's now popped it's 5th gear.. drives ok with the 4 I have (recently did a 3 day mountain bike trip to AFAN in wales 500+ miles) so fuel consumption is a bit rubbish. So Kingo what do you need from me as I will need the parts.. and then I'll print of the detail thread Anchorman etc did and give to my local garage I use... Already pre-warned them :D So in other news... MTB still going well... i wont bore you with those details.. and another thing.. wifey has set he
  14. Agree Rambler mine doesn't use much oil either and I check it most weeks to ensure it is topped up. Yours is also in the over 100k club so should be run in nicely.... So putting in 3 litres is somewhat strange..
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