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  1. Sainsburys a few months ago, seeing your pic made me feel like posting this
  2. Just leave Riko alone mate, it doesn't matter if he likes or not so lets just leave it at that
  3. Sam, sorry mate but Riko is intitled to his oppinion if you think its right or wrong, cool it a bit, remember on this board you only have 3 posts and the moderating team is a bit stricter here, this isn't a good way for a newb to start on a new board EDIT: Wow thats my old car in my avatar, I really havent been here in ages! /EDIT
  4. Which button would that be? And does anyones red LED work?
  5. What are the legalities of using Xenon HID bulbs in my car, what are the restrictions etc? Also, if I was to fit spot lights, are there restrictions on these? Could I use blue bulbs in the fittings? I doubt I would be able to use them whilst driving, but can they still be on there?
  6. From what I have read, a single cone air filter will produce 2-4bhp extra, and a twin cone will produce somewhere between 3-6bhp, not going against you riko, its just what I have read
  7. My Paseo (1.5) costs me £1800 a year fully comp, but I was lucky, everywhere else was quoting me £2500 for my seo, considering i got my car for £800 its so annoying, but I would say look at a Paseo, you can get them from £1100, MR2 is wayyyyyyy out of reach for you
  8. Have you checked to see if its getting hot or if its just the gauge? Sorry if its not helpful, I have never done any work on my car (I only got one 2 months ago) so I cant be any more helpful due to lack of experience
  9. If its from "TercelOnline" I would assume its from a tercel, which means it should fit a Tercel, Paseo, Cynos, Corolla, maybe even a starlet
  10. If God was to have a car, what car do you think it would be? Would it be a reliable and always there Toyota, a fast and sporty Ferrari, a classic Ford Mustang, a modern muscle car/truck, the Ford F150 ( http://www.familycar.com/RoadTests/FordF15.../LeftFront2.jpg ) maybe an iconic Bentley Contiental GT The late pope had a ferrari Enzo, would God have something similar? Would it be fast and mad like a Zonda, or safe like a Volvo?
  11. From: http://www.austinev.org/evalbum/455a.jpg To : http://www.roadandtrack.com/assets/image/2192004165225.jpg Porsche's Front-Engine GT After stirring up the faithful by doing the unthinkable (building the Cayenne SUV), Porsche is looking to add another model to its lineup that may appease a certain subset of Porschephiles, those long-ignored fans of the 928. Porsche has made no secret that it wants to use its V-8 engine developed for the Cayenne in other models, and a return to a front-engine V-8 2+2 GT, or even a 4-door sedan, is in the cards. The new Porsche 2+2 would allow the Stuttgart factory to battle back against Aston Martin's DB9 and Ferrari's 612 Scaglietti. Porsche's twin-turbo V-8 would likely pump out 450-500 bhp and deliver that power to all four wheels. Sources say the platform for this car may come from the VW Group, with many pieces common to the Bentley Continental GT, which would help keep costs down. What does everyone think?
  12. Very nice, same colour as mine, I have been thinking of getting the upgraded headlights and now I have seen them in your picture I am definatly getting some, also I like those electricity pylons! They are more intresting then British ones
  13. Right, I was driving round a large, mini roundabout (a mini-ish roundabout with bricks around to provide better conering for lorries/buses) and, although it was wet, I was doin about 40mph around this roundabout and I had the back end sliding out from under me, my tires are in good condition, is this something to expect from the Seo? As this is my first car, is this something that will happen with most cars? Luckily I was the only car on that part of the road and I was able to recover it but if I was going much faster it could of been a really dangerous situation
  14. Hmmm, money is short at the moment, I will offer you £50 if it will fit my Seo (probally wont and nothing near what your looking for but its still an offer to consider if required)
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