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  1. Is there a place on the forum for advertising a car for sale??? Cheers PB
  2. Hi there, I found the unit reasonably easy to fit on the drive. Having said that I had had the door panel off prior to doing the work so I did know how it came off. The unit on your link doesn't look exactly like the one I fitted but appear to do the same job going off the description. You will need a soldering iron to make the connections as the wires are quite heavy gauge and soldered connections are the best here. I will see if I can dig out any pics of the installation. The unit came with a wiring diagram which I was able to follow with prior car wiring knowledge. If you are doubtful see an auto electrician for a price? Cheers Paul
  3. I've got '05 XT3 manual with only 10K on the clock. Done loads of good quality and purposeful mods to a car I thought I would keep a long time. However, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with its notchy gear change. Had it back to dealer 3 times to investigate and they state it is normal. I have read loads of reviews and they appear to be right. I like the concept of the RAV and its suits my purpose to a tee, together with its residual values I might buy another. The question is then:- does the new model, ie 4.3, have this notchy feel to its gear change. I would go for a auto box without thought but I really fancy the T180 and finances are such that I could afford one at present but I couldn't live with it if the gear change is the same. Cheers Paul
  4. Had a nightmare with a Audi TT a couple of years ago. Went to trading standards, local solicitor, top gear, even got a centre spread in a local newspaper and got no where. They kept repairing it but it kept going wrong. Finally lost my patience after eight months and hit the MD in the showroom in front of a lot of people. Looking back now I can laugh about because it was like one of those westerns when a stranger walks in a saloon and everyone goes quite. But it was no fun at the time. My research learnt me that you have little rights with a second hand car and those you do are virtually worthless. My advice, and I would consider it strongly, is get out of the car ASAP, trade it in, sell it, whatever, and take the loss on the chin. The situation will take over your life and ruin it for that duration. The RAV is a damn good car, but a combination of factors in your case has dealt you a wrong one. Good luck, you will need it
  5. Does anyone have any contacts details of breakers who specialise in Toyota, particularly Rav4 models. Thanks
  6. I fitted a 'Connects 2' adapter to the rear of the radio/cd head unit. This allows me to connect my creative Zen into the existing system. Works great, fitted a 3.5mm jack socket in one of the blanking covers. Do a web search for 'connects 2', can't remember what company I bought mine off. Takes about 30mins to fit properly.
  7. It will vary from dealer to dealer.
  8. I have a '05 Rav and took it back to be checked because of the appuling first to second gear change. Garage said it was fine and after a tiny amount of moaning they replaced the gear linkages. The gear change was miles better but only for a short time then back again to being rough. Mine has a thirty mark on the speedo but having driven cars with a digital readout there is no comparison. It is easy to float past the thirty mark and be caught out but with a digital display beaming out at you tend to be more aware of your critical speed. I wanted to buy a diesel for its residual re-sale value but the noise inside reminded me, also, of a van and couldn't live with it. Why can't they make the Rav as quite as a car. Many on this forum have upgraded the sound-proofing of their own so it can be done! It is also a shame they can't illuminate all the switches and include such 'luxuries' as having the interior light come on when you switch off the ignition and auto window closure. All in all the Rav is a good car but nothing more. Toyota are now asking a lot of money for the new Rav but when you look around for a little bit more you can get a used BMW X3/ Merc ML or even a Landcuiser. All of which the Rav can't compete with on any front. I have just recieved a letter from my local dealer with a fantastic offer for my car in exchange for a new one (apparently they are desperate for low mileage cars for their forecourt and are taken shipment of a load of new Rav's). But even this great offer isn't tempting me to get another one.
  9. I'll answer my own query. After a bit of a poke around I think it is 'fly by wire'.
  10. Does anyone know off hand if a '05 Rav has got a cable driven throttle or is it 'fly-by wire' Cheers
  11. Don't mean to sound funny but why don't you wait and get the 20k service when the car has done 20k as opposed to 13k?
  12. Bought a unit off ebay which came at the weekend for £14.99 + £4.99 P+P and £1 postal insurance. Was a bit sceptical at that price but got around to fitting it on Sunday and it works great. Unlike Tom's, I wired it up so that when do a single press on the remote to lock the doors the windows begin to close one by one, but for safety if you press it again as if to un-lock the doors the windows halt immediately. For the price it is a great unit and it only took about 2 hours to completely fit with minimal tools.
  13. No I don't think the microwave sensor is a standard item. If it is then mine doesn't work. Cheers
  14. Does anyone know if the factory fit alarm system on the 2005 RAV4 has a negative trigger input for adding a microwave sensor or break glass sensor??? Best regards Paul
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